Thailand 2017

Collective Action against Corruption

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To support the institutionalization of anti-corruption standards in Thai marketplace and strengthen the private sector’s participation in addressing corruption. The center and its local partner will continue to deepen the anti-corruption coalition’s influence on corporate behavior by implementing a new version of the certification process that incorporates independent audits to further strengthen the rigor of the process. A new initiative will strengthen the capacity of small-and medium-sized enterprises to address corruption.


Enhancing Human Rights Protection and Access to Justice

Union for Civil Liberty


To promote human rights and enhance access to justice for victims of rights violations. The program will provide legal assistance to those affected by the government policies and actions that contravene internationally recognized human rights standards. Activities will include operation of a legal assistance center, trial observations, and monitoring and documentation of human rights across the country.


Fostering Citizen Engagement in Advancing Democracy

Human Rights


To foster citizen engagement in advancing democracy in Thailand. The project will strengthen a network of citizens committed to advancing a return to democracy. Activities will include a series of meetings and public events that provide participants with opportunities to contribute to discussions on democracy and human rights.


Fostering Democratic Values and Practices

Human Rights


To strengthen grassroots activists’ knowledge and practice of democratic principles. The project will conduct a series of trainings on democracy and human rights, dialogue sessions with local communities from six provinces, and a public forum to highlight challenges to democracy. These activities will forge stronger linkages among civil society and lay the foundation for a regional network to promote democracy.


Fostering Dialogue and Promoting Democratic Values

Cafe Democracy


To strengthen awareness of democratic ideas and values among the public, particularly youth. The grantee will organize a series of structured discussions on social and topical issues to promote critical thinking, open dialogue, and tolerance for diverse viewpoints.


Fostering Transparency and Accountability through Investigative Journalism

Thai Civil Rights and Investigative Journalism [TCIJ]


To promote investigative reporting, in-depth examination of public policies, and the values of transparency and accountability. The grantee will publish investigative reports on its web portal, examining topics such as corruption and lack of transparency in private-public business partnerships, human rights violations, community rights issues, marginalized populations, and democratic processes.


Fostering Youth Participation in Democratic Processes

Asian Network for Free Elections Foundation


To strengthen an emerging network of young election observers and democracy advocates to participate in political and governance processes. Activities will include trainings on the new Constitution and new election laws, as well as skills on election observation and documentation.


Human Rights Volunteer Project

Thai Volunteer Service


To support the development of a new generation of human rights activists. The program will place young people as volunteers with civil society organizations throughout the country to introduce them to human rights issues and encourage them to become active participants in the country’s human rights movement. Young activists will also network with fellow activists from other countries to share knowledge and experience on democracy promotion.


Interactive Theatre: Expanding Space for Dialogue

Makhampom Foundation


To foster critical and engaged debate and dialogue on democratic values among the public. The grantee will organize theater performances that encourage discussions on democracy. The project will also collaborate with civil society groups from across the country on the development and organization of dialogue theater and arts events as a way to engage citizens on current challenges to democracy.


Labor Program

Solidarity Center (SC)


To promote internationally recognized labor rights and freedoms in principle and practice, as well as migrant worker rights. The center will support efforts by trade union partners and migrant worker rights organizations to organize workers, conduct outreach to workers, and provide legal advocacy and representation to victims of labor rights abuses and violations.  The center will also build the capacity of trade union partners and migrant worker organizations to conduct public outreach and media campaigns.


Monitoring the Impact of New Laws on Civil and Political Rights

Internet Law Reform Dialogue


To foster public understanding and dialogue on the impact of existing and proposed laws on civil and political rights and to promote freedom of expression. The organization will monitor the lawmaking process and provide the public with accessible analysis of how various pieces of legislation will affect their rights. It will also operate a documentation center to monitor and report on the status of freedom of expression.


Online Media Platform on Critical Social, Economic, and Political Issues

The 101 Percent Co., Ltd.


To provide the public with a source of independent news and information on critical political, social, and economic issues and to contribute to the public discourse on these topics. The organization will establish an online media platform that will publish a range of content, including investigative reports, opinion columns, interviews, and video documentaries. The platform will focus on topics such as democratization; political, economic and cultural changes in Thailand; corruption; rule of law; and the impact of regional and global trends on Thailand.


Preparing Political Parties for Legal Reforms

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To assist political parties to comply with the new political party law, the institute will provide technical and academic advice to enable them to gain knowledge and strengthen their ability to address provisions in the law. Activities will focus on sharing international best practices in such areas as internal party democracy, recruitment, membership fees, branch development and candidate selection.  Other areas of focus will include exploring how information and communications technology tools could assist the parties in their efforts to comply with the new law


Promoting Media Professionalism and Freedom

Media Inside Out Group


To promote media professionalism and freedom and strengthen media literacy among the public. The institute will organize monthly public forums on media ethics and convene consultations with media practitioners on press freedom. It will also monitor the performance of the Thai media and post reports on its website.


Reinforcing Democratic Principles

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To foster a culture of citizen engagement and democratic governance. The institute will work with local partners to strengthen knowledge and understanding of democratic principles and practices among youth and women leaders. Activities will include a series of capacity-building workshops and civic education initiatives.


Strategic Litigation and Community Empowerment in Support of Environmental Rights

ENLAWTHAI Foundation


To strengthen citizens’ ability to exercise their environmental rights and promote government and corporate accountability. Project activities will include strategic litigation on specific environmental cases that could have far-reaching implications for environmental law and regulation; trainings on citizens’ rights for local communities; and public awareness efforts to raise the profile of environmental issues, human rights, and rule of law.


Strengthening a Network of Human Rights Lawyers

Human Rights Lawyers Association


To strengthen a network of lawyers engaged in the protection of human rights, particularly the rights of marginalized populations. The organization will coordinate networking and capacity- building opportunities for young human rights lawyers; undertake strategic litigation on critical issues; and conduct legal advocacy activities.


Strengthening Civil Society to Promote Democracy in Thailand

Human Rights


To foster citizen engagement in advancing democracy in northern Thailand. The organization will bolster the collective voice of civil society advocates committed to democracy and enhance their abilities to advance democratic policy alternatives to social, political, and economic challenges. Activities will include a series of trainings and networking opportunities that will build activists’ capacity to promote respect for democratic principles and provide them with a platform to collaborate on joint initiatives.


Strengthening Community Leaders’ Capacity to Promote Democracy

Human Rights


To strengthen grassroots activists’ knowledge and practice of democratic principles. Activities will include a series of workshops for community leaders on democracy and human rights, dialogue sessions with local communities, and a public forum to highlight challenges to democracy and forge stronger linkages among civil society actors.


Strengthening Grassroots Leaders’ Capacity to Promote and Protect Human Rights

Human Rights


To bolster the capacity of local community leaders to advocate for human rights. The project will provide opportunities for participants to enhance their knowledge and ability to advocate for community rights protection and raise public awareness about human rights violations in their region. Activities will include a workshop on legal protections for human rights defenders, discussions on community rights, and advocacy.


Strengthening Regional Human Rights Networks

Human Rights


To enhance the capacity of university students, activists, and community leaders to strengthen democracy and human rights. Activities will include a series of advanced trainings for advocates on strategies to build and expand their local networks and provide opportunities for activists to collaborate with one another to promote democratic values.


Support for Independent Media

Foundation for Community Educational Media


To provide the Thai public with a credible source of independent news reporting and editorial commentary and to foster public participation in open debate. The grantee will publish, an online Thai- and English-language daily newspaper that covers underreported issues in the areas of politics, natural resources, and the environment.


Supporting Citizen Journalism

The Isaan Record


To strengthen the capacity of citizen journalists to report on political, economic, and development issues. A series of trainings will address a range of topics including good practices for news reporting, feature and investigative story writing, and photography and videography. Each participant will be expected to produce at least three news reports and one feature story from their home provinces.

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