Bolstering Human Rights Protection and Access to Justice

Union for Civil Liberty


To promote human rights and enhance access to justice for victims of rights violations. The program will provide legal assistance to those whose rights are violated during the transition from military to civilian rule. Activities will include legal aid and litigation support as well as monitoring and documentation of human rights violations across the country.

Fostering Citizen Participation in Advancing Democracy and Human Rights

Human Rights


To foster citizen engagement in advancing democracy. The project will help to consolidate an emerging network of citizens committed to democratic values and human rights principles through a series of organizational development activities, including community consultations and membership database development. Other activities, such as panel discussions and public forums to highlight the human rights situation in the region, will provide opportunities for network members to collaborate with one another and contribute to the broader conversation on democracy and human rights.

Fostering Democratic Values and Practices

Human Rights


To strengthen grassroots activists’ knowledge and practice of democratic principles. The organization will conduct a series of trainings on democracy and human rights, dialogue sessions with local communities, and public events to highlight challenges to democracy and to lay the foundation for a regional civil society network to promote democracy.

Fostering Dialogue and Promoting Democratic Values

Cafe Democracy


To strengthen democratic values among the public, particularly youth. The program will consist of a series of activities to promote critical thinking, open dialogue, and tolerance for diverse viewpoints, including moderated discussion forums and training workshops. Activities will also include trainings for young people on how to use art to foster conversations on human rights.

Human Rights Volunteer Project

Thai Volunteer Service


To support the development of a new generation of human rights activists. The organization will coordinate a program to place young people as volunteers with civil society organizations to introduce them to human rights issues and encourage them to become active participants in the country’s human rights movement. Other activities will include workshops on democracy and human rights principles for young people interested in activism to promote rights.

Labor Program

Solidarity Center (SC)


To strengthen the capacity of worker rights advocates to promote freedom of association.  The center will support efforts by trade union partners and migrant worker rights organizations to organize, bargain collectively, and promote internationally-recognized labor standards.  Partners will participate in a range of activities, including skills building, advocacy, and policy discussions.

Legal Assistance and Community Empowerment in Support of Environmental Rights

ENLAWTHAI Foundation


To strengthen citizens’ ability to exercise their environmental rights and promote government and corporate accountability. Project activities will include strategic litigation on specific environmental cases that could have far-reaching implications for environmental law and regulation; community empowerment trainings; and public awareness efforts to raise the profile of environmental issues, human rights, and the rule of law.

Online Media Platform on Critical Social, Economic, and Political Issues

The 101 Percent Co., Ltd.


To provide the public with a source of independent news and information on critical political, social, and economic issues and contribute to the public discourse on these topics. The organization will operate an online media platform that publishes a range of content, including investigative reports, opinion columns, interviews, and video documentaries, focusing on topics such as democratization; political, economic and cultural changes in Thailand; and the impact of regional and global trends on Thailand.

Promoting Civil and Political Rights and Law Reform

Internet Law Reform Dialogue


To foster public understanding and dialogue on the impact of existing and new laws on civil and political rights and to promote freedom of expression. The organization will monitor and assess political and governance processes, as well as the various laws inherited from the military government, and provide the public with accessible analysis of their impact on citizens’ rights. It will also operate a documentation center to monitor and report on freedom of expression violations, and will collaborate with other civil society groups in advocating for democracy and human rights.

Strengthening a Network of Human Rights Lawyers

Human Rights Lawyers Association


To strengthen a network of lawyers engaged in the protection of human rights. Focusing particularly on ending the misuse of laws to perpetuate human rights violations and stifle public participation, the organization will coordinate capacity-building opportunities for young human rights lawyers; undertake strategic litigation; and conduct legal advocacy activities.

Strengthening Citizen Journalism and Informing Public Discourse in the Northeast

The Isaan Record


To strengthen the capacity of citizen journalists to report on political, economic, and development issues in the Northeastern region, and contribute to public discourse on key policies in the region. The group will organize trainings for citizen journalists to develop their skills in various areas, such as data journalism, photography, and video journalism.. The organization will also introduce a series of analyses penned by leading public intellectuals and experts on critical policy issues in the region to enhance the website’s coverage.

Strengthening Civil Society to Promote Democracy

Human Rights


To foster citizen engagement in advancing democracy in Thailand. The organization will bolster the collective voice of civil society advocates committed to democracy and enhance their abilities to advance democratic policy alternatives to social, political, and economic challenges. Activities will include a series of workshops and networking opportunities that will build activists’ capacity to promote respect for democratic principles and provide them with a platform to collaborate on joint initiatives.

Strengthening Democracy and Human Rights Advocacy

Human Rights


To bolster the capacity of activists to advocate for human rights. The project will provide opportunities for participants to enhance their knowledge and ability to advocate for democracy and raise public awareness about human rights violations in their region. Activities will include public forums on democracy and human rights, trainings for young activists on community organizing, and advocacy activities that provide opportunities for activists to assert their rights.

Strengthening Regional Democracy and Human Rights Networks

Human Rights


To enhance the capacity of university students, activists, and community leaders to network and collaborate to defend democracy and human rights. The organization will coordinate a series of learning sessions and forums for advocates from four regions of the country on strategies to build and expand their local networks. The program will also provide support for activists to conduct joint initiatives and advocacy campaigns on a range of human rights-related issues.

Strengthening Youth Activists’ Capacity to Promote Democracy

Human Rights


To strengthen youth activists’ knowledge and practice of democratic principles. Activities will include a series of workshops for grassroots youth on democracy and human rights, dialogue sessions with local communities, and a public forum to highlight challenges to democracy and forge stronger linkages among civil society actors.

Supporting Grassroots Engagement in Promoting Democracy

Thai Poor Act


To strengthen grassroots activists’ knowledge and practice of democratic principles. The organization will work with network members to facilitate a process to develop a democratic agenda and proposals on key policy issues, which will serve to catalyze inclusive discussions and encourage active citizenship. Activities will include workshops, community consultations, and public seminars.

Supporting Independent Media

Foundation for Community Educational Media


To provide the Thai public with a credible source of independent news reporting and editorial commentary. The organization will publish an online Thai- and English-language daily newspaper that covers underreported issues in the areas of politics, human rights, natural resources, the environment, the ongoing violence in southern Thailand, information communication technology, and civil society developments.

Supporting Youth Participation in Democratic Processes

Asian Network for Free Elections Foundation


To strengthen civic and political participation among young people and to foster their engagement in promoting government accountability. The organization will coordinate an initiative that will enable young activists and students to deepen their understanding of the connections between elections and governance and how national policies and local-level priorities impact each other. Activities will include the monitoring and assessment of public policies and their impacts on local communities, dialogues with members of parliament, and a national forum to promote broader discussions about the policymaking process.

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