Vietnam 2017

Bolstering Human Rights and Democracy Activism

Human Rights


To support human rights and democracy activists and promote the development and strengthening of civil society organizations. The project will provide training, technical support, and mentorship to activists and emerging independent civil society organizations, including support for a network of experienced civil society activists and human rights defenders to carry out their work and share experiences and lessons learned with young activists.


Increasing Transparency and Accountability of Government through SME Advocacy

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To strengthen the role of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as constructive advocates for government transparency and accountability and to build a partner’s capacity as an organization representing the voice of SMEs in Vietnam. The center will work with the partner to enhance the voice of SMEs by creating the Administrative Procedure Index, to be used as a tool to engage SMEs in public-private dialogue.  


Strategic Engagement

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To promote an environment of transparency and accountability in legislative affairs and encourage the fostering of civil society and marginalized stakeholder input. The institute will engage with members of the National Assembly around the implementation of legislative drafting, transparency, and oversight. It will also conduct a targeted political assessment, and provide responsive and context-based governance training workshops to National Assembly members and support staff.


Strengthening Independent Civil Society

Human Rights


To strengthen the capacity of emerging human rights activists in Vietnam. The project will provide capacity building and technical assistance to a select number of key human rights and democracy activists to help them implement effective rights-based initiatives. It will also make available educational material on human rights, civil society, and democracy in Vietnamese.


Supporting Civil Society Organizations and Human Rights Activists

Human Rights


To support the development and strengthening of civil society organizations and build the capacity of human rights and democracy activists. The project will provide organizational coaching, guidance, and technical support to nascent civil society networks and groups, and support a variety of human rights and democracy projects.


Supporting Freedom of Association

Freedom of Association


To promote freedom of association in Vietnam. The project will provide capacity training to activists working on freedom of association and support a series of activities to enable human rights and civil society activists to expand their networks and advocate for freedom of association.


Supporting Human Rights and Religious Freedom

Human Rights


To promote human rights and religious freedom. The program will offer a variety of human rights, including religious rights, training programs to activists in Vietnam, and will document incidences of religious rights abuses. It will also provide opportunities for activists from different organizations working on religious freedom to network, build solidarity, and cooperate to strengthen efforts to promote religious freedom and human rights.


Supporting Independent Media and Journalism

Freedom of Information


To support independent media and provide independent news and information in Vietnam. Objective, accurate news and information that is not available in the mainstream media will be published, and will serve as a platform for independent journalists and political dissidents to share their opinions and commentary on current affairs in the country.


Supporting Independent Media, Human Rights Defenders, and Youth Advocacy

Human Rights


To support the development of civil society organizations and build the capacity of human rights and democracy activists. The program will provide support to a variety of projects carried out by independent civil society groups and activists on independent media, youth outreach, and human rights advocacy well as legal and humanitarian assistance to human rights defenders in detention or in prison.


Supporting Religious Freedom and Civil Society Development

Human Rights


To build the capacity of Vietnamese civil society organizations and activists to support and defend human rights. The project will train religious freedom and civil society activists on human rights advocacy skills, project management, and community organizing as well as build links between them and their counterparts in other Southeast Asian countries.


Supporting Rule of Law and Human Rights

Rule of Law


To support the rule of law and raise awareness about human rights in Vietnam. An independent online legal journal will be published, which will cover a wide range of legal issues such as information and analysis about existing laws, significant human rights cases, and translations of case law from other countries, as well as information on international standards. An online library will provide foundational books and writings on the rule of law and its role in democratic development.

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