Civil Society Training and Internship for Human Rights Activists

Human Rights


To strengthen the capacity of activists to support and defend human rights, free media, and civil society. The project will provide activists with training that will increase their knowledge of human rights and democracy, build their skills to carry out projects, and increase their opportunities to learn from other Asian civil society organizations.

Daily Internet Newspaper

Freedom of Information


To support independent media and journalism. The organization will work to support press freedom and freedom of expression through the publication of an independent Vietnamese-language online newspaper that will provide objective, accurate current news, analysis and commentaries, and investigative articles. The organization will also produce a multimedia program summarizing major domestic news stories.

Mapping Human Rights Violations

Freedom of Information


To raise international awareness of the human rights situation in Vietnam. Project activities will include support for an online English-language platform that will document and map incidents of human rights violations in an interactive database and track trends of persecution. The project activities will also include the provision of information on prisoners of conscious and human rights defenders at risk.

Strengthening Independent Civil Society

Human Rights


To strengthen the capacity of emerging human rights activists in Vietnam. The project will provide capacity building training and technical assistance to a select number of key human rights and democracy activists to help them implement effective rights-based initiatives. The project will also make available educational material on human rights, civil society, and democracy in Vietnamese.

Supporting Freedom of Association

Freedom of Association


To promote freedom of association in Vietnam. The project will support human rights and civil society activists to expand networks and advocate for freedom of association through a series of activities, including raising awareness of workers’ rights, supporting informal network building among workers seeking to improve working conditions, and building the capacity of labor rights activists and organizers.

Supporting Human Rights and Religious Freedom

Human Rights


To promote human rights and religious freedom. The organization will offer a variety of human rights, including religious rights, training programs to activists, and will document incidences of religious rights abuses. It will also provide opportunities for activists from different communities and organizations working on religious freedom to network, build solidarity, and cooperate to strengthen efforts to promote religious freedom and human rights.

Supporting Independent Media and Journalism

Freedom of Information


To support independent media and journalism. Project activities will include publishing objective, accurate news and information that is not available in the mainstream media to the Vietnamese public, and providing a platform for independent journalists and political dissidents to share their opinions and commentary on current affairs and civil society news.

Supporting Religious Freedom and Civil Society Development

Human Rights


To build the capacity of civil society organizations and activists to support and defend human rights. The project will train religious freedom and civil society activists on human rights advocacy skills, project management, and community organizing as well as build links between them and their counterparts in other Southeast Asian countries.

Supporting Rule of Law and Human Rights

Rule of Law


To support the rule of law and raise awareness about human rights in Vietnam. Project activities will include the publishing of an independent online legal journal, which will cover a wide range of legal issues, such as information and analysis about existing laws, significant human rights cases, translations of case law from other countries, and information on international standards. The project will also make available an online library with foundational books and writings on the rule of law and its role in democratic development and an English-language journal.  

Supporting Youth, Anticorruption, and Human Rights Advocacy

Human Rights


To support the development and strengthening of civil society organizations and build the capacity of human rights and democracy activists. The project will provide mentorship and support to a variety of independent civil society groups and emerging activists to carry out a range of human rights, advocacy, and youth outreach projects.

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