Central and Eastern Europe


Promoting Freedom of Expression

Res Publica


To raise awareness about and protect the free speech rights of journalists and civil society activists. The organization will train journalists and civil society activists on their rights in spurious defamation cases, produce a handbook on domestic and international laws and principles on the right to freedom of information, conduct strategic litigation cases and consultations with journalists and media outlets facing libel charges, and produce reports spotlighting gross violations of freedom of speech.

Promoting Transparency in Public Spending

Albanian Institute of Science

Supplement: $20,000

To promote accountability and transparency in public spending. The group will maintain and expand a platform that enables the public monitoring of tenders and procurements awarded by local and central government bodies. The accessible, user-friendly website will provide visualizations of local government spending, and will enable an analysis of potentially unequal or non-competitive procurement processes, thereby promoting government accountability.

Raising Awareness about Accountability

Balkan Investigative Reporting Network Albania

Supplement: $20,000

To expand the reach and impact of investigative reporting on accountability and transparency issues. The media organization will produce in-depth investigations for its bilingual website and an accompanying monthly print publication, as well as provide mentorship on investigative reporting, data journalism, and visualization techniques for journalists. The organization will continue to maintain a public database of documents collected during its investigations.

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