Advancing Transitional Justice and Historical Reconciliation

Association for Social Research and Communication


To advance the process of transitional justice and historical reconciliation. The organization will strengthen a culture of remembrance and foster public dialogue regarding the recent past by building upon its network of transitional justice activists and advocating with decision-makers to develop comprehensive guidelines and recommendations for memorialization policy. The group will organize a series of debates on remembrance policy at the local level, monitor publicly funded commemorations, and engage citizens in a series of inclusive remembrance events.

Advancing Transitional Justice and Historical Understanding

Association for Transitional Justice, Accountability and Remembrance


To promote a better understanding of war crimes committed in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 1990s. The Sarajevo-based organization and its Banja Luka partner will expand a unique record of wartime detention sites. The partners will work together to conduct desk research and interviews to identify and classify additional places of detention and promote the project’s findings online and at public events.

Encouraging Civic Activism among Youth

Humanity in Action Bosnia and Herzegovina


To foster active citizenship among youth and enable young leaders to play a greater role in promoting democratic values among their peers. The program will train promising young leaders, introducing them to democracy and human rights issues, encouraging them to employ critical thinking on sensitive topics, and building their communications, presentation and research skills. Participants will engage in individual research projects, civic engagement campaigns, group projects, and a final debate tournament on democracy-related issues.

Encouraging Professional Media Reporting

Press Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina


To promote and protect freedom of information and encourage professional media reporting. The group will organize presentations and meetings to build the skills of media professionals, conduct a nonpartisan multimedia outreach campaign to foster media freedom and professional reporting, and organize trainings for journalism students. The media self-regulatory body will also promote quality journalism through its complaints procedure against unprofessional media reporting, and monitor and counter online hate speech.

Encouraging Youth Participation in Political Processes

Youth Movement Revolt


To promote youth participation in democratic processes. Ahead of the 2020 local and 2022 general elections, the organization will conduct a nonpartisan get-out-the-vote and political activism program in northeastern Bosnia to educate young people about their role as active citizens, and the importance of electoral participation. Following the local elections, the group will monitor local government performance, and organize workshops, public debates with political party representatives, and a television program

Engaging Youth in Historical Reconciliation

Post-Conflict Research Center


To engage youth in advancing historical reconciliation around the 25th anniversary of the Srebrenica Genocide through a series of discussions and a multimedia summer camp with modules on peacebuilding, transitional justice, media, and using the arts to foster constructive dialogue on sensitive topics. The organization will collaborate with domestic and international partners to curate multimedia exhibitions commemorating the Srebrenica Genocide and an oral history collection to preserve the memories of genocide victims and their families.

Enhancing Protection Mechanisms against Hate Speech and Hate Crimes

Atlantic Initiative


To foster tolerance and pluralism by building judiciary capacity in adjudicating political, religious, and ethnic hate speech and hate crimes. The organization will cooperate with prosecutors and judges utilizing previously proven methodology, knowledge, and skills needed to recognize, prevent, and address the crimes. It will enhance the capacities of public prosecutors and judges to prosecute and try related cases. The group will develop a guide for adjudicating these crimes, and conduct public advocacy with relevant institutions.

Fostering Civic Activism through Online Media

Youth Cultural Center Abrasevic


To foster public debate and civic activism among youth in Herzegovina. The organization will encourage dialogue between citizens and local officials through public discussions and roundtables, and will use socially engaged cultural performances to foster active citizenship and promote democratic values among youth. Its multimedia portal will provide a nonpartisan public forum ahead of and after the 2020 local elections, promote civic activism, and present the work of other civic groups.

Fostering Objective Reporting on War Crimes Trials

Balkan Investigative Reporting Network Bosnia and Herzegovina


To advance transitional justice and the rule of law. The group’s network of journalists will monitor trials in local war crimes chambers and produce daily coverage for an online magazine and a television program that offer breaking news and analysis on domestic war crimes cases, past human rights abuses, and the impact of these developments on local communities. The group will also monitor the implementation of the country’s new war crimes proceedings strategy.

Fostering Professional Media Reporting

Center for Media and Policy Analysis


To foster professional media reporting. The organization will engage leading journalists and media professionals to monitor and analyze the content of the country’s key electronic, print, and online media outlets and raise awareness about the quality of their reporting. The nonpartisan project’s related website and social media pages will disseminate news and analysis to generate discussion on media standards with other outlets and the general public.

Fostering Public Debate through Online Media



To foster public debate on important political, social, and economic issues facing the country. The organization’s web platform will serve as an independent forum for open discussion and political commentary by prominent journalists, experts, and civic and political leaders. The online portal will particularly focus on informing citizens about the duties and responsibilities of public officials and institutions, analyzing candidates’ platforms and campaign messages ahead of October 2020 local elections, and monitoring newly elected officials’ performance.

Promoting Accountability through Online Media

Center for Critical Thinking


To promote democratic values and encourage public debate on government performance. The organization’s web platform will serve as an independent forum for open discussion for prominent journalists, commentators, and civic and political leaders. It will particularly focus on informing and educating citizens about the duties and responsibilities of public officials and institutions, analyzing candidates’ platforms and campaign messages, monitoring newly elected officials’ performance, and tracking disinformation and other malign influence in local online outlets.

Promoting Accountability Through New Media

Why Not?


To promote the use of new media and information technology for political accountability. The organization will maintain a web platform that compares political party and public officials’ statements with actual legislation or policies implemented and monitors the performance of local governments. It will also organize its annual conference in Sarajevo that connects the region’s leading watchdog and media groups and highlights innovative accountability initiatives using new technologies.

Promoting Accountability through Online Media

Moja Hercegovina


To encourage public debate on key social, political, and economic challenges facing Bosnia and Herzegovina, particularly ahead of the country’s 2020 local and 2022 general elections. The organization’s web platform will serve as a source of independent news and analysis, and a forum for open discussion for prominent journalists, commentators, and civic leaders. The portal will increase the availability of quality journalism and in-depth stories by tracking politicians’ performance and investigating cases of political corruption in the eastern Herzegovina region.

Promoting Citizen Participation in Local Government

Center for Civic Cooperation Livno


To promote the accountability and transparency of local governments in western Herzegovina. The organization will build the capacity of municipal wards, enhance communication between local officials and citizens, and increase citizen participation in the activities of the wards. The region’s oldest civic group will highlight existing opportunities for civic participation, strengthen the wards’ ability to contribute constructively to local government decision-making, and advocate for greater citizen engagement.

Promoting Civic Participation through Television

Foundation for Creative Development


To promote the civil society-building activities of nongovernmental organizations and encourage broader civic engagement. The organization will produce new episodes of a popular news segment and television series. The series profiles local NGOs and their efforts to tackle specific problems in their respective communities, highlights discussions by civil society leaders on key issues, and provides current news about the country’s civic sector. One of the country’s public broadcasters will air the series.

Promoting Human Rights Through Film

Pravo Ljudski


To foster public debate, particularly among youth, on human rights issues. The civic association will organize the 13th edition of its annual human rights film festival, including over 80 screenings, discussions, and exhibitions. It will also conduct a traveling civic education program featuring politically and socially themed documentaries to three cities, and train students in using the visual arts to promote civic activism.

Promoting New Approaches to Reconciliation

War Childhood Museum Foundation


To foster new approaches to promoting dialogue, historical understanding, and reconciliation among youth. The foundation will produce and publicize a multimedia archive of personal stories about recent wartime experiences. The foundation will expand its collection of over 4,000 stories and artifacts on the 1992-95 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina to include the diverse wartime experiences of youth in Kosovo and Serbia. The package will serve as a powerful reconciliation and education tool regarding this tragic period in the region’s recent history.

Promoting Reconciliation among Youth

Post-Conflict Research Center


To encourage new approaches to promoting transitional justice and reconciliation among youth. The center will organize its annual nationwide competition inviting youth to identify and spotlight inspiring stories in their local communities related to transitional justice, conflict resolution, and moral courage. The center will offer participants multimedia trainings and tailored mentorships with professional journalists, filmmakers, and photographers, encouraging new approaches to promoting transitional justice and reconciliation in deeply divided communities.

Promoting the Accountability of Elected Officials

Center for Investigative Reporting


To promote government transparency and political accountability. The organization will produce and disseminate a series of investigative articles examining how local politicians have acquired their wealth and document any cases of misuse of political power, particularly those related to foreign-funded investments and infrastructure projects. The articles will be distributed free of charge for use by media outlets, relevant civil society groups, and government agencies.

Promoting Women’s Participation in Local Decision-Making

Women for Women


To strengthen the capacity of women’s associations and promote the greater participation of women in decision-making at the local level. The project will assist women and women’s associations in particularly vulnerable or divided municipalities through a series of custom-designed leadership and advocacy trainings. The project will also provide individual participants with small stipends and mentoring, and groups with micro grants to implement advocacy campaigns promoting the greater civic and political participation of women

Promoting Youth Activism in Republika Srpska

Association of Independent Creators and Activists (GETO)


To promote youth civic engagement and debate on key social and political issue facing young people in Republika Srpska. The association will run a youth activism center and carry out alternative civic education activities that include workshops, lectures, film screenings with debates, and multimedia exhibits to foster freedom of expression and encourage youth activism. It will also organize its annual regional festival that promotes civic engagement through art.

Promoting Youth Activism in Republika Srpska

Ostra Nula


To strengthen youth activism in Republika Srpska and promote greater youth participation in the October 2020 local elections. The group will organize a workshop to increase the leadership skills of a diverse group of young activists, convene public events and civic actions highlighting the role of youth in democratization processes, and produce a series of radio programs on civic engagement. A nonpartisan get-out-the-vote campaign will include the dissemination of videos and print materials, and direct communication with citizens.

Promoting Youth Engagement and Reconciliation

Youth Center KVART


To promote greater youth engagement in raising awareness of and advancing dialogue on dealing with the past. The youth group will organize schools and trainings on transitional justice issues for youth from across Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as awareness raising activities on the recent past in the Prijedor region. In addition, the project will include commemorative events to stimulate broader youth engagement in the process of reconciliation.

Promoting Youth Reconciliation in Divided Communities

Bridge of Peace


To encourage new approaches to promoting dialogue and reconciliation among youth. The group will organize events that showcase innovative, participatory approaches to building trust amongst young people in deeply divided communities. A series of workshops and interactive exhibitions at its youth center will engage young human rights advocates and students in creative endeavors promoting interethnic dialogue and cooperation.

Strengthening NGOs Monitoring Reforms

Sarajevo Open Center


To promote the effectiveness of civil society organizations monitoring reforms and decisions affecting the country’s Euro-Atlantic integration processes. A coalition will evaluate the performance of the domestic government and international community in relation to furthering European integration, and share the relevant experiences of civil society leaders working on the issue in other countries. Public outreach activities will include roundtables, policy papers and reports, and media content.

Strengthening the Oversight of Public Financing

Transparency International Bosnia and Herzegovina


To strengthen the oversight of public financing and promote the financial transparency and accountability of state-owned enterprises. The watchdog group will identify problematic companies, examine their procurement practices, map political influences on them, and identify strategies designed to produce financial gains for political parties, particularly ahead of elections. The group will use its findings to conduct a multimedia advocacy and outreach campaign.