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Facilitating Access to Justice in North Kosovo

Alternative Dispute Resolution Center


To facilitate access to justice in the multi-ethnic Mitrovica region and foster the implementation of the Kosovo-Serbia agreement on judicial integration. The organization will encourage the effective implementation of the agreement through a series of capacity-building and awareness-raising activities. In addition to carrying out its mediation work, the organization will develop an electronic database of mediation cases, host trainings and facilitated study visits for court officials, and conduct a multifaceted outreach campaign.

Facilitating Debate on the Kosovo-Serbia Agreement

New Perspektiva


To facilitate broader public understanding and debate regarding the high-level dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia. The organization will produce and publish on its bilingual website in-depth information regarding the process and resulting agreements, including fact-based investigations of official statements and analysis on related sensitive issues that are under-addressed in the media. It will also continue to promote the site as a platform for discussion and debate through offline events.

Fostering Accountability in Public Spending

Institute for Development Policy


To facilitate broader public understanding of and promote reforms in public spending. The think tank will analyze existing practices and standards of oversight bodies monitoring the country’s independent institutions and agencies, and advocate for the improved implementation of laws and standards governing public spending. It will publish analyses and monitoring reports, and facilitate public meetings with state officials, legislators, experts, and civic activists to generate greater public interest in the transparency and accountability of public spending.

Fostering Crossborder Media Cooperation and Dialogue

INC Network of Radio Stations


To foster crossborder media cooperation and interethnic dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia.  Cooperating with media outlets from the two countries, the network will produce and televise a news and discussion program that brings together prominent public figures to offer independent perspectives on normalizing relations, transitional justice, and dealing with the recent past. The network will also conduct monitoring and analysis of reporting related to Kosovo-Serbia relations by the major media outlets based in the countries.

Fostering Open Debate through New Media



To foster public debate on key political, economic, and social topics. The group’s online platform will provide a nonpartisan forum for discussions by prominent policy professionals, activists, and intellectuals on pressing issues facing the country. The independent website will aim to shift the focus of public debate towards practical solutions, rebuke radical and populist discourse, and promote democratic values.

Fostering Minority Participation in Decision-Making Processes



To foster the engagement of minority communities in political processes and facilitate dialogue between national political institutions and Kosovo Serb civil society groups. The organization will train civil society activists in advocacy and civic participation skills, monitor decision-making around political issues that affect minorities, and draft recommendations for minority-related public policies. The program will work closely with national institutions to engage them in meaningful democratic cooperation with ethnic minorities.

Fostering New Approaches to Youth Reconciliation

Youth Initiative for Human Rights – Kosovo


To encourage new approaches to promoting reconciliation and building trust among youth. The organization will carry out interactive storytelling workshops that invite a diverse group of young people to identify and document wartime experiences. It will supplement these activities with public exhibitions and commemorative events to encourage new approaches to building trust and challenging nationalist stereotypes regarding Kosovo’s recent past.

Fostering Youth Participation in Political Processes

Democracy for Development


To promote civic engagement among young people and encourage greater youth participation in political processes. The group will conduct a nonpartisan information campaign on youth participation in politics beyond voting, and will train politically active youth in leadership and problem-solving skills. To expand space for democratic dialogue, the group will organize events enabling youth in five municipalities to identify, present, and advocate for issues to their local officials.

Monitoring Judicial Reform in North Kosovo

Advocacy Center for Democratic Culture

Supplement: $25,000

To promote civic participation in fostering the implementation of the normalization agreement between Serbia and Kosovo as it relates to access to justice in North Kosovo. Through presentations, trainings, study visits and information campaigns, the group will promote the rule of law, raise public awareness regarding the functioning of the new justice system and the rights of citizens in legal proceedings, promote alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, and push for more responsive policies and processes.

Promoting Accountability of Local Government

Institute for Advanced Studies GAP


To promote transparent and accountable local government. The think tank will maintain an online platform that utilizes governance indicators to evaluate government performance in the country’s 38 municipalities. While monitoring the fulfillment of prior electoral promises, the project will assess the effectiveness of municipalities in providing key services and offer recommendations for improvements. The think tank will transfer the research and monitoring skills to local organizations and journalists to ensure the platform’s long-term sustainability.

Promoting Civic Engagement and Human Rights through Film



To foster civic engagement and raise human rights awareness among youth. The organization will promote the use of its civic education program, which integrates human rights documentary films into high school curricula, and will continue to support youth cinema clubs in diverse communities. It will also train students in documentary production, mentoring them as they make socially-engaged films to be screened later at festivals and in the cinema clubs.

Promoting New Approaches to Reconciliation

Oral History Initiative


To promote historical understanding and reconciliation. The initiative will expand its interactive website of personal stories and experiences chronicling Kosovo’s recent history from multiple perspectives. Employing an oral history methodology to preserve and highlight stories about individuals and events that have otherwise been marginalized by ideological interpretations of history, the initiative will expand its database and further develop it as an educational tool that can be used to counter political manipulation of ethnic divisions.

Promoting Open Debate and Democratic Values among Youth

Kosovo Glocal


To promote democratic values and debate among youth on important political, economic, and social topics related to the country’s democratic transition. The organization will maintain and expand its popular online magazine. Building on its strong reputation for media production, the organization will continue to facilitate and promote participatory debate and inclusive dialogue by developing an offline space for critical thought, advocacy journalism, innovative informal education, and public discussion.

Promoting the Accountability of Security and Justice Institutions

Kosovar Center for Security Studies

Supplement: $25,000

To promote the public oversight and accountability of security and justice institutions. The think tank will conduct interviews, focus groups and surveys to gauge public opinion on and trust in the country’s security and justice institutions, providing a better understanding of public perceptions regarding these key institutions. It will identify perceived deficiencies, make and disseminate recommendations for their improved performance, and advocate for reforms required for a successful democratic transition.

Promoting Transparent Political Party Financing

Group for Legal and Political Studies


To promote the financial transparency and accountability of political parties. The group will track and investigate party financing and evaluate any new or ongoing violations of existing laws. It will advocate for the improved and full implementation of laws concerning party financing through activities that monitor and address relevant institutions and generate greater public interest in the transparency and accountability of political parties.

Promoting Youth Participation in Public Institutions

Democracy Plus


To promote youth participation in strengthening democratic institutions. By continuing its unique fellowship program, the organization will support the work of parliamentary committees in Kosovo. The program pairs skilled young students with MPs to provide them with a research support. Through the program, the organization will publish analyses and monitoring reports, and facilitate meetings between legislators and young students to inspire greater youth involvement in political processes.

Supporting Minority and Independent Media

Association of Independent Broadcast Media of Kosovo (AMPEK)


To foster media freedom and diversity. The association will support the country’s independent and minority broadcasters through roundtables, trainings and other meetings that will foster multi-ethnic communication and cooperation among media and journalists. The association also will promote and defend the rights and interests of its members by supporting media policies in line with international standards and monitoring and advocating for the implementation of reforms to the country’s media-related legal framework.

Supporting Objective Reporting by Minority Media

Radio KIM


To strengthen independent media and provide objective information to minority communities. The local radio and television station will produce and air a news program offering unbiased information about key political developments affecting minority communities. The program’s daily bulletins, combining field reporting and interviews with citizens and officials, will focus on the final stage of the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue and provide citizens with objective information and expert insight regarding the process of normalizing relations.

Using New Technologies to Promote Accountability

Internews Kosova


To foster the accountability of political leaders and public officials. The group will further develop its political fact-checking tool that promotes the accountability of public officials and institutions. A section on its popular accountability website will fact-check officials’ statements and compare their promises with their actual legislation or policies. The nonpartisan site will include analyses of politicians’ performance, infographics and videos on accountability issues, and in-depth investigations into public procurement.

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