Central and Eastern Europe


Encouraging Youth Political Dialogue

Ohrid Institute


To promote dialogue between young political leaders and strengthen their ability to participate in decision-making processes. The organization’s unique dialogue program will continue to develop the teamwork, leadership, and communications skills of young political leaders from 25 parties across the political spectrum through trainings, workshops, and other events. The nonpartisan program will promote constructive debate between members of political party youth wings on key policies affecting youth.

Engaging the Private Sector in Entrepreneurship Education

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To enhance the capacity of youth to engage in entrepreneurship, enhance the role of the private sector in entrepreneurship education among youth, and amplify public support for policies that improve economic conditions for youth. The center will launch a comprehensive entrepreneurship education program and facilitate research and advocacy on youth unemployment and entrepreneurship. It will facilitate the participation of businesses in the entrepreneurship program and in analysis of youth unemployment and entrepreneurship in the country.

Enhancing Protection Mechanisms Against Hate Speech

Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Macedonia


To raise awareness of and combat political and ethnic hate speech. The human rights group will cooperate with a government training center to equip police officers with the knowledge and skills needed to recognize, prevent, and address instances of hate speech. It will also enhance the capacities of public prosecutors to process and prosecute related cases. The group will maintain its online tool for collecting, mapping, and spotlighting instances of hate speech in Macedonia.

Fostering Political Pluralism and Democratic Values

European Policy Institute Skopje


To foster political pluralism, democratic values, and constructive debate on the country’s future. Through national polling and televised debates on key issues of national interest, the nonpartisan think tank will strengthen a culture of informed public discussion, encourage independent and critical thinking, and strengthen political pluralism. Over 150 citizens, experts, and policymakers from across the political and ethnic spectrum will participate in the project.

Fostering Public Debate on Accountability

Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities – Skopje


To facilitate broader public understanding and promote policy responses regarding institutional accountability. Drawing on its data-driven research, the think tank will establish a cross-sectoral forum that brings together parties from across the political spectrum to identify short- and long-term policy proposals and draft relevant policy recommendations for improving government accountability. The think tank will publicize the nonpartisan project’s outcomes through a public event and a media outreach strategy.

Fostering Public Debate through Media

Art Proekt Lab Dooel Skopje


To foster public debate about important socio-political issues that hinder the country’s democratic transition. Using real-life stories and firsthand accounts of situations facing everyday citizens, the production house will develop, produce, and broadcast a television series that tackles the country’s key challenges, such as the politicized judicial system, decreasing media freedom, disinformation, and systemic corruption. An interactive web platform will feature the most pertinent materials and make them available in local languages.

Fostering Youth Activism through Online Media

Youth Educational Forum


To foster activism and counter misinformation among youth through public debate. The organization will produce radio shows and investigative video reports for its online multimedia platform, and will provide coverage on current events through video streaming and live blogging. The program will build the media and civic skills of youth activists in four cities. The groups will also organize the 8th edition of its annual conference on new media and youth activism.

Promoting Accountability and Transparency

Association for Citizen Tolerance and Cooperation


To promote the accountability and transparency of ongoing reforms, and raise citizens’ awareness regarding the importance of their proper execution. The organization will analyze the impact of the government’s ongoing political reforms on state institutions, including the promotion of a more independent public administration, and raise awareness and advocate for them through an outreach campaign utilizing satire, television, and online media.

Promoting Accountability through Investigative Reporting

Center for Investigative Journalism SCOOP Macedonia


To improve the quality, reach, and impact of investigative reporting that promotes the accountability of public institutions. The organization will utilize data-driven reporting techniques to investigate potential cases of corruption and misuse of public office in state and local institutions, and produce in-depth multimedia stories on them in video, print, and electronic formats. The organization will broadcast the stories on national and regional television, publish them on its website, and offer them free of charge to other media outlets.

Promoting Accountability through Investigative Reporting

Sakam da kazam Association


To expand the quality, reach, and impact of reporting on transparency and accountability, with an emphasis on local governance and the current government’s reform plans. The independent media organization will continue to foster public debate by further developing its digital newsroom and expanding its network of local reporters, which provide high quality analytical and investigative coverage of political events and their implications for local communities.

Promoting Civic Engagement and Human Rights Awareness through Film



To encourage new approaches to fostering civic engagement and raising human rights awareness among youth. The group will promote its civic education program, which integrates human rights documentaries into high school curricula, and support youth cinema clubs in diverse communities. It will train students in documentary production and mentor them as they create socially-engaged films to be screened at festivals and in the cinema clubs. Finally, the group will organize an international conference on human rights education and audiovisual methods.

Promoting Civic Engagement in Policymaking

Front 21/42


To promote civic engagement and transparency in policymaking, with an emphasis on local governments. The organization will continue its multilevel approach to monitoring the current government’s reform plans and full implementation of legislation affecting good governance in and the sustainable development of local communities. The organization will share its successful advocacy model with other civil society groups monitoring government reforms and policies.

Promoting Free and Fair Elections


Supplement: $50,000

To promote free and fair elections by improving the electoral process. In advance of and following the September 2018 referendum and 2019 presidential election, the initiative will conduct nonpartisan activities to promote civic engagement, increase transparency in electoral reforms, and ensure the integrity of voting processes. It will monitor pre-election environments in 80 municipalities, raise public awareness regarding separation between the state and political parties and voter rights, and support the full implementation of key electoral reforms.

Promoting Human Rights Awareness through Film



To promote new approaches to fostering civic engagement and raising human rights awareness among youth. The organization will promote its civic education program, which integrates human rights documentary films into high school curricula, and will support youth cinema clubs in diverse communities. It will also train students in documentary production, mentoring them as they create socially-engaged films to be screened at festivals and in the cinema clubs. Finally, the organization will convene an international conference on human rights education through audiovisual methods.

Promoting Investigative Reporting on Reforms and Rule of Law



To expand the quality and impact of investigative reporting on democratic reforms, the rule of law, and anticorruption policies. The organization will produce a series of weekly analyses, monthly investigations, and guest columns. Its sister television station will air televised debates and videos based on the investigations. The nonpartisan programs will contribute to ongoing debates on key issues relating to the country’s democratic transition.

Promoting the Accountability of Public Officials

Metamorphosis Foundation


To promote the accountability of public officials. The organization’s online platform will provide nonpartisan information on the veracity, consistency, and degree of implementation of public officials’ statements and promises. Updated regularly by a team of professional journalists, political analysts, legal experts, and civic activists, the site will inform and educate citizens about the performance of their politicians and public officials.

Promoting Transparent and Accountable Political Processes

CIVIL – Center for Freedom

Supplement: $57,000

To promote accountable political processes around the September 2018 referendum on the country’s name change the 2019 presidential elections. The nonpartisan project will investigate electoral violations and discrimination based on political affiliation, misuse of public and administrative resources, political propaganda, and hate speech. The group will foster public demand for the integrity of electoral processes, human rights, and freedom of expression by mobilizing citizens to oversee electoral and political processes and facilitating cooperation between civil society, journalists, and voters.

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