Central and Eastern Europe


Democratizing Opportunity

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To improve young people’s leadership and entrepreneurial skills, enhance the role of the private sector in entrepreneurship education for youth, and amplify public support for policies that improve economic conditions for youth. The center will expand its training program and assist its local partner in advocacy and outreach activities on entrepreneurship and employment in the private sector for young Macedonians. The center will also facilitate the participation of the private sector in this program.

Encouraging Youth Political Dialogue

Ohrid Institute


To promote dialogue between young political leaders and strengthen their ability to participate in decision-making processes. The organization’s unique dialogue program will continue to develop the teamwork, leadership, and communication skills of young political leaders from parties across the political spectrum through trainings, workshops, events, and a policy-writing program. The nonpartisan program will promote constructive debate between members of political party youth wings on key policies affecting youth.

Enhancing Protection Mechanisms against Hate Speech

Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Macedonia


To foster tolerance and pluralism by spotlighting and combating political and ethnic hate speech. The group will cooperate with a government training center to equip police officers, prosecutors, and judges with the knowledge and skills needed to recognize, prevent, and address instances of hate speech. It will enhance the capacities of public prosecutors and judges to prosecute and carry out trials on related cases. The group will maintain its online tool for collecting and mapping instances of hate speech in the country.

Fostering Improved Media Standards

Metamorphosis Foundation


To foster improved media standards and access to objective news and analyses in Southeast Europe. The North Macedonia-based media and government watchdog will work with a network of journalists from partner fact-checking and investigative reporting groups in the region to spotlight disinformation in media and challenge illiberal narratives related to the region’s democratic transition and Euro-Atlantic integration. The watchdog’s fact-checking platform will continue to provide objective, nonpartisan analyses of public officials’ statements and performance.

Fostering Political Pluralism and Democratic Values

European Policy Institute Skopje


To foster political pluralism and promote constructive debate on the country’s future. Through public debates on key issues of national interest, the nonpartisan think tank will strengthen a culture of informed discussion, encourage independent and critical thinking, and strengthen political pluralism among citizens. Citizens, experts and policymakers from across the political and ethnic spectrum will participate in the program.

Fostering Public Debate on Accountability

Institute for Democracy ‘Societas Civilis’ Skopje


To facilitate broader public understanding of the accountability of public institutions and promote better policy responses to corruption. Drawing on its data-driven research, the organization will establish a forum that brings together parliamentary committees and experts to identify short- and long-term opportunities for improving government accountability and put forth recommendations to advance anticorruption efforts. It will share the nonpartisan project’s findings via an online database and publicize them through a multifaceted media outreach strategy.

Fostering Public Debate on Accountability

Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities – Skopje


To promote constructive policy dialogue and ameliorate the country’s deep political and ethnic divisions. The think tank will establish a cross-sectoral forum that will bring together civil society and youth activists, journalists, academics, and experts to identify short- and long-term solutions for reducing political polarization through increased cooperation and improved public discourse. The think tank will publicize the nonpartisan project’s outcomes through a public event and media outreach.

Fostering Youth Activism through Online Media

Youth Educational Forum


To promote civic activism, foster public debate, and counter misinformation among youth. The organization will produce radio content, investigative video reports, and live blogs for its online multimedia platform, which covers current events and the country’s ongoing democratic transition. Additionally, the organization will build the media and civic skills of youth activists in four cities and organize the 9th edition of its annual conference on new media and youth activism.

Promoting Accountability and Transparency

Association for Citizen Tolerance and Cooperation

Supplement: $17,000

To promote the accountability and transparency of ongoing reforms, and raise citizens’ awareness regarding the importance of their proper execution. The organization will analyze the impact of the government’s ongoing political reforms on state institutions, including promoting a more independent public administration, and raise awareness and advocate for them through an outreach campaign utilizing satire, television, and new media.

Promoting Accountability through Independent Reporting

360 Degrees


To foster independent reporting and promote the accountability of public officials. The media group will produce a semiweekly television program featuring political debates and interviews along with in-depth analyses, investigative stories, and video reports. A leading national television station will air the political program, and the media group will promote it through its online portal. The nonpartisan program will contribute to ongoing debates on key issues relating to the country’s democratic transition.

Promoting Accountability through Investigative Reporting

Center for Investigative Journalism SCOOP Macedonia


To promote the transparency and accountability of public officials at the local level. The media group will expand its nonpartisan database of assets of political leaders to include the business and financial records of mayors and other locally elected officials. Using this information, the watchdog will produce and disseminate investigative articles examining how these officials have acquired their holdings and documenting any cases of misuse of political power.

Promoting Free and Fair Elections



To strengthen the integrity of electoral processes. In advance of the April 2020 parliamentary elections, the group will conduct nonpartisan activities that facilitate civic participation in promoting electoral reforms, increasing the transparency of the process, and monitoring a review of voter lists. The group will publish its findings and recommendations, and facilitate public meetings with state officials, legislators, experts, and civil society actors to generate greater public interest and confidence in electoral reforms.

Promoting Investigative Reporting



To expand the quality and impact of investigative reporting on democratic reforms, the rule of law, and anticorruption policies. The organization will produce weekly analyses, monthly investigations, and guest columns, while its sister television station will air televised debates and videos based on the investigations. The nonpartisan programs will contribute to ongoing debates on key issues relating to the country’s democratic transition.

Promoting Reliable Reporting

Innovative Media


To expand the impact of accurate, reliable reporting and provide objective information to minority communities. The independent Albanian-language media platform will contribute to ongoing debates on key issues related to the country’s democratic transition by producing daily news, weekly analyses and investigations, guest columns, and interviews with key experts on topics related to democratic reforms, the rule of law, accountability and transparency, and anticorruption initiatives.

Promoting Transparent and Accountable Political Processes

CIVIL – Center for Freedom


To expand the quality, reach and impact of reporting on government accountability. The organization will foster public debate by further developing its digital newsroom, strengthening its network of video journalists, and producing multimedia stories in video and electronic formats. The activities will enhance public engagement in the protection of human rights and freedom of expression by inspiring citizens to report on misuse of power, political propaganda, and hate speech in their local communities.

Promoting Youth Activism in Multiethnic Communities

Center for Intercultural Dialogue


To promote youth civic engagement and dialogue in multiethnic communities. The center will train youth in advocacy, leadership, and participation skills, and continue to mentor the participants as they launch calls for applications and select youth groups to implement advocacy campaigns on human rights and conflict resolution. The activities will include a focus on enabling youth participants to serve as agents of social change and dialogue in communities plagued by interethnic strife.

Strengthening Macedonian Analytical Research Teams (SMART)

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To equip polarized and internally weak political parties with the tools to develop evidence-based policy-focused platforms that reflect citizens’ needs. The institute will train a diverse group of Party Research-Analytical Centers (PRACs) on conducting policy analysis and public opinion research. In order to begin reducing divisions between parties, the institute will facilitate a joint research project between the PRACs.

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