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Broadcasting Independent News and Information

Pro Digital SRL


To support independent information and news. In an important election year, the leading Chisinau-based independent television station will engage and inform voters about various aspects of the elections. It will produce nonpartisan election-related content in Romanian, present it in popular formats such as talk shows and debates, and offer other news related to important political and social developments in Moldova. The outlet will also make all programming available on its website.

Developing New Media Skills

Transitions Online


To build the new media skills of Moldovan civic activists and journalists. The Prague-based organization and its Moldovan partners will maintain and expand three innovative portals – debates.md, blogtop.md, and IDNO.md – and launch two nonpartisan online platforms to monitor public procurement and profile candidates and political parties ahead of parliamentary and local elections in 2018-19. The project will also produce and publish investigative stories and related reports.

Educating and Mobilizing Voters

Institute for Public Policy


To educate and mobilize voters ahead of the fall 2018 parliamentary elections. The organization will conduct a nonpartisan voter education and mobilization campaign. It will create an interactive online digital map of single mandate constituencies containing detailed information about all candidates and distribute over 50,000 leaflets with information about them in the constituencies. The organization will produce three promotional videos for the map tool and make its materials available in traditional and social media.

Educating and Mobilizing Youth Voters

National Youth Council of Moldova


To promote free and fair elections. The organization will carry out a nonpartisan voter education and mobilization campaign ahead of the November 2018 parliamentary election. It will prepare 20 local coordinators, 650 high school teachers, and 700 volunteers to inform and mobilize young, first-time, student and rural voters in 20 districts throughout the country.

Fostering Accountability Through Investigative Journalism

Investigative Reporters Association for Editorial Security in Moldova (RISE Moldova)


To foster accountability through investigative reporting. During an important election year, the association will produce video investigations exposing corruption practices, and conduct interviews with politicians and businesspersons on important topics of public interest. It will also produce video tutorials on how to access and analyze data for less experienced reporters. The association will publish all project materials in Romanian and Russian on its website and social media pages.

Improving Access to Public Information

CPR Moldova / Centrul de Politici si Reforme Structurale


To improve public access to information. The organization will convene town hall meetings in the country’s regions and hold consultations with the government to discuss flaws in and propose solutions to existing freedom of information policies. It will file requests for information, produce reports and articles sharing the results, and launch strategic litigation cases. The organization will make available all publications on its website and promote the project through traditional and social media.

Improving Judicial Accountability

Lawyers for Human Rights


To improve judicial accountability. The legal organization will maintain and expand its online database of Moldovan judges and prosecutors, which provides nonpartisan information about their performance, qualifications, and assets. In cooperation with an influential investigative newspaper, the organization will also produce and publicize a series of investigations on corruption in the judiciary.

Increasing Electoral Transparency

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To help draw domestic and international attention to closing political space in the country and identify steps to be taken to improve prospects for credible elections. The institute will deploy a pre-election assessment mission as well as support long-term election observation by a local nonpartisan partner for Moldova’s upcoming parliamentary election.

Promoting Accountability and Transparency in Public Procurement

Association for Efficient and Responsible Governance


To promote government accountability and transparency. The organization will build the capacity of watchdog NGOs and local accountability groups, which will monitor government procurement contracts. The program will also track the enforcement of decisions made by the National Agency for Addressing Complaints and organize public events to raise public awareness of corruption in public procurement.

Promoting Accountability through Investigative Reporting

People and Kilometers


To promote government accountability. The media outlet will produce in-depth investigations and photo essays on social, political, and economic issues caused or exacerbated by government corruption or inaction, particularly in the country’s regions. To promote its work and reach a broader audience, the outlet will organize photo exhibitions, publish all materials on its website, and translate the materials into Russian.  

Promoting Human Rights in Transnistria

PROMO-LEX Association


To promote human rights through advocacy and legal assistance. The association will continue monitoring rights violations in Transnistria. It will produce and distribute thematic reports, provide recommendations for the National Human Rights Action Plan, organize press conferences and roundtables for experts and government officials, and provide legal assistance to residents of the breakaway region. The association also will raise international awareness of the rights abuses at various international events.

Reducing Risks of Corruption in Draft Legislation

Transparency International – Moldova


To promote accountability and transparency. The watchdog will monitor draft legislation impacting the country’s financial and economic sectors that has been made available for public scrutiny. It will identify possible risks for increased corruption if the laws are enacted. The watchdog will share its findings, together with policy recommendations, through analytical reports, press conferences, roundtables, TV and radio programs, and newspaper articles.

Strengthening Civil Society

NGO Strengthening


To strengthen civil society and promote human rights. The program will provide free legal consultations to residents and organize more than 100 discussions, documentary showings, photo exhibits, festivals, and other events to promote civic activism and human rights. The project will promote the activities through a website and in social networks.

Strengthening Independent Media in Gagauzia



To increase independent and objective Russian-language news in Gagauzia. The organization will maintain and expand its news portal by producing and publishing at least 5,000 news items, articles, video reports, and analyses related to the economy, education sector, and performance of local officials. It will increase public outreach by adding a studio for live programing and organizing nonpartisan monthly debates for young Gagauz civic and political leaders.

Supporting Online News and Information

South-East Junior Association


To provide objective news and information. The association will maintain and expand its leading website on Moldova-related issues. During an important election year, it will produce and post nonpartisan news pieces, articles, multimedia reports, and voter education materials. In addition, the association will provide scholarships to two photo journalists to document life in Transnistria and display the best photos at a public exhibit in Chisinau.

Supporting Online News and Information in Russian



To increase objective Russian-language news and information on democracy-related developments. The media outlet will maintain and expand its website, a key independent voice and source on Moldova-related issues in the Russian language. The outlet will produce and post news pieces, articles, and video reports on stories related to corruption, the economy, reforms, EU integration, human rights and other important topics.

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