Central and Eastern Europe


Broadcasting Independent News and Information

Media Alternativa Public Association


To develop and disseminate independent news and information. The organization will produce news and other content in the Russian language concerning important political developments. It will disseminate the content through the daily morning show of its independent television station. All of the programming will also be distributed via the station’s website and social network channels.

Broadcasting Independent News and Information

Sergiu Prodan Workshop


To develop and disseminate independent news and information. In an important election year, the production company and a leading independent media outlet will produce nonpartisan election-related content and other news and information pieces on important political developments and disseminate them via the outlet’s news programs, talk shows, and debates. It will also make all of the programming available on its website.

Developing a Model for Public Consultation

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To help restore citizens’ confidence in the efficacy of democratic institutions and transparent government. The institute will help Moldova’s historically opaque ministries to adopt effective public consultation systems. Drawing on international best practices as well as relevant Ukrainian experiences, the institute will assist the Moldovan government with developing a replicable model.

Developing New Media Skills

Transitions Online


To build the new media skills of Moldovan civic activists and journalists. The Prague-based organization and its Moldovan partners will maintain and expand three innovative portals – debates.md, blogtop.md, and IDNO.md – and launch two nonpartisan online platforms to monitor public procurement and profile candidates and political parties ahead of parliamentary and local elections in 2018-19. The project will also produce and publish investigative stories and related reports.

Facilitating and Strengthening Judicial Reforms

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To enhance the effective communication of vital judicial reforms and increase the level of transparency and accessibility of the country’s judiciary. The institute will facilitate a series of capacity-building trainings, international exchanges, and ongoing mentorship and support activities. The project seeks to address Moldovan citizens’ concerns with corruption in Moldova and restore public confidence and trust in the judiciary.

Fostering Accountability through Investigative Journalism

RISE Moldova


To foster accountability through investigative reporting. Following the February 2019 parliamentary elections, the organization will produce detailed accountability profiles of the 101 newly elected members of parliament and make them available on its online platform. It will also produce one multimedia and one video investigation related to the governmental accountability of the new MPs and distribute them through its website and social media channels.

Fostering Accountability through Investigative Journalism

RISE Moldova


To foster accountability through investigative reporting. The organization will produce accountability profiles of important economic actors with political interests and make them available on its online platform. It will also produce multimedia investigations related to government corruption and distribute them online. In addition, the organization will produce video tutorials on how to use open data databases to conduct effective journalistic investigations.

Fostering Civic Activism

NGO Strengthening


To strengthen the skills of NGO activists and promote the development of civil society. The Czech organization will organize individual study visits in Europe for civic activists, hold a small grant competition supporting civic initiatives, and conduct a monitoring visit to the country. It will also provide legal training, continue to support independent legal aid centers and civic clubs, and organize skills-building meetings for their staffs.

Fostering Public Debate of Key Policy Issues



To foster public debate on key policy issues. Following the February 2019 parliamentary elections, the think tank will produce expert studies on key policy topics, including reforms in the energy, security and banking sectors, as well as countering Russia’s malign influence, and convene public events to present its findings. It will promote the studies through appearances on TV and radio outlets, publications in print and social media, and participation in international and diaspora events.

Fostering the Adoption and Implementation of Key Reforms



To foster the adoption and implementation of key reforms. The think tank will monitor the new government’s reform strategies in key areas, including institutional development and democracy, public finance and anticorruption, and justice and the rule of law. It will produce policy analyses and share them with the government. The think tank will promote its work through appearances on TV and radio, publications in print and social media, and participation in debates and other public events.

Fostering the Sustainability of Independent Media

Freedom of Information


To support the sustainability of independent media. In the initial phase of the project, the organization will conduct legal and market research necessary to establish a local entity that will improve the country’s advertising market, which is currently controlled by political and special interests. It will also conduct independent audience research, develop a detailed operational model, and initiate the process of establishing a local entity.

Improving Judicial Accountability

Lawyers for Human Rights


To strengthen judicial accountability. The organization will maintain and expand an online database of Moldovan judges and prosecutors, which provides accountability and transparency information about their performance, qualifications, and financial assets. In cooperation with an influential investigative newspaper, it will also produce and disseminate a series of investigations into corruption in the judiciary.

Monitoring Public Procurement

Association for Human Rights Lex XXI


To promote government accountability in northern Moldova. The organization will monitor public procurement tenders carried out by local and regional state institutions, produce position papers and graphics highlighting the monitoring findings and recommendations, and disseminate them at roundtable discussions and online. It will also convene training workshops for public servants on conducting effective public procurement.

Promoting Accountability and Transparency in Public Procurement

Association for Efficient and Responsible Governance


To promote the accountability and transparency of government spending. The program will monitor and analyze public procurement cases and scrutinize the enforcement of decisions made by the National Agency for Addressing Complaints. It will also seek to reform the legal framework related to public procurement, expand a public procurement portal, and promote related activities through roundtables and online.

Promoting Accountability through Investigative Reporting

People and Kilometers


To promote government accountability. The media outlet will increase public demand for government accountability by producing in-depth investigations and photo essays on social, political, and economic challenges caused or exacerbated by government corruption or inaction. To promote its work, the outlet will organize photo exhibitions and publish all materials online. It will also translate the materials into Russian to reach a broader regional audience.

Promoting Freer and Fairer Elections

Association of Independent Press


To promote freer and fairer elections. As part of a larger project, the organization will monitor the election coverage of major print and online media outlets ahead of Moldova’s February 2019 parliamentary elections. The nonpartisan monitoring will document and assess whether candidates have equal access to media and voters have access to the information necessary for making an informed choice. The organization will produce monitoring reports and highlight the findings through press conferences.

Promoting Human Rights in Transnistria

Human Rights


To promote human rights in Transnistria. A leading human rights organization will monitor rights violations, produce reports on its findings, provide recommendations for government and EU monitoring reports and action plans, and provide legal assistance to the repressed in Transnistria. It will promote its activities and disseminate its findings and other human rights information through press conferences, online and social media, and domestic and international civil society and government events.

Raising Awareness of Corruption in Public Procurement

Center for Investigative Journalism


To raise public awareness regarding corruption in public procurement. The organization will conduct investigations into cases of fraud and corruption in public spending and publish them on its anti-corruption and investigative reporting portals. It will also enhance its anti-corruption portal to foster greater citizen involvement in reporting fraud, and produce an online tutorial for citizens on how to monitor and report fraud. The organization will promote its publications through traditional and social media.

Strengthening Anti-Corruption Policies

Transparency International – Moldova


To promote the accountability and transparency of key government institutions. The watchdog will monitor and conduct a focus group and survey with employees in government ministries and agencies to assess how their anti-corruption policies and strategies comply with the UN Convention Against Corruption. To publicize and discuss the program’s results, it will prepare a report with policy recommendations, and hold press conferences, roundtables, and a TV debate with key government officials, media representatives, and civic activists.

Strengthening Civil Society

NGO Strengthening


To strengthen civil society and promote human rights. The organization will conduct discussions, photo exhibits, documentary showings, and other independent events, as well as organize human rights festivals, to promote the development of civil society and human rights. The organization will promote its activities through its website and social network pages.

Strengthening Civil Society and Local Governance

Stefan Voda Ecological Movement of Moldova


To strengthen civil society and local governance in southeastern Moldova. Through trainings, the organization will increase the skills and knowledge of civil society activists and local government officials in the Stefan Voda, Causeni, and Anenii Noi districts. It will hold roundtables, workshops, and other public events to identify pressing local problems and engage citizens and local governments in resolving them. Participants also will assess the transparency of six local governments and provide recommendations for improvements.

Strengthening Independent Media in Gagauzia



To increase independent and objective Russian-language news and promote youth activism in Gagauzia. The organization will maintain and expand its independent news portal by producing and publishing news items, articles, video reports, and analyses related to the economy, education, and performance of local officials. It will also organize a summer camp for youth activists and assist them in planning and implementing civic engagement projects in their Gagauz communities.

Support for Urgent Economic and Anti-Corruption Reforms

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To promote economic and anti-corruption reforms. The center will revitalize a functioning institutional reform consultation and public oversight process between the new government and the business community. It will partner with the private sector and engage with the new government to support democratic and transparent decision-making processes. The center will consolidate the small and medium-sized enterprise community’s priority economic issues into an urgent anti-corruption reform agenda to be presented to the government.

Supporting Independent News in Northern Moldova

Supply-Demand Independent Newspaper


To increase objective news and information in northern Moldova. The Balti-based media outlet will maintain and expand its independent news portal, which is a leading regional website produced in Russian. In addition to producing daily news items, articles and video reports, the portal will monitor the transparency of elected officials and produce in-depth analyses about corruption and reforms.

Supporting Online News and Information

South-East Media Association


To provide objective news and information. The media outlet will maintain and expand its leading website on Moldova-related issues. In a new transition period for the country, it will produce regular news items, multimedia reports, and analyses on political, economic, and social challenges facing the country’s regions. The outlet will also assist photo journalists in documenting challenges in the country’s regions and display the best photos at public exhibitions.

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