Central and Eastern Europe

Ukraine 2017

Building Social Cohesion in Eastern Ukraine

Azov Development


To promote democratic values and social cohesion in the Donetsk region. The organization will increase awareness about human rights issues by publishing articles and initiating public discussions on a monthly basis. It will also organize related public events, including cultural presentations, trainings, and workshops, to expand and consolidate a community of civic and human rights activists in Mariupol.


Conflict Prevention in Southern Ukraine

Association of Middle East Studies


To mitigate conflict in southern Ukraine. The organization will carry out research and assess the potential for conflict in southern Ukraine, and will engage the expert community and government officials in discussions regarding the region’s unstable situation. It will also hold trainings to equip local leaders with the skills necessary to foster dialogue and carry out mediation in local communities.


Defending Human Rights

Human Rights


To defend human rights and monitor human rights violations. The project will document and spotlight cases of torture, kidnapping, unlawful detention, and other abuses, and monitor their investigation by the authorities. Drawing on the monitoring, the project will produce and publish a report on human rights violations, and will distribute it to international human rights organizations, diplomatic institutions, and media outlets.


Fostering Dialogue and Civic Activism

Center for Cultural Management


To promote civic activism and dialogue in small towns. The center will coordinate exchanges between activists from and local communities in different parts of the country. During the visits, activists will participate in local activities and implement civic projects that foster reconciliation and expand cooperation between different communities. The organization will also facilitate a community mapping exercise in small towns facing social and economic challenges.


Fostering Free and Fair Municipal Elections

Ukrainian Coalition for Legal Aid


To foster free and fair municipal elections. Through its network of 10 legal aid offices, the group will provide legal training and assistance to members of electoral commissions in 100 newly created administrative units. Its lawyers and activists will carry out a nonpartisan information and awareness-raising campaign that will include public lectures and television and radio public service announcements on local channels. The group will also monitor the voting process on election day.


Fostering Independent Media in the Donbas

Donetsk Institute of Information


To foster independent media in the Donbas. The Slovyansk-based group will monitor media in the separatist-controlled areas, produce news, articles, and analytical reports on the developments in the region, and publish them on its websites – https://novosti.n.ua, http://dii.dn.ua/analytics, and http://donbasleaks.org. It will also conduct a master class for reporters on how to utilize its online resources. The group will produce and broadcast 40 editions of its Donbas Today television show, and promote it through video advertisements.


Fostering Independent Reporting in Eastern Ukraine

Kharkiv Crisis Infocenter


To foster independent reporting in eastern Ukraine. The organization will produce daily news reports on social and political developments in the Kharkiv region, operate its press club, and hold and broadcast at least 120 public events, including discussions, press conferences, and roundtables, to address pressing local issues. It will publish all news reports, podcasts, and project materials on its website https://nakipelo.ua and social network pages.


Fostering Local Reforms In Ukraine’s Regions

Education for Democracy Foundation


To promote decentralization reforms on the local level in Ukraine. Working with two local NGOs, the Poland-based organization will conduct two study visits and five trainings on fostering local reforms for civic activists and local authorities from Ukraine’s regions. It will assist cross-sectoral teams in analyzing the needs of their communities and developing project ideas to address local challenges, award grants to promising joint initiatives, and support their implementation.


Fostering Media Freedom and Transparency

Detector Media


To foster media freedom and promote transparency in the media sector. Over two years, the organization will monitor governmental agencies’ attempts to reform the country’s media market and introduce public broadcasting. It also will track the government’s communications policy regarding the Donbas, produce frequent analytical reports, and publish them on its websites.


Fostering Regional Media

Media Development Foundation


To build the capacity of regional media. The organization will conduct a training and exchange program for 55 reporters and host media outlets from across the country. In addition, it will assist 20 regional journalists to build their new media, video news, and editorial writing skills through two, five-day trainings in Kyiv, and to apply them during two-week internships with prominent news outlets in the capital.


Improving Governance on the Local Level

Association of Private Employers


To strengthen the accountability and transparency of local governments. The association will conduct public opinion surveys; hold trainings and roundtables for civic activists, small business leaders, representatives of local governments, and NGO leaders; produce and disseminate a brochure; and convene press conferences on improving civic oversight of and public engagement in government budgeting and procurement in the Derhachevsk, Pechenezhsk, and Valkovsk districts of the Kharkiv region.


Improving Political Party Communication with Members and Citizens

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To help political parties develop into inclusive, national movements that represent the interests of members and citizens. The institute will assist parties in the development of inclusive, internal communication and decision making procedures, and will conduct public opinion research and trainings to help parties better understand and respond to citizens, including those outside of their traditional geographical bases of support.


Increasing the Capacity of Regional Media

NGO Dirigible


To build the capacity of regional media. The organization will select 10 media outlets from small and medium-sized towns and assist them in developing, launching, maintaining, and promoting online portals. It also will conduct a series of trainings for newsroom staff and provide them with mentorship in producing and promoting high quality media content.


Increasing the Digital Security Capacity of Civil Society

NGO Strengthening


To increase the digital security capacity of civil society groups. Project activities will include designing and holding trainings for independent activists, journalists, and grassroots groups working in conflict areas. Utilizing a network of IT specialists, the project will conduct digital security audits and help civil society groups develop policies and procedures that will decrease their vulnerability to digital threats.


Leadership Academy for Development

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To improve the capacity of regional public officials to develop and implement reforms with citizen input. The center, a leading U.S. university, and a Ukrainian partner will continue to develop the Leadership Academy for Development in Ukraine, which will help to ensure that local leaders can respond effectively to complex problems, support economic growth, and make democratic government more effective.


Monitoring and Documenting Human Rights Violations

Truth Hounds


To monitor, document, and spotlight human rights violations. Focusing on war crimes committed in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, the organization will train and carry out 10 monitoring missions to document conflict-related violations. Based on the findings and collected evidence, it will produce a series of reports and present them to Ukrainian and international institutions. The organization will also work with law enforcement agencies to improve their knowledge and implementation of international humanitarian law.


Monitoring Freedom of the Media

Institute of Mass Information


To analyze current and pending legislation on the media, and monitor violations of press freedom. The organization will conduct independent field investigations in cases of extreme pressure or intimidation against journalists, spotlight the cases, publish an annual report on its monitoring, and convene press conferences to disseminate the findings to government representatives, media outlets and the public.


Monitoring Human Rights in the Donbas

Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights


To monitor and promote human rights in the Donbas. The Poland-based organization and three local Ukrainian partners will organize a training for members of the ‘Justice for Peace in Donbas’ Coalition that will strengthen their skills in human rights monitoring, data analysis and reporting, and advocacy. The Coalition will subsequently monitor, document, and report on human rights violations in the Donbas, carry out national and international advocacy campaigns, and publish and distribute a major report in three languages.


Preparing Business Associations for a Decentralized Ukraine

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To build the management capacity of business associations and chambers of commerce, and improve the analytical and technical capacity of regional associations and chambers to advocate effectively on local SME regulations through tools such as anti-corruption analysis. Building upon the country’s decentralization process, the center will prepare its partners to become effective, financially sustainable advocates for small businesses that foster economic and political reforms at the local level, leading to a stronger, more stable democratic society.


Promoting Accountability and Transparency through Open Data

Fundacja TechSoup


To promote government accountability and transparency. The Warsaw-based organization, working with local civil society and government partners from five Ukrainian cities, will conduct a series of 18 workshops and three trainings on using open data to foster greater government accountability. It will also develop innovative online applications that engage citizens in improving the quality and performance of local government.


Promoting Accountability in the Healthcare Sector

Patients of Ukraine


To combat corruption in the healthcare sector. The organization will monitor state activities, promote anti-corruption reforms, and coordinate the efforts of its member organizations to advocate for necessary legislative changes in the healthcare sector. The organization also will work closely with media outlets to improve public awareness about existing corrupt practices as well as possible solutions to them.


Promoting and Protecting Human Rights

Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group


To promote and safeguard human rights. The organization will monitor and report on the country’s human rights situation, with a particular focus on the war-torn areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, and will provide legal assistance to victims of the most serious violations. It will analyze draft laws and legislation related to human rights and advocate for their passage, expand its virtual human rights library, and organize a human rights school for 30 activists.


Promoting Awareness of the Human Rights Situation in Ukraine

Conflict Resolution


To promote awareness of and address the human and civil rights situation in Crimea. The grantee will monitor developments on the Crimean peninsula, which has been occupied by Russian military forces since 2014. To share the monitoring results with the public and state officials, it will launch an information campaign and hold a series of public events.


Promoting Civic Activism Among Youth

Lviv Education Foundation


To promote regional integration, social cohesion, and civic activism among youth. The foundation will organize 28 volunteer camps throughout Ukraine. The week-long camps will engage 700 young people from 25 regions across the country to participate in a series of activities that promote volunteerism and civic engagement while breaking down regional stereotypes.


Promoting Civic Activism Among Youth

Plast – National Scout Organization of Ukraine


To strengthen youth involvement in civil society. The group will register an Association of Youth Centers and its Secretariat, and foster youth collaboration and networking through its portal, newsletter, and a conference and working groups for activists. The organization and Association will also foster collaboration with EU-based youth networks, and continue to advocate for better youth-centered legislation at the country’s local, regional, and central levels.


Promoting Civic Activism and Government Accountability

New Country


To foster civic activism and government accountability. Focusing on three cities, Zhytomyr, Chernihiv, and Lutsk, the organization will engage active citizens, the business community, and local officials in a strategic planning process and in developing solutions to pressing local problems. It will hold a strategic session in each city, a series of trainings, and a final conference for 250 project participants to share best practices and innovative solutions.


Promoting Civic Activism in Eastern Ukraine

Charitable Fund Hope


To promote civic activism and strengthen civil society in eastern Ukraine. The organization will establish a resource center to assist civil society working in the front line territories of the Donbas. The center will host a series of workshops, trainings, and public events, and serve as a platform for developing new civic initiatives that aim at improving the quality of local governance and monitoring the implementation of reforms.


Promoting Civic Activism in Eastern Ukraine

IZOLYATSIA. Platform for Cultural Initiatives


To promote civic activism in the Ukrainian-controlled territories of the Donbas. The organization will work with local civil society groups to produce and implement development strategies for four towns in the east, including Pokrovsk, Dobropole, Bahmut, and Lisichiansk. It will also organize a series of public events to foster civic activism in the region.


Promoting Civic Activism in Southern Ukraine

Mykolaiv Branch of the PLWH Network


To promote civic activism in the Mykolaiv region. The grantee will carry out activities to strengthen local civil society, including trainings for civic initiatives, lectures and debates for students, and a roundtable for civic leaders. It also will award five mini grants to local initiatives and provide training to increase their capacity. The organization will conduct monitoring and analysis of corruption in the region, and produce and distribute 4,000 brochures.


Promoting Civic Engagement among Youth IDPs

Bloc of Active Youth


To promote civic engagement among youth. Working with young IDPs in the Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, and Mariupol regions, the group will organize a series of trainings for activists in the three regions, and assist participants in developing and implementing small projects aiming at addressing pressing issues faced by IDPs in their new communities.


Promoting Civil Service Reform

Kyiv School of Economics


To promote the implementation of civil service reforms. The grantee, in cooperation with reform-oriented teams in various government ministries, will develop a new training program for civil servants to better equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to implement vital reforms. It also will develop five short-term, professional development courses to meet the urgent needs of state institutions and the Parliament.


Promoting Decentralization

Ukrainian Institute for International Politics


To promote decentralization in northcentral Ukraine. The organization will strengthen the skills of local government officials and the capacity of civil society groups in the Sumy and Poltava regions to implement key decentralization reforms. It will convene a series of seminars, working group meetings, and press conferences, as well as distribute informational materials.


Promoting Decentralization in Western Ukraine

Center of Community Development


To promote decentralization in western Ukraine. The organization will select 10 newly amalgamated communities in the western part of the country and support decentralization there. It will hold trainings for activists and local administrations to facilitate the implementation of reforms, organize a study tour to Poland to learn best practices, publish a manual, and convene a final conference to exchange lessons learned.


Promoting Dialogue and Reconciliation



To strengthen regional understanding, cooperation, and reconciliation. The organization will facilitate interregional dialogue in the country by conducting workshops for activists on debunking stereotypes, organize a retreat for displaced civic activists to foster cooperation and leadership, oversee internships for activists, implement regional activities promoting human rights, and conduct civic actions on International Peace Day.


Promoting Dialogue and Reconciliation in the East

Think Tank Donbas


To promote dialogue and reconciliation in the Donetsk region. The grantee will conduct a survey in the government-controlled territories of the region and establish a network of local and national media outlets, civil society groups, and local authorities to analyze the scope and depth of the challenges there. To reduce social tensions, the grantee will develop a communications strategy for the conflict zone, produce a series of public awareness messages, and disseminate them through media channels.


Promoting Freedom of Expression in Eastern Ukraine

NGO “86”


To promote freedom of expression in eastern Ukraine. The grantee will assist 12 amateur filmmakers from the country’s east to produce short documentaries about political and social issues in their local communities. The documentaries will be screened at the grantee’s annual international festival in Slavutych and various cities in Ukraine, including a number in the Donbas.


Promoting Government Accountability and Citizen Engagement

Civil Control Platform


To promote accountability and transparency in the Dnipropetrovsk region. Through anti-corruption investigations, advocacy campaigns, and trainings on effective methods of public oversight, the group will increase the efficiency and responsiveness of local authorities. It will also monitor the National Anti-Corruption Bureau’s court hearings throughout the country and local budgets in the region, and will disseminate its findings through an online platform.


Promoting Government Accountability and Reform



To facilitate informed public discussion on reforms and promote government accountability and transparency. In partnership with Hromadske Television, the organization will track the public statements of a diverse group of high-profile officials, maintain a database of potentially misleading statements, and produce a series of nonpartisan videos exposing and correcting false claims. The organization will broadcast the videos on television and disseminate them through its website and social media.


Promoting Government Accountability and Transparency

Anti-Corruption Action Center


To promote government accountability and transparency. The center will monitor the progress of anti-corruption reforms, particularly the implementation of the electronic asset declaration system. It will react to draft laws and other attempts to diminish the scope of the reforms, and assist existing anti-corruption bodies to improve the system. To bring corrupt officials to justice, the center will identify incomplete or falsified data in their declarations and file formal complaints.


Promoting Government Accountability in Eastern Ukraine

New Druzhkivka


To promote government accountability and transparency in eastern Ukraine. In cooperation with local initiative groups, the organization will monitor the performance of local elected officials and the implementation of new public procurement practices in the Donbas. To publicize the monitoring results, it will produce a series of video materials, infographics, and articles, and disseminate them to local media outlets and through social media.


Promoting Government Transparency in Western Ukraine

Rivne Social Partnership Center


To promote public procurement reform in western Ukraine. The center will identify and investigate cases of corruption by monitoring tenders undertaken by local authorities and state- and municipality-owned enterprises. It will publicize the findings by producing television programs and investigative articles and disseminating them through local media outlets. To improve procurement reform, the center will offer a series of trainings and consultations to local business, activists, and officials.


Promoting Human Rights through a Documentary Festival

NGO South


To raise public awareness of human rights. The organization will convene the 14th and 15th editions of its Docudays UA human rights film festival. The annual event features international and domestic documentary films, educational materials, public discussions, seminars, performances, and debates led by human rights and civil society activists. The project will include holding the marquee event in Kyiv, supporting its traveling film festival, and expanding its network of human rights film clubs across the country.


Promoting Information Exchange

Civic Space


To improve the public outreach and communication strategies of NGOs and new civic initiatives. The organization will expand and upgrade its web portal, which facilitates interaction and networking among civic activists and provides objective news, information, and announcements for civil society. The portal will serve as a knowledge hub, operate as a web resource, and offer consultations on NGO management to meet the needs of activists throughout the country.


Promoting Judicial Transparency and Accountability



To improve judicial accountability and transparency. The organization will continue developing its online database of judges’ public financial declarations and performance evaluations. The program will assist the Public Integrity Council in identifying corrupt judges, and support civic activists in advocating for the implementation of reforms in the country’s judiciary, in particular the establishment of an anti-corruption court.


Promoting Local Government Accountability

Odesa Committee of Voters of Ukraine


To promote the accountability of local and regional elected officials. The organization will track the electoral promises and extent of their fulfillment by seven municipal councils in the Odesa region, and expand the nonpartisan monitoring effort to seven other regions. It will share its findings with the media and the public on a regular basis through publications, public events, and a website, and provide feedback and recommendations to the monitored deputies.


Promoting Public Awareness of Corruption

Tom 14


To increase public awareness of high-level corruption. The organization’s team of experienced investigative journalists will produce the weekly television show Nashi Hroshi: Obitsianky (Our Money: Promises) for broadcasting on major national television channels and for publication in media outlets. Each of the shows and accompanying analytical articles will highlight cases of corruption perpetrated by senior government and law enforcement officials.


Promoting Public Debate on Government Performance

Data Journalism Agency

Supplement: $45,900

To increase public awareness of and debate on government performance. After collecting and analyzing open data, the agency will carry out eight interactive data journalism projects, and publish 10 articles and a data visualization each month on key accountability, transparency, and reform issues. The organization will continue to develop its popular website, texty.org.ua, and disseminate the materials through it and other outlets.


Promoting Public Understanding of the Reform Process

Ukrainian Toronto Television


To increase public understanding of reform processes and promote government accountability and transparency. The organization’s team of experienced journalists will continue producing a television show that will be broadcast weekly on three major national television channels, including the newly created Public Broadcaster. The program will provide critical analysis of political developments using humor and satire.


Promoting Reform in Security Sector

Democratic Society East Foundation



To promote public debate on and demand for security sector reform in Ukraine. Together with its local partner, the Poland-based organization will expand its website; produce and publish articles, analyses and video blogs; and assist five local media outlets to produce content on security reforms. Project experts also will participate in several public events and discussions in the media, and organize a contest for the best publications on security reform.


Promoting Reforms in Key Sectors

Media Development Foundation


To promote public debate and demand for reforms in key sectors. The organization will maintain and expand the Kyivpost.com website, produce and publish at least 100 articles and analyses on the progress of reforms, with a focus on the defense, health care, and judiciary sectors, and on the situation regarding the ongoing war. It will translate selected articles into Ukrainian and distribute them among its network of 50 newsrooms across the country.


Promoting Religious Freedom

Ukrainian Catholic University


To promote freedom of conscience through an informed analysis of religious rights and obstructions to religious freedom. The organization will continue to operate an online news agency, www.risu.org.ua, which covers church-state relations, religious rights, and conflicts between Ukraine’s various faith-based communities. The unique website will publish up to 4,000 articles during the coming year.


Promoting Security Reform in Western Ukraine

SIM Legal and Political Research Center


To promote security reform at the local level. The organization will carry out a series of focus groups and training seminars for activists and local government authorities in 18 communities in the Volyn, Zakarpatye, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Rivne, and Ternopil regions in western Ukraine to analyze local security issues and develop concrete solutions.


Promoting Social Dialogue

Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research


To promote public discussion on political reforms and national unity. The think tank will conduct a series of activities that will analyze, publicize, and debate the state of democracy in the country. The trainings, meetings, and discussions will facilitate dialogue to promote reform and national unity. The think tank will also produce in-depth studies and publications on the situation in Crimea, national identity during the Donbas military conflict, and major developments in national politics.


Promoting Youth Activism in Central Ukraine

Moloda Cherkaschyna


To promote youth activism in central Ukraine. The organization will convene four planning and strategy meetings, as well as four, three-day trainings, for approximately 70 youth activists from Cherkassy, Poltava, Vinnytsia and Kirovohrad. It also will conduct a monitoring and information campaign on the youth policies of local governments in the four regions, award eight small grants, and hold eight discussion groups.


Promoting Youth Human Rights Awareness

Independent Association of Broadcasters


To raise awareness of the roles of human rights and media in a democratic society. The association will organize its 8th annual Kinomedia Festival, including film screenings and public events in 10 cities. It will also hold a short film competition on media freedom and human rights for youth. Finally, it will conduct audience research in 11 cities, and assist eight TV companies to produce and broadcast programs on human rights and reform topics.


Protecting and Promoting the Rights of Veterans

Legal Hundred


To promote and protect veterans’ human and civil rights and advocate for reforms to the military. The organization will raise the legal awareness of and provide legal assistance to veterans and their families. To address existing legislative shortcomings, the grantee will analyze cases, draft recommendations, and advocate for reforms to existing laws and regulations.


Strengthening Anti-Corruption Compliance

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To strengthen a culture of anti-corruption compliance and increase awareness of corruption risks among small and medium enterprises. With the center’s assistance, a local partner will work with compliance officers and independent directors to improve their understanding of obligations under new Ukrainian legislation. This is part of a multi-year initiative to professionalize compliance and corporate governance standards and to reduce corruption in Ukraine by fostering effective dialogue on the issue.


Strengthening Civil Society in Rural Communities

Community Center New Generation


To strengthen NGOs and local initiatives in rural regions of southern Ukraine. The group will convene trainings on management and civic engagement with local government for representatives of local NGOs from Kherson, Dnipropetrovsk, Mykolaiv, and Zaporizhia. It will also award small grants to local initiatives, provide onsite consultations, and organize a regional exchange program and workshop in western Ukraine for NGO representatives.


Strengthening Civil Society in Southern Ukraine

Foundation for the Development of the City of Mykolaiv


To increase the capacity of local civic initiatives in the southern regions of Mykolaiv and Kherson. The organization will hold trainings for civic activists on budget monitoring and organizational and project management, award small grants for civic monitoring initiatives, and convene networking meetings for activists to exchange best practices. The group will also maintain its website.


Strengthening Decentralization

Ukrainian Evaluation Association


To improve government transparency and increase citizen participation in decentralization reforms. The organization will assess strategic development programs on the central, regional, and community levels, and provide recommendations to ensure the public’s involvement. It will also train 25 activists and assist them in monitoring administrative service reforms in 12 regions. The grantee will produce several comprehensive reports and legislative projects, and share them with the government.


Strengthening Democratic Governance

Zaporizhia NGO STEP


To promote civic engagement and democratic governance in the Zaporizhia region. The organization will improve the capacity of regional civic organizations and their cooperation with local authorities. It will also organize trainings for activists and local government officials in amalgamated communities on civic participation in rural regions. In addition, it will award small grants to reinforce civic engagement in the decentralization process, monitor local government decision-making, and hold a forum to raise awareness of civic initiatives.


Strengthening Local Democracy

Institute of Political Education

Supplement: $56,500

To strengthen the capacity of local and regional governments. The organization will conduct trainings for 350 local and regional councilors who were elected in the October 2015 municipal elections. The trainings will focus on new opportunities to advance the ongoing decentralization reforms and present tools to implement them effectively in local communities. The participants will share experiences and best practices at a final conference.


Strengthening Ukrainian Think Tanks

Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels


To strengthen and support the Ukrainian think tank community, increase its presence and impact in the EU, and advocate for European support for Ukraine’s democratic transition. The Brussels-based organization will develop its institutional capacity to advocate more effectively on behalf of its Ukrainian member organizations, intensify cooperation between Brussels- and Ukrainian-based think tanks, and implement joint projects that will bring together analysts, donors, and officials from EU institutions and Ukraine.


Supporting Independent Media in the Donbas

Media View


To foster independent media in the Donbas. The organization will produce daily updates and at least 14 reports and analyses monthly on social and political developments in Kramatorsk, Pokrovsk, and Mariupol. The group will publish all project materials on its website and disseminate them through other news portals and social networks.


Supporting Local Media

Lviv Media Forum


To strengthen the capacity and improve the professionalism of local media. The organization will select 25 young journalists and assist in transforming their media start-up ideas into sustainable projects through a series of trainings. The grantee also will conduct research on the most significant challenges facing Ukraine’s media sector and hold its fifth annual Lviv Media Forum, bringing together over 700 journalists, editors, and media owners.


Supporting Local NGOs and Civic Initiatives

Association of Ukrainian Civic Initiatives


To strengthen youth organizations and informal social movements in 16 regions. The association will develop its Network of Civic Initiatives by conducting a seminar for activists, holding strategic planning meetings for civil society representatives, organizing NGO fairs in five regions, awarding mini-grants to cross-regional initiatives, overseeing bar camps for activists, and convening a national forum on local initiatives. In addition, the association will collect NGO best practices and promote them through its website.


Supporting Local-Level Efforts to Combat Corruption

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To support local initiatives to combat corruption in state bodies in the cities of Mykolaiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Chernivtsi. Through polling, trainings, public meetings, study visits, and civic campaigns, the institute will support local government officials and civil society leaders working to combat corruption in their respective communities. It will also connect reform-minded actors on the local level with their counterparts on the national level to incorporate their successes into messaging efforts that showcase successful local initiatives.


Supporting Regional Independent Media

Center for Research on Donbas Social Perspectives


To increase independent news and information, with a focus on the military conflict, in eastern Ukraine. The organization will maintain its popular news website, OstriV (www.ostro.org), and expand a section dedicated to reporting on the conflict and monitoring events and media inside separatist-controlled territories. Each month, the outlet’s team of journalists, analysts, and volunteers will produce at least 15 analytical and 650 informational items.

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