Armenian Lessons from the Georgian Reform Experience

Public Movement Multinational Georgia


To promote the protection of human rights and due process of law in Armenia as the new government begins implementing political, economic, and social reforms. The grantee will organize seminars in Tbilisi for representatives from Armenian civil society and government to gain a deeper understanding of Georgia’s reform process following the Rose Revolution in 2003. The organization will continue to strengthen the network of human rights NGOs from Armenia and Georgia to facilitate information sharing as Armenia’s new government determines its post-revolutionary reform priorities.

Assessing Armenia’s National Defense Policies

Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly – Vanadzor


To engage civil society in reforms of Armenian national defense policy. The grantee will analyze the relevant legislation and prepare policy recommendations to present to government stakeholders. The organization will raise awareness of human rights protections for military conscripts during the conscription process, and it will provide legal assistance to conscripts whose rights have been violated. The grantee will advocate for implementation of its recommendations by Parliament and government agencies.

Countering Misinformation about Armenia

Analytical Center on Globalization and Regional Cooperation


To promote a better understanding of Armenian politics and policy positions inside the country and internationally. The organization will hold study visits for independent journalists from Russia to meet with Armenian politicians and civil society, conduct interviews with leading Armenian political parties on their policy positions, monitor local media for disinformation and conduct trainings on fact-checking for local journalists in two cities.

Democracy, Security, and Foreign Policy

The Armenian Institute of International and Security Affairs


To promote informed public debate about Armenian foreign and security policy. The institute will produce analytical articles, host roundtable discussions, conduct trainings, and organize forums designed to promote development of a united policy agenda anchored in shared democratic values. The project will increase the availability of objective information on the importance of Euro-Atlantic integration and the interrelationship of domestic and foreign policy.

Independent Journalists’ Network


To provide news and analysis of Armenian current events on its website. The organization will produce daily news and analysis, including video reporting, as well as talk shows and in-depth video investigations on political and human rights topics. The grantee will provide analysis of key political developments, reforms, and problems facing the new government.

EVN Report

EVN News Foundation


To promote debate and discussion on current events in Armenia. The organization will publish articles on recent events and on the key social and political issues in the country. Its Armenian- and English-language coverage will provide domestic audience and international observers with objective analysis of the challenges Armenia faces in its democratic development.

EVN Report

EVN News Foundation

Supplement: $7,700

To promote debate and discussion on current events in Armenia. The organization will publish articles on recent events and on the key social and political issues in the country. Its Armenian- and English-language coverage will provide the domestic audience and international observers with objective analysis of the challenges Armenia faces in its democratic development.

Human Rights Monitoring and Advocacy

Helsinki Association


To monitor human rights in Armenia and promote public understanding of human rights violations. The organization will provide legal aid, monitor trials, and conduct strategic litigation. The grantee will produce an online interview program to raise awareness of human rights issues within the country. The organization will also work with members of the Armenian parliament to improve the work of the prosecutor, and host a roundtable at the conclusion of the project on rule of law and human rights issues within Armenia.

Independent News Website

Investigative Journalists NGO


To maintain a daily online news portal and to produce journalistic investigations on important current events topics. Articles will be published in Armenian, Russian, and English and will focus on political and economic developments as well as ongoing reform processes in Armenia. During this two-year program, the partner’s investigative team will focus on issues of political and social relevance in addition to its regular news coverage.

Militarism: a Disinformation Narrative in Armenian Society

Socioscope Societal Research and Consultancy Center


To protect the Armenian information space against malign influence from authoritarian actors. The grantee will research public statements about the Nagorno Karabakh conflict to analyze how foreign and local authoritarian actors seek to employ militarist positions to frighten the population and manipulate public opinion. To enhance public debate of this controversial topic, the organization will conduct monitoring, write articles, hold small workshops and a final conference. The articles will also be shared online and compiled into a book.

Political Cartoons

Umbrella Journalists’ International Network NGO


To promote discussion about current affairs through political satire. The organization will publish political cartoons on relevant political and current events topics on its website. The organization will promote balanced political debate of the post-revolutionary government’s reform agenda through its reporting. Materials from this project will be distributed using web and social media platforms.

Political Party Development

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To provide youth with meaningful opportunities to contribute to political parties’ development and growth, the institute will prepare young party master trainers to provide core organizing, issue identification, and communications skills to party activists. More than 500 activists from five parties will have the skills to address party priorities in a variety of areas, including communications, outreach, and member recruitment.

Promoting Government Accountability

Ecological Right, NGO


To promote government accountability in Armenia’s mining sector. The organization will seek to reduce corruption and to increase public participation by contributing to reform of the environmental impact assessment process. The grantee will conduct analysis of the environmental impact assessment process and use its findings to advocate for transparent and participatory review process.

Promoting Government Accountability

Veles NGO


To promote government accountability and access to justice in Armenia. The grantee will monitor instances of official misconduct, provide legal support to victims of crimes perpetrated by government officials, and produce informational materials on legal recourse in cases of rights violations. The organization will also undertake strategic litigation on four cases in domestic courts, produce reports on cases involving government officials’ abuse of power for public dissemination, create a blog documenting instances of corruption in Armenia, and host press conferences to announce the program’s findings.

Promoting Media Accountability

Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression


To promote transparency of ownership of Armenian media, and to monitor and protect freedom of the media.  The organization will work with a group of experts to develop legislative proposals for new laws governing transparency of funding and beneficial ownership in the media, and advocate for the adoption of these policies.  In addition, the organization will continue to monitor the implementation of new legislation after it is adopted, and any ongoing violations of journalists’ rights.

Public Debate on Foreign Policy

Union of Informed Citizens Consulting Non-Governmental Organization


To promote informed public debate on Armenian foreign policy. The grantee will analyze Armenia’s economic and security situation, including the overlooked implications of the Eurasian Economic Union on Armenia’s democratic development and geopolitical security. The organization will conduct research and produce articles and videos conduct fact-checking, hold public discussions on the importance of transparency in foreign policy, and host three three-day seminars with journalists..  In addition, the organization will commission a poll on media literacy and public opinion to examine the influence of disinformation.

Regional Broadcasting on Local Governance Issues

Progress of Gyumri Civil Society Development Center


To promote the accountability of local government officials and Members of Parliament representing Gyumri. The organization will monitor government performance and create opportunities for dialogue between government representatives and the public. The grantee will encourage civic engagement through trainings in journalism and participatory monitoring.

Supporting Independent Reporting

Meltex Ltd.


To promote public discussion of current events and political developments in Armenia. The organization will produce news reports and talk shows to analyze some of the key challenges facing Armenian society. The grantee will also conduct journalism trainings to encourage impartial reporting and to raise the level of professionalism in the media.

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