“The Analyticon” Monthly Journal

Public Agenda


To promote public discussion of current events in the South Caucasus. The organization will publish a monthly scholarly journal on political, social, and economic developments in Nagorno Karabakh, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. The grantee will organize 18 online discussions on social media to facilitate discussion among its readers on the topics covered in each edition of the journal.

Advocating for Media Reforms

Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression


To advocate for media reform, and to monitor and protect freedom of the media. The organization will work with a group of experts to develop and advocate for legislative proposals for new laws governing media transparency, freedom of speech issues, and broadcast licensing, among others. The organization will continue to monitor the implementation of new legislation after it is adopted. Additionally, the organization will produce legal analyses of high-profile court cases involving free speech issues and monitor any violations of journalists’ rights.

Aliq Armenia

Aliq Armenia


To provide citizens of Armenia with unbiased news and information, as well as high quality analytical and documentary content. The organization will broadcast daily news programming online using its website and social media, and issue regular feature pieces focusing on Armenia’s ongoing reform processes, and pressing social issues such as the environment, youth issues and civic education.

Aravot Daily

Aravot Daily


To increase the reach of reliable information about current events and political developments in Armenia. The organization will publish balanced, high-quality news coverage of current events, analytical articles, interviews, and news from four regions in Armenia. The organization will actively expand its social media presence to reach a broader audience and will translate select content into Russian and English. All content will be published on the grantee’s website and on its social media pages.

Building National Youth Networks

Restart Scientific Educational Charitable Foundation


To improve the capacity of regional youth groups to engage in civic and political activism and to build a national network of civically minded youth. The organization will train and mentor regional youth groups as they design small projects that address local issues. The organization will also conduct study visits to Yerevan for students from regional high schools to connect with politically active youth and learn about the importance of civic activism.

Building Trade Union Capacity on Core Union Functions

Solidarity Center (SC)


To support the development of a democratic trade union movement that works with civil society to defend internationally recognized worker rights in Armenia, the center will provide capacity-building training on core union functions and support coalition building with broader civil society. The center will help unions implement strategic plans to engage and represent workers and conduct local campaigns on worker health and safety. The center will complement these campaigns with legal research and recommendations to advocate for stronger worker health and safety standards in Armenia.

Civil Society for Better Governance

Armenian Research Center in Humanities


To improve the capacity of Armenian civil society, particularly new movements and organizations outside of Yerevan, to contribute to local and national policy discussions, and to more effectively respond to and represent the needs of their communities.  The grantee will hold a series of trainings for young activists and NGO leaders, hold roundtable discussions to bring stakeholders together, and train young researchers on methods for incorporating their work into civil society projects.

Combatting Foreign Policy Myths

Boon Scientific-Cultural Foundation


To present an accurate picture of current global affairs, their impact on Armenia, and Armenia’s geopolitical role through a series of televised and online lectures and in-person discussions. The organization will prepare a lecture series on topics that have been employed to support common disinformation narratives, such as threats to national security and attacks on traditional values.

Countering Misinformation about Armenia

Analytical Center on Globalization and Regional Cooperation


To promote a better understanding of Armenian politics and policy positions inside the country and internationally, and to increase the availability of information on citizen demands. The organization will hold two study visits for independent journalists from Russia to meet with Armenian politicians and civil society. The organization will conduct analytical research and polling on the Armenian government’s response to disinformation campaigns and make policy recommendations based on their findings.

Democracy, Security, and Foreign Policy

The Armenian Institute of International and Security Affairs


To increase the capacity of members of parliament and their staff and to promote informed public debate about Armenian foreign and security policy. The organization will host consultations, trainings, and webinars for members of parliament and their staff, and will sponsor parliamentary fellowships. The organization will likewise produce analytical articles, host roundtable discussions, conduct trainings, and organize forums designed to promote the development of a policy agenda anchored in shared democratic values.

Empowering Citizens Through Independent Media

EVN News Foundation


To promote debate and discussion on current events in Armenia. The organization will publish articles on recent events and on the key social and political issues in the country. Its Armenian- and English-language coverage will provide the domestic audience and international observers with objective analysis of the challenges Armenia faces in its democratic development.

Empowering The Private Sector To Support Democratic Transition

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To enhance the role of Armenian business membership organizations in public policy decision-making, and to improve understanding of and strengthen support for anti-corruption compliance standards within the Armenian business community. The organization will support business membership organizations to strengthen their organizational capacity, develop advocacy plans, and release a national survey and policy outlook, and will support anti-corruption collective action initiatives and anti-corruption compliance training.

Independent Journalists’ Network


To provide analysis of current events and systemic issues in Armenia. The organization will produce daily news and analytical coverage of political and human rights topics. The grantee will provide independent analysis of key political developments, reforms, and challenges facing the government. It will also report on subjects that often go unreported or that are subjects of disinformation by mainstream media.

Everything is Political

Political Dialogue NGO


To foster productive discussions between civil society and government officials, and to raise public awareness of the political nature of reforms in Armenia. The organization will conduct a series of off the record discussions with representatives of civil society and the government, focusing on ongoing reform processes, and record a podcast series with invited experts to discuss the political processes underlying reforms.

Half-Life of Independence

Factum NGO


To promote understanding of Armenia’s totalitarian past in the late Soviet Union, and to promote discussion of Armenia’s continued democratic development.  As part of the project, the organization will produce 16 15-minute long films, featuring interviews with Armenians who lived half their lives in the Soviet Union, and half in independent Armenia. The films will be broadcast online, on television and at discussions in the three largest cities in the country.

Improving Government Communications

Socioscope Societal Research and Consultancy Center


To improve the capacity of the Armenian government to communicate about their reform efforts, particularly in the area of human rights and public health, and to counter common disinformation myths.  The partner will create a package of recommendations for government officials on messaging and media consumption patterns, which will be shared in a series of meetings with decision-makers online and, pandemic circumstances permitting, at a series of roundtables.

Increasing Oversight of the Security Services

Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly – Vanadzor


To promote increased oversight of the Armenian National Security Service. The organization will engage civil society and independent experts in formulating policy recommendations to create mechanisms for greater oversight of the intelligence services. It will present its research to government stakeholders and advocate for implementation of its recommendations by the National Assembly and government agencies.

Independent News Website

Investigative Journalists NGO


To maintain a daily online news portal and to produce journalistic investigations on important current events topics. Articles will be published in Armenian, Russian, and English and will focus on political and economic developments as well as ongoing reform processes in Armenia. During this two-year program, the partner’s investigative team will focus on issues of political and social relevance in addition to its regular news coverage.

Infocom News Aggregator

Information Committee Informational Non-Governmental Organisation


To operate a news aggregator that will disseminate or summarize Armenian news articles on the organization’s website and across multiple social platforms in Armenian, Russian, and English. The organization will create online profiles for Armenian individuals and political bodies that will be linked to news stories to provide greater context. The organization will produce original content that will include fact checking, in-depth investigations, and analytical articles on contemporary politics in Armenia.

Journalist Trainings

Civilitas Foundation


To increase the availability of information about current events and to train youth journalists. The organization will create news reports and weekly digests about current events, which will be posted to the organization’s website and to its social media accounts. Young journalists will be trained and will participate in a professional fellowship with the organization’s news studio. 

Judicial Reform and Protection of Human Rights

Helsinki Association


To monitor the state of judicial reform in Armenia and promote awareness of human rights violations. The grantee will prepare recommendations to inform the reform process. It will also produce an online interview program to raise awareness of human rights issues within the country and structural issues in the judiciary.

Online Political Talk Shows

Factor Information Center NGO


To encourage public discussion of significant reform initiatives and to hold the Armenian government accountable for delivering on its reform promises. The organization will provide impartial, reliable coverage of the status of democratic reforms in Armenia on its online TV channel. It will foster constructive dialogue between experts to inform broader discussion of government policy.

Political Cartoons

Umbrella Journalists’ International Network NGO


To promote discussion about current affairs through political satire. The organization will publish political cartoons on relevant political and current events topics on its website. The organization will promote balanced political debate of the post-revolutionary government’s reform agenda through its reporting. Materials from this project will be distributed using web and social media platforms.

Promoting Government Accountability

Veles NGO


To hold accountable corrupt officials and promote increased demand for continued anti-corruption reform and restitution in Armenia. The grantee will monitor instances of official misconduct, provide legal support to victims of crimes perpetrated by government officials, and create a weekly online TV program that discusses instances of corruption in Armenia. The organization will litigate ongoing corruption cases and initiate others, produce investigative reports, and host press conferences.

Promoting Judicial Reform

Protection of Rights Without Borders


To promote judicial reform in Armenia. The grantee will organize a training on administrative justice, conduct trial monitoring in administrative courts, and provide legal assistance to Armenian citizens dealing with public administration and administrative justice. At the conclusion of the program, the organization will compile a package of reforms on administrative justice, which is a priority issue for Armenia’s new government.  

Public Debate on Foreign Policy and Democratic Reforms

Union of Informed Citizens Consulting Non-Governmental Organization


To promote informed public debate on Armenian foreign policy. The organization will publish a series of articles and video pieces on Armenian foreign policy, particularly its relationship to Russia. In addition, the organization will hold trainings for journalists and public discussions in Yerevan. Finally, the organization will conduct a series of advocacy events to improve ongoing efforts to reform the Armenian police and constitution.

Reforming Student Institutions

Restart Gyumri


To reform student institutions in Shirak region. The organization will conduct research, interviews, and focus groups to develop a proposal for reforming student councils and submit it to the Ministry of Education for consideration during upcoming national education reform. The organization will monitor the activities of a university student council and administration to increase accountability during the research process. The organization will create a student-run platform to raise awareness of student and youth issues, including the abuse of university resources and undue political influence on campus.

Regional Broadcasting on Local Governance Issues

Progress of Gyumri Civil Society Development Center


To promote the accountability of local government officials and Members of Parliament representing Gyumri. The organization will monitor government performance and create opportunities for dialogue between government representatives and the public. The grantee will encourage civic engagement through trainings in journalism and participatory monitoring.

Strengthening Party Participation in Elections 2020

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To support political party strengthening and organizing around elections.  The organization will train a core group of party youth representing up to eight political parties in Armenia to become campaign managers. Activities will include a series of workshops, individual party consultations, and a concluding campaign clinic. By the end of the program, approximately 50 party youth will have the skills to plan and manage democratic, citizen-oriented electoral campaigns.

Supporting Independent Reporting

Meltex Ltd.


To promote public discussion of current events and political developments in Armenia. The organization will produce news reports and talk shows to analyze some of the key challenges facing Armenian society. The grantee will also conduct journalism trainings to encourage impartial reporting and to raise the level of professionalism in the media. The organization will likewise increase the amount and variety of high-quality video content that will ultimately contribute to a 24-hour Internet broadcasting service.