Analyzing Democratic Challenges

Georgian Institute of Politics


To investigate the causes of political polarization in Georgia. The organization will examine declining trust in political parties and the media, rising populism, and the influence of these trends on Georgian democratic development. To present its research findings and discuss mitigation strategies, it will publish policy briefs and hold local and international conferences.

Civic Education for Religious Educators

Center for Development and Democracy


To engage with educators in religious education institutions in Georgia to increase their capacity to teach civics and to talk with students about Georgia’s democratic development. As part of the project, the grantee will conduct four trainings for civic educators working in religious schools, focusing on democracy, human rights, and Georgia’s European and Euro-Atlantic integration.

United Nations Association of Georgia


To maintain the daily news website Articles will be published in English, Georgian, and Russian and will provide up-to-date daily news reports and in-depth analysis of current events in Georgia. Under this program, the organization’s reporters will continue to increase the number of short news pieces posted on the site daily and will diversify the website’s content to include additional investigations and analysis.  

Community Radio and Civic Engagement in Samtskhe-Javakheti

TV and Radio Association “Radio Nor”


To promote civic participation in Samtskhe-Javakheti through its Ninotsminda-based, Armenian-language community radio station. The organization will continue its FM broadcast, providing local and national news updates, and encourage civic engagement by soliciting contributions and commentary from community members and by training young people to become citizen journalists. The grantee will provide a credible, professional source of local news and speak to the advantages of Georgia’s democratization and its path toward Euro-Atlantic integration.

Community Radio in Kvemo Kartli

Union of Journalists Voice of People


To promote civic participation in Kvemo Kartli through its Marneuli-based community radio station. The organization will be a reliable source of information on local and national political developments for members of ethnic minorities in their local language. The grantee will encourage civic engagement by soliciting contributions and commentary from community members and by encouraging voter participation in the upcoming presidential election.

Defending Minority Rights

Women’s Initiatives Supporting Group


To promote access to justice for victims of hate crimes and to foster broader social support for marginalized individuals. The organization will work with peer educators to respond to victims’ allegations, promote understanding and reporting of hate crimes, and provide legal defense to victims. In addition, the organization will hold community meetings to promote dialogue and build support for marginalized community members.

Developing Civil Society in Ethnic Minority Regions

Public Movement Multinational Georgia


To strengthen civil society in ethnic minority regions of Georgia. The grantee will operate NGO resource centers in Akhalkalaki and Marneuli, conduct civic education activities on European integration and election monitoring, and organize study tours to Tbilisi to educate local civil society and business leaders on the European Union Association Agreement.

Developing Cooperative Local Policy Agendas

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To help Georgian political parties effectively interface with newly formed local councils (sakrebulos) and more effectively propose region-specific policy solutions. The institute will work with local and regional stakeholders to bridge the gap between regional party leadership and sakrebulos.  The institute will focus on one or two regions to focus intensely on the development of cooperative local policy agendas.

Developing Georgian Independent Media

Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics


To monitor Georgian media outlets for violations of professional and ethical standards and to train journalism students to comply with these standards. The organization will monitor Georgian media outlets and publish critiques of unprofessional and unethical reporting on the platform The organization’s media school will conduct trainings for young journalists to conduct in-depth reporting in a professional manner.

Encouraging Public Policy Discussions

Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies


To increase the capacity of two key groups—members of the Georgian Orthodox Church, and youth members of political parties—to support Georgia’s democratic development. The organization will conduct a series of trainings and discussions with selected representatives from both communities to raise their awareness of key issues and to support their productive engagement.

Georgia’s Reforms Associates


To promote the accountability of public officials in Georgia. The organization will fact-check government officials’ statements during the spring and fall sessions of parliament. The organization will also monitor local and national media outlets during both parliamentary sessions and during the post-election period. With Endowment support, the grantee will publish national articles for its website, produce articles debunking anti-Western propaganda, and prepare weekly briefs.

Government Oversight and Civic Engagement in Javakheti

NGO Open Borders


To promote citizen oversight of local government in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region of Georgia. The organization will cover local governance issues and other news from Samtskhe-Javakheti, as well as national news, particularly developments affecting Georgia’s Armenian minority population. The news site will include multimedia and investigative journalism, and the organization will solicit and disseminate news submissions from citizen journalists.

Improving Access to Local Information

Kakhetis Khma (Voice of Kakheti) Media House


To increase awareness of issues facing the Kakheti region of eastern Georgia. The grantee will maintain and develop its print and online news portal, with a focus on news and reporting from rural communities in the Kakheti region. The organization will also continue to train young journalists and produce analytical articles and accompanying multimedia pieces on local and national issues, which will be published in both the print and online editions of the newspaper.

Independent News in Samtskhe-Javakheti

The Union Southern Gates


To develop independent media in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region. The grantee will produce multimedia and video news reports on a daily basis for its website, The grantee will also host radio and online talk shows, publish analytical and news articles, and continue its citizen journalism training program to increase the capacity for local news reporting. Under this program, a particular emphasis will be placed on covering the presidential elections.

Investigative Journalism

Studio Monitor


To strengthen government accountability by producing investigative documentaries. The award-winning team of investigative journalists will create in-depth exposés on problems in Georgian society that are often overlooked by other media outlets. The programs will present detailed, objective material on significant political issues, including cases involving institutionalized corruption, human rights violations, and wasteful government expenditures.

Kutaisi Post

Center of Independent Journalists


To support local news and citizen engagement in the Imereti region of Georgia. The organization will continue to operate their online news portal, including content on Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration, monitoring of Parliament’s activities, political talk shows, and regular news updates. The grantee will support a group of young journalists in order to increase civic activity among youth. Particular attention will be given to coverage of local issues and drawing connections between those issues and potential policy responses.

Legal Aid and Human Rights Monitoring

Human Rights Center


To improve human rights practices in Georgia. The organization will monitor and report on human rights, provide free legal aid, and support the activities of two regional human rights centers. The organization will conduct human rights advocacy and will submit reports to international organizations. Finally, the organization will produce a documentary film on the 2018 presidential election with a focus on possible violations.

Liberali LLC


To increase the availability of high-quality, independent journalism in Georgia. The organization will produce content for its news website, which will contain daily news updates, analytical articles, opinion pieces, and multimedia features. The organization’s strategic focus will be on increasing government accountability and furthering democratic development in Georgia through coverage of human rights, issues affecting minorities, women’s rights, and public policy processes.

Monitoring the Presidential Election

Georgian Young Lawyers Association


To monitor the October 2018 presidential election in Georgia. The organization will hire and train short-term observers to conduct election day monitoring throughout the country. The organization will establish a hotline to record complaints, track alleged violations in a database, and issue an election report on the findings of its observers.

NGO Engagement on Electoral Reforms

International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy


To improve the Georgian electoral code for national and local elections by advocating for increased civil society input, conducting research, and providing policy suggestions for reform.  As part of this project, the organization will produce and present three policy briefs, focusing on changes to the national electoral system, suggested changes in the local electoral system, and the rules governing the composition of the electoral administration.

Online Armenian-language News Service

Aliq Media


To produce daily Armenian-language radio coverage of political, economic, and social developments in Georgia. The organization will produce video content, daily online news coverage, and blogs, in addition to operating an Internet radio station. This project will help to provide objective news and information to a community that may otherwise be reliant on Russian-language sources.

Pre-Election Observation

International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy


To support a free and fair presidential election in Georgia. The organization will recruit and train 70 long-term observers (LTOs) to be deployed throughout the country. LTOs will monitor and document the work of the election administration, the registration of candidates, the composition of lists of voters, and the use of administrative resources or other attempts to distort the process. In addition, the organization will conduct parallel vote tabulation on election day to ensure that the official vote count accurately reflects the will of the electorate.

Promoting Accountability in Local Self-Government

Innovation and Civil Development Center – Progress House


To promote accountable local self-government administration in Georgia. The organization will assess the impact on local government performance of changes to the self-governing status of four cities, sharing its findings through a series of infographics, presentations, and television broadcasts. The grantee will also publish infographics on the performance of self-government in the three municipalities of the Guria region and conduct trainings and student discussions to promote citizen engagement with self-government bodies.

Promoting Accountability of Government Officials

Journalistic Data Processing Centre


To promote accountability of Georgian government officials. The center will monitor the business activities of Georgian parliamentarians, cabinet ministers, judges, and the Tbilisi city mayor’s office by analyzing their public asset declarations. The website,, will feature original journalistic investigations and provide a user-friendly search field that will make available information on these officials more accessible to Georgian journalists and the public.

Promoting Democratic Ideas and Values in Adjara

Independent Journalists’ House


To promote democratic ideas and values among youth in the Adjara Autonomous Republic of Georgia. The organization will host a series of discussions on democracy and human rights in Adjara, which will be available for viewers online and adapted into newspaper articles. It will organize an additional 30 discussions on democratic values in rural public schools in the region, and work with youth volunteers to produce 12 video programs including news items, talk show features, and analytical pieces about local issues in rural areas of Adjara.

Reporting on Abkhazia and South Ossetia

Journalists for Future – A South-East European Partnership Initiative


To promote public discussion of current events in the breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The organization will maintain a trilingual Georgian, Russian, and English news webpage, providing in-depth analysis of political, social, and economic developments within each region. At the end of the program, the grantee will host a conference in Tbilisi to summarize the key findings of its work.

Researching Foreign Ownership in Georgia

Investigative Journalists’ Team iFact


To examine how foreign investment from Turkey, Russia, and Azerbaijan impacts the economic and political environment in Georgia. The grantee will conduct investigative journalism to reveal how financial ties with authoritarian countries act as soft power mechanisms and the extent to which they influence Georgia’s democratic development and policy. The grantee will also publicize instances of corruption, conflicts of interest, and other illegal operations uncovered by the research.

Strengthening Pluralism And Accountability At The Local Level

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To strengthen local transparency and accountability. The institute will promote dialogue among political parties, municipalities, civic groups, and media to broaden debate and policy discussions on local issues. The institute will support local governments in employing new participatory policy-making practices that facilitate consideration of majority and minority views, while strengthening capacities of civil society and media to identify community issues and improve oversight.

Supporting Farmers’ Participation in the Political Process

The Trade Union of Farmers and Agricultural Workers of Georgia


To promote the civic participation of farmers and agricultural workers in Georgia. The grantee will hold meetings for their members with government officials to promote dialogue between farmers and the government. It will also develop and advocate for new legislation concerning farmers in Georgia, particularly related to property rights and the land registration process.

Televised Talk Show

Association “Studio Re”


To increase the availability of objective information on key policy issues in Georgia. The organization will produce analytical talk shows that will be broadcast throughout the country to inform the public of diverse viewpoints, including those of Georgia’s rural population and members of ethnic minority groups. The programs will provide an important forum for balanced and informed public debate on the most pressing issues in Georgian politics.

Youth and Democratic Values

American-Georgian Initiative for Liberal Education


To develop the analytical skills and political and civic consciousness of Georgian youth. The organization will conduct public events with university students in Tbilisi and six regional cities on democracy-related topics, and host private meetings with members of political parties. The organization will also conduct a workshop for youth activists and political party members from throughout the country to encourage youth involvement in the 2018 presidential election.

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