Defending Human Rights

Committee on Monitoring Penal Reform and Human Rights


To monitor and analyze the use of extremism and terrorism legislation in Kazakhstan for adherence to domestic and international human rights standards. The organization will monitor the treatment of prisoners sentenced under extremism and terrorism charges and offer free legal aid as needed; conduct trainings for prison, police, and security service officials on human rights and anti-torture legislation and practices; and raise public awareness through analytical articles, press conferences, and advocacy campaigns.

Defending Human Rights

Kazakhstan International Bureau of Human Rights and Rule of Law


To promote and defend human rights in Kazakhstan. The organization will provide free quality legal aid to activists, journalists, and civil society representatives who are facing persecution for their public activities. They will also provide independent expert analysis for use in legal proceedings, and monitor court proceedings to assess their compliance with international standards. Based on these cases, at least five complaints will be prepared and submitted to the UN Human Rights Committee.

Encouraging Public Participation

Ecological Society “Green Salvation”


To promote civic activism and access to justice in Kazakhstan. The organization will obtain and analyze information about environmental hazards, carry out monitoring of environmentally protected areas, provide legal counsel to citizens, and help individuals and community organizations take cases to domestic and international courts. The organization will publicize its findings online and through reports.

Human Rights Monitoring

Public Foundation “Ar Rukh Khak”


To defend human rights in Kazakhstan. The organization will compile, verify, and publicize a comprehensive list of individuals who have been persecuted on political or religious grounds in Kazakhstan. The organization will also monitor the conditions of such prisoners’ detention and assist them with the preparation of complaints and appeals, as needed.

Independent Video News Discussion and Commentary

Independent Information Agency Politon


To promote the availability of an independent source of national news coverage and independent commentary. The organization will produce and broadcast weekly videos with analysis of current events and significant political and social issues in Kazakhstan and the region. The organization will broadcast its video programs live on YouTube and other social media accounts.

Legal Support for Regional Media

National Association of TV and Radio Broadcasters of Kazakhstan


To promote the professional development of regional media and encourage the media’s continued editorial independence. The association will provide legal consultations and, when necessary, representation in court; conduct on-site legal and financial audits of media outlets; advocate for increased media freedom; and organize training seminars in the regions.

Promoting and Defending Civil Society

International Legal Initiative Public Foundation


To promote the freedom of association in Kazakhstan and provide legal assistance to civil society organizations and activists. The organization will monitor potential threats and restrictions to independent civil society activity in the country and provide legal aid in cases deemed to be of strategic importance. They will actively disseminate timely information on emerging threats and violations to international organizations. The information produced by the organization’s monitoring will also be published in reports that analyze the current state of civil society in the country.

Promoting and Defending Media Freedom

International Foundation for Protection of Freedom of Speech “Adil Soz”


To promote the development of freedom of speech and independent media in Kazakhstan. The organization will monitor violations against journalists and media outlets, and publicize its findings through monthly, quarterly, and biannual reports. The organization will provide legal assistance to journalists, bloggers, and media outlets whose rights have been violated and conduct public campaigns in defense of media freedoms.

Promoting Independent Media

Uralskaya Nedelya


To promote access to objective, accurate, and timely information about current affairs and politics in Kazakhstan. Breaking news about social and political developments will be published. Videos about current developments will be produced.

School of Human Rights

Youth Information Service of Kazakhstan


To promote the professional development of young human rights activists in Kazakhstan. The organization will conduct introductory seminars for young human rights activists in six regions of Kazakhstan on the basics of human rights, civic activism, and national and international human rights legislation. The organization will then conduct an advanced training seminar and a school of civic activism. Select participants will implement human rights initiatives and campaigns in their respective regions.

Supporting Independent Media

CA Analysis & Research Center Limited


To support the publication of news and analysis on the political, social, and economic situation in Kazakhstan. A new website will be maintained. Investigations, multimedia, analysis, and long-form content will be produced.

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