Regional: Eurasia 2017

Civil Society Dialogue

NGO Strengthening


To encourage collaboration among civil society organizations and to promote discussion of common issues and challenges. An event designed to promote dialogue on topics of joint concern between civil society organizations in the Eurasia region will be organized and hosted.


Convening Election Monitoring Activists To Discuss Strategies For Countering Disinformation

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)



To share best practices in combating strategic disinformation during the electoral period. The organization will convene representatives of election monitoring groups in Eurasia and Central Europe, as well as other watchdog groups working specifically on mitigating disinformation, to share lessons learned and best practices, particularly around elections.


Defending Internet Freedom

Democratic Ideas and Values



To promote internet freedom in Eurasia. Participation of Eurasian activists in international events, conferences, and meetings will be encouraged.  


Enhancing Independent Video Journalism

Freedom of Information


To reduce the influence of disinformation and propaganda narratives. The project will strengthen the video reporting and production capacities of independent journalists through trainings and mentorship. Regional and global networks connecting independent Russian-language journalists with one another and with the international media community will be fostered.


Delivering Trade Union Education and Expanding Space For Democracy

Solidarity Center (SC)


To expand the capacity of organizations to conduct training for freedom of association and social policy advocacy. The organization will support training on organizing, collective bargaining, health and safety, gender empowerment, and strategic planning to ensure observance of international labor rights.


European Network of Election Monitoring Organizations

International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy


To support election observation in Europe and Eurasia. The project will support the work of the European Network of Election Monitoring Organizations (ENEMO). Member organizations will work to increase the response capacity of ENEMO by training long-term election observers, who will then be accredited to work in future ENEMO monitoring missions. The organization will also hold a General Assembly meeting of the ENEMO secretariat.


Expanding Access to Information in Eurasia

EurasiaNet Inc.


To increase the availability of objective news and information on developments in Eurasia for local and international audiences. The organization will continue to develop the “New Voices” rubric, as well as launch a new “Monitoring Soft Power” initiative. For both areas of work, a “Sustainability and Standards” program will provide ongoing training and support to a growing network of expert and academic contributors in order to strengthen their communication and security skills. 


Innovative Digital Tools for Civil Society

NGO Strengthening


To improve the ability of civil society actors in repressive environments to utilize a free and open internet in their work through the use of new digital tools and research techniques.  A series of workshops will be organized on the use of innovative methods to find, verify, and analyze information online as well as on the best security practices to counter emerging digital threats.


Lawyers’ Support

Human Rights


To improve the capacity of lawyers from Eurasia and to enable them to advocate for better protection of human rights in their countries. Training and capacity-building support will be provided to lawyers specializing in human rights cases on an ongoing basis.


Maintaining the Integrity of Information Space

Freedom of Information


To foster access to quality independent information on developments in Central Asia. Project activities will be aimed at providing an alternative, independent, and unbiased narrative of developments in Central Asia to regional and international audiences. An online news outlet will be operated covering local political, social, and economic issues in the region. Original content developed by a network of regional contributors will be published, as well as aggregate news on national and international stories relevant to Central Asian audiences.


Pop-Up Newsroom

Freedom of Information


To bring together Western and Eurasian journalists to produce joint in-depth, investigative reporting on some of the key themes underlying the current Russian disinformation campaign. A team of freelance Western journalists and journalists from Eurasian media outlets will develop stories on how disinformation is impacting their societies. These articles will be published simultaneously by participating media organizations.


Promoting Freedom of Association

Freedom of Association


To promote freedom of association in Eurasia. Project activities will include trainings and consultations aimed at improving the ability of civil society to continue operating throughout the region.


Promoting Human Rights Education

Human Rights


To raise awareness of human rights issues among ethnic groups in the South Caucuses.  Project activities will include a series of informational meetings, human rights education trainings, and a human rights education radio program. Key recommendations will also be shared on the further promotion of human rights education.


Promoting Media Literacy among Youth in Central Asia

International Debate Education Association in Central Asia


To promote media literacy and responsible journalism among Central Asian youth. The grantee will conduct a two-week residential camp for youth on media analysis, ethical journalism, and policy debate and advocacy. Following the camp, participants will organize a series of public events, including discussions, debates, and workshops, and produce traditional and visual media products. 


Promoting Quality Analysis

Freedom of Information


To promote access to quality analysis on political, economic, and social issues in Eurasia. A multimedia news site will feature articles, video talk shows, and analysis by experts from a variety of policy areas.


Promoting Transparency and Accountability

Rule of Law


To promote judicial transparency and accountability. Roundtables will raise public officials’ and civil society’s awareness on reducing corruption risks in the justice system. A series of multimedia content will also be produced covering access to justice and corruption issues.


Protecting Freedom of Expression

Freedom of Information


To enhance the legal security of journalists and the capacity of lawyers working to defend freedom of expression. The capacity of media lawyers to advise and defend their clients successfully will be increased, and awareness of these issues will be raised at both the national and international levels.


Protecting Freedom of Expression in Internet Governance Bodies

Freedom of Information


To protect and promote freedom of expression, security, and privacy on the internet. The project will facilitate increased engagement by democratic activists within key international internet governance standards bodies and processes.


Reasserting Democratic Values in the Post-Soviet Space

The Atlantic Council


To foster high-level dialogue between civil society in Eurasia and Western policymakers on the future of the transatlantic consensus and the role for Eurasian countries within it. The organization will hold a series of roundtable discussions for leading civil society activists from several post-Soviet countries.


Regional Debates and Civil Hearings

Democratic Ideas and Values


To promote debate on the challenges and opportunities facing democratization in the South Caucasus. Three international events and three local hearings will be organized with participation from regional experts.


Regional Journalism and Reconciliation

GO Group Media


To provide accurate, engaging reporting about conflicts in the South Caucasus, promoting regional reconciliation and freedom of information. The organization will train 15 professional and citizen journalists from the South Caucasus to report on conflicts in an ethical, engaging, and sensitive manner. Groups of journalists will produce a series of individual and joint video and print stories covering the human costs of conflict and other topics.


Scholars’ Network

Center for Social Sciences


To invigorate policy thinking in the transatlantic space, especially among the aspirant states of Eurasia. The center will develop a network of scholars who will meet in Tbilisi, Georgia, and who will produce articles, blog posts, policy papers, and other publications promoting liberal democratic reforms and continued Euro-Atlantic integration.


Strengthening Unions in Kyrgyzstan and Monitoring Worker Rights Violations in Central Asia

Solidarity Center (SC)


To strengthen the capacity of Kyrgyz trade unions to recruit and educate new members and advocate for protecting occupational safety and health, as well as strengthen protections for Kyrgyz migrant workers and raise their awareness of the migration process. The center will also promote freedom of association and other core worker rights in Kazakhstan and enable civil society organizations to utilize the International Labor Organization’s mechanisms.


Supporting a Network of Independent Journalists

Freedom of Information


To support freedom of information in the region and to increase the capacity of media organizations working to create content and strategies to maximize their social media presence. Two websites will provide access to news, analysis and short-form video pieces, which will be shared with a network of media outlets.


Supporting Activists at Risk

Human Rights


To provide humanitarian and legal support for human rights activists, journalists, and activists. Activities will include providing aid to political emigrants, organizing workshops on relevant topics, and offering legal assistance. 


Supporting Civil Society in Central Asia

The Norwegian Helsinki Committee


To promote civic activism and strengthen the capacity of nongovernmental organizations in Central Asia. The organization will conduct a small grants program for local civic initiatives focusing on human rights, freedom of assembly, and freedom of expression. The grantee will prioritize youth NGOs and young activists in order to encourage their participation in decision-making processes, human rights campaigns, and civic life.


Supporting Civil Society in Central Asia

The Norwegian Helsinki Committee

Supplement: $49,100

To promote civic activism and strengthen the capacity of nongovernmental organizations in Central Asia. The organization will conduct a small grants program for local civic initiatives focusing on human rights, freedom of assembly, and freedom of expression. The grantee will prioritize youth NGOs and young activists in order to encourage their participation in decision-making processes, human rights campaigns, and civic life.


Supporting Data Journalism

Freedom of Information


To support the foundation of a network of data-driven, analytical journalism in Eurasia, and to create a network of trained data journalists who can effectively incorporate sophisticated data analysis and visualization work into independent, journalistic reporting. A series of trainings, seminars and practicums, including two residential trainings, will be held.


Supporting Digital Security for Civil Society

NGO Strengthening


To develop innovative approaches to providing effective digital security support to democrats at risk and civil society organizations operating in repressive environments. The digital operational security of civil society actors and organizations in Eurasia will be improved through trainings that increase the technical expertise within NGOs. Networks and mentoring relationships between regional security experts and civil society actors will be fostered.


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