Countering Digital Censorship

Freedom of Information


To protect, expand, and improve the public’s access to independent sources of information and to reduce the influence of disinformation and propaganda narratives by expanding the reach of independent media outlets, journalists, and analysts. The adoption of innovative new technology to counter censorship by independent media outlets will be supported.

Countering Transborder Corruption

University of Ulster


To increase the effectiveness of activists working to combat transborder corruption. The organization will research and collect data on the symbiotic relationship between kleptocracy and forced labor in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, and the transnational mechanisms in Europe that enable its existence. The grantee will conduct a public awareness campaign, publish an analytical report, policy brief, and short multimedia stories. The grantee will also organize advocacy events to enhance the effectiveness of international and domestic accountability mechanisms.

Defending Human Rights Defenders

Human Rights


To promote freedom of association in Eurasia. Project activities will include trainings and consultations aimed at improving the ability of civil society to continue operating throughout the region. A particular focus of the program will be improving the digital security practices of partner organizations and promoting the development of sustainable institutional structures.

Defending Internet Freedom

Freedom of Information


To promote collaboration between Eurasian internet activists and global technology companies in addressing the accelerating regional crackdown on internet freedom. The increased participation of Eurasian activists in global debates and initiatives aimed at countering the new wave of restrictive laws against internet freedom will be promoted. Expanded engagement with technology companies by a coalition of activists will be facilitated.

Developing Digital Media in Eurasia

Freedom of Information


To promote the development of independent media and to increase the amount of high-quality independent reporting on current events and significant issues available to the Russian-language public. A diverse range of video content, including content tailored for sharing on social media networks, will be produced and regularly published online.

Defending Workers’ Rights


To strengthen the capacity of trade unions. The organization will educate workers and advocate for workers’ rights and workplace safety and health, particularly among vulnerable groups of workers such as youth, informal workers, and migrant workers.  They will also enable independent trade unions and civil society partners to monitor worker rights abuses and utilize international legal and worker rights advocacy mechanisms to press for freedom of association rights.

Engagement for Confidence Building

Levan Mikeladze Foundation


To increase person-to-person contact between communities on both sides of the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict. In order to build trust between communities separated by war and promote reconciliation, the organization will conduct two workshops for participants from Abkhazia and northwestern Georgia; one on opportunities for enhanced business cooperation and one for residents of Abkhazia to participate in educational exchanges.

Enhancing Independent Video Journalism in Eurasia

Freedom of Information


To reduce the influence of disinformation and propaganda narratives. Project activities include supporting the production of video content and strengthening the video reporting and production capacities of independent journalists through training and mentorship. The project will also aim to foster regional and global networks connecting Russian-language journalists with each other and the international media community.

Expanding Access to Information in Eurasia

EurasiaNet Inc.


To increase the availability of objective news and information on developments in Eurasia for local and international audiences. The organization will operate its existing opinion and analytical sections of its website as well as launch a new initiative aimed at covering reform efforts in two former Soviet states, Armenia and Uzbekistan.

Innovative Digital Tools for Civil Society

NGO Strengthening


To improve the ability of civil society actors in repressive environments to utilize a free and open Internet in their work through the use of new digital tools and research techniques. A series of workshops will be organized on the use of innovative methods to find, verify, and analyze information online, and new digital research methods will be developed.

Journalists’ Network

Freedom of Information


To bring together journalists and independent media outlets from throughout Eurasia to create high-quality narrative journalism, focusing on a set of key themes relating to disinformation.  Articles, podcasts, and video pieces on disinformation in Eurasia and beyond will continue to be published. The organization’s network of partners will continue to be developed, and unique content will be produced, which will be released by the entire network.

Monitoring Foreign Economic Influence in Central Asia

Accountability and Governance


To promote research on economic development in Central Asia and foster the establishment of a regional network of civil society able to monitor developments, organize public discussions, and engage in domestic, regional, and international advocacy. Activities include researching economic investment, publishing an analytical report, and organizing a series of meetings and public events.

Promoting Human Rights Education

Human Rights


To raise awareness of human rights issues among the ethnic Georgian and Abkhaz populations in Abkhazia. The organization will coordinate with an Abkhaz partner to conduct human rights education trainings with each population, organize discussions on democracy, produce a human rights education radio program, and share key recommendations on the further promotion of democracy and human rights education in the region.

Promoting Investigative Reporting

Accountability and Governance


To improve the professional capacity of civil society in Central Asia to conduct investigative reporting on local and transnational corruption and to strengthen international anti-kleptocracy initiatives. Project activities include conducting a series of fellowships and trainings for investigative journalists in Central Asia by providing practical experience, mentorship, and networking opportunities. Under the project, it is expected that over 25 short and long-form investigative reports will be published.

Protecting Freedom of Expression in Internet Governance Bodies

Freedom of Information


To protect and promote the freedoms of expression and association. Activities of the project will include efforts to improve the public’s understanding of security and privacy on the internet, foster the engagement of activists within key international governance standards bodies, and facilitate a broad discussion of the impact restrictions of freedom of expression online have on media and civil society development.

Protecting Workers’ Rights


To expand the capacity of organizations to promote respect for freedom of association and conduct social policy advocacy. The organization will support activities that facilitate organizing, collective bargaining, adherence to labor law, improvements to workplace health and safety, gender empowerment, and strategic planning to ensure observance of international labor rights.

Public Opinion Research and Media Support

Democratic Ideas and Values


To measure public opinion, support independent media, and raise awareness of human rights. Surveys on public attitudes regarding a range of domestic and international sociopolitical issues related to human rights and civil liberties will be conducted, analyzed, and published. Objective, independent reporting and analysis on these issues will be solicited and syndicated publicly.

Regional Journalism and Reconciliation

GO Group Media


To provide accurate, engaging reporting about conflicts in the South Caucasus, promoting regional reconciliation and freedom of information. The organization will train 15 professional and citizen journalists from the South Caucasus to report on conflicts in an ethical, engaging, and sensitive manner. Groups of journalists will produce a series of individual and joint video and print stories covering the human costs of conflict and other topics.

Scholars’ Network

Center for Social Sciences


To invigorate policy thinking in the transatlantic space, especially among the aspirant states of Eurasia. The organization will continue develop a network of scholars who will meet in Georgia to discuss issues of democratization. The scholars will produce articles, blog posts, policy papers and other publications promoting liberal democratic reforms and continued Euro-Atlantic integration.

Supporting a Network of Independent Journalists

Freedom of Information


To support freedom of information in the Russian-language information space and to increase the capacity of media organizations working throughout the region to create content and strategies to maximize their social media presence. Video content to be shared on social media and across partner sites will be shared. Project activities also include fostering a network of journalists and improve the outreach and resiliency of outlets, particularly those at risk of being blocked in their home countries.

Supporting Activists at Risk

Human Rights


To provide support to human rights activists at risk. In response to a growing authoritarian crackdown against civil society actors, activists who have come under pressure will be hosted through a respite and rehabilitation program. This will allow activists to counter potential burnout and to increase the effectiveness of their work upon their return.

Supporting Activists at Risk

Human Rights


To provide humanitarian and legal support for human rights activists, journalists, and opposition political party activists who are at risk in their home country. Shelter, medical, and psychological aid will be provided to democrats at risk, as well as legal assistance to sustain civil society work for the medium to long term. To help activists adapt, a workshop on NGO legislation in Georgia will be hosted as well as Georgian and English language training.

Supporting Civil Society in Central Asia

NGO Strengthening


To promote civic activism and strengthen the capacity of nongovernmental organizations in Central Asia. The project will include a small grants program for local civic initiatives focusing on human rights, freedom of assembly, and freedom of expression. Youth NGOs and young activists will be prioritized in order to encourage their participation in decision-making processes, human rights campaigns, and civic life.

Supporting Data Journalism

Freedom of Information


To develop a network of trained “data champions” in Eurasia who can effectively incorporate sophisticated data analysis and visualization techniques into independent journalistic reporting. A series of trainings, seminars and practicums will be held, including two residential trainings, for six journalists working in Eurasia.

Supporting the Legal Protection of Human Rights

Human Rights


To improve the capacity of lawyers from the Eurasia region and to enable them to advocate effectively for better protection of human rights in their respective countries. Training and capacity-building resources and support will be provided to lawyers specializing in cases involving human rights issues on an ongoing basis.

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