Defending Human Rights

Office of Civil Freedoms


To defend the rights of army draftees through legal assistance and advocacy activities. The project will educate draftees and their families about their rights under Tajikistani law, provide legal advice and court representation, monitor the conditions of draftees in military facilities and registration points, and analyze and publicize its findings.

Promoting Human Rights

Association of the Lawyers of Pamir


To promote freedom of association in Tajikistan. The organization will provide free legal consultations to civil society organizations. It will also conduct organizational audits to ensure organizational compliance with local legislation. Finally, the organization will hold a conference to increase cooperation between local government officials and representatives of civil society.

Promoting Human Rights

Rule of Law


To raise the level of legal knowledge and awareness of basic rights of citizens of Tajikistan. Project activities include monitoring district courts for procedural violations, conducting analysis of court compliance with domestic and international standards, publishing a report based on this analysis, and providing legal aid in administrative cases.  

Promoting Independent Media

Akhbor News


To promote access to objective, accurate, and timely information about current affairs and politics in Tajikistan. The organization will maintain and develop its multimedia news site, which provides independent news and articles on current political, economic, and social developments in Tajikistan.

Promoting Independent Media in Tajikistan

Freedom of Information


To promote access to objective, accurate, and timely information about current affairs and politics in Tajikistan by publishing a news website. A team of correspondents covering national and international developments will be supported to regularly produce and publish articles concerning political, economic, and social developments inside the country and throughout the broader region.

Supporting Independent Media

Bureau on Human Rights and Rule of Law


To support the defense of journalists and media freedom. The organization will provide legal assistance to journalists in three regions. It also will provide legal aid and monitor violations of journalists’ rights; provide informational trainings; publish quarterly reports and the observance of journalists’ rights in Tajikistan; and produce a booklet about journalists’ rights and responsibilities.

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