Promoting Civic Education



To promote civic engagement and activism among youth in northern Tajikistan. The Khujand-based civic education organization will conduct six sessions for 100 students each of its 14-week civic education curriculum. Students will study a basic civics and human rights curriculum. Upon completion of the curriculum, participants will complete social impact projects in their communities.

Promoting Human Rights

Public Organization “Mir Prava”


To raise the level of legal knowledge and awareness of basic rights of citizens of Tajikistan. The organization will monitor four district courts in Dushanbe for procedural violations, conduct analysis of court compliance with domestic and international standards, publish a report based on this analysis, and provide legal aid in administrative cases.  

Promoting Independent Media

Akhbor News


To promote access to objective, accurate, and timely information about current affairs and politics in Tajikistan. The organization will maintain and develop two multimedia news websites. The sites provide independent news and analysis on current political, economic, and social developments in the country, as well as for the Tajik diaspora.  

Promoting Independent Media



To promote access to accurate, timely, and objective information about current events in Tajikistan. The news agency will publish text and multimedia content about political, social, and economic developments to its website and social media. It will also train journalists from Dushanbe and the regions to produce better journalism and more effectively reach online audiences. 

Promoting Independent Media

Foundation for Intercultural Integration


To provide an independent source of national news and analysis on social media to Russian and Tajik language audiences inside Tajikistan and in the diaspora. The organization will develop and publish video news programming to YouTube and other social media. The organization will develop five Russian and Tajik language programs providing news and analysis. Content will be published on social media, a website, and through instant messengers. 

Promoting Independent Media in Tajikistan

News Agency Asia Plus, LLC


To promote access to objective, accurate, and timely information about current affairs and politics in Tajikistan. The organization will maintain its Russian and Tajik language news website. The organization will update the site daily with news and analysis regarding the most pressing issues of the day and will ensure that robust coverage of local issues. 

Strengthening the Human Rights Community

Office of Civil Freedoms


To strengthen the potential of young legal practitioners and human rights defenders. The organization will organize a series of trainings to educate young lawyers about human rights, strategic litigation, and professional ethics. They will also organize moot court and debate tournaments in the regions and conduct a weekly discussion club at their offices. The organization will additionally organize a human rights festival, and hold a competition for the most innovative human rights idea. The organization will provide the winner of this competition with a small grant to implement this initiative.   

Supporting Independent Media

Bureau on Human Rights and Rule of Law


To support the defense of journalists and media freedom in Tajikistan. The organization will provide legal assistance to journalists in three regions. The organization will offer legal aid and monitor violations of journalists’ rights; conduct informational trainings; and publish quarterly reports on the observance of journalists’ rights in Tajikistan.