Campaign for Democratic and Labor Rights

Solidarity Center (SC)


To advocate for freedom of association and other core worker rights in Uzbekistan. The center will work with human rights monitors to develop data collected from industrial and public sectors on freedom of association, discrimination in employment, forced labor, workplace gender discrimination and child labor. It will then use the data results to develop a submission to the International Labor Organization reporting and complaint processes and implement a campaign for democratic and labor rights’ organizations to publicize the findings.

Promoting Access to Information

Freedom of Information


To promote access to objective, accurate, and timely Uzbek language information about political, social, and economic developments in Central Asia. An Uzbek-language website will be created where articles, blog posts, editorials, and interviews written by prominent scholars and emerging Uzbek-speaking authors will be posted regularly.

Promoting and Defending Human Rights

Human Rights


To raise the level of legal knowledge of basic rights among citizens of Uzbekistan. Legal guides on fundamental human rights of citizens will be published and disseminated, free legal consultations will be provided online, and when necessary citizens will be assisted with drafting individual complaints and class action lawsuits.

Promoting Human Rights

International Labor Rights Forum


To raise international awareness of systemic human rights abuses in Uzbekistan. The organization will raise awareness of forced labor in the agricultural sector of Uzbekistan and address systemic labor rights abuses by the government. It will publish analytical reports on labor rights abuses, including forced and child labor, and engage with policy makers on implementing systemic reform to forced labor practices.

Promoting the Defense of Human Rights

Human Rights


To strengthen the capacity of human rights and civic activists in Uzbekistan. A series of training seminars for young activists on the basics of human rights activism, security of human rights defenders, and national and international human rights protection mechanisms will be conducted. Project activities will also include providing ongoing mentorship for participants, supporting small human rights initiatives for participants in the program, and assisting in writing alternative human rights reports on Uzbekistan.

Strengthening and Uniting Nascent Business Organizations (SUNBO)

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To build the advocacy capacity of the emerging private sector and civil society as drivers of the institutionalization of public-private dialogue, and to support the business community as a critical voice for reform and decision-making. The center will work with independent business associations to push for democratic reforms through a legal framework for public-private dialogue. Concurrently, the center will prepare emerging associations to represent the private sector and advocate reforms by making immediate organizational improvements and laying a foundation for collective action.

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