Human Rights Training and Exchanges

Human Rights


To increase the capacity of young civil society activists in Uzbekistan and to conduct advocacy on the human rights situation in the country. As part of the program, the organization will organize networking exchanges, provide mentorship opportunities, and provide core support to promising young journalists and activists. They will also conduct ongoing advocacy with Uzbek, European, and international bodies.

Promoting Access to Information

Freedom of Information


To promote access to objective, accurate, and timely Uzbek language information about political, social, and economic developments in Central Asia. An Uzbek-language website will be supported where articles, blog posts, editorials, and interviews written by prominent scholars and emerging Uzbek-speaking authors will regularly be posted.

Promoting Human Rights

Human Rights


To provide free legal services to vulnerable segments of the population. Legal aid in civil, administrative, and criminal cases will be provided to vulnerable populations, including women and children. Human rights will be monitored. The organization will also analyze new reforms including proposed legislation to assess its compliance with international standards.

Promoting Human Rights

Human Rights


To raise awareness of forced labor practices in the agricultural sector of Uzbekistan and to address systemic labor rights abuses by the government. The organization will monitor and document labor rights abuses, including forced and child labor, publish analytical reports, publicize its findings, and conduct a citizen education campaign on fundamental human rights.

Promoting Human Rights

International Labor Rights Forum

Supplement: $33,500

To raise international awareness of systemic human rights abuses in Uzbekistan. The organization will raise awareness of forced labor in the agricultural sector of Uzbekistan and address systemic labor rights abuses by the government. It will publish analytical reports on labor rights abuses, including forced and child labor, and engage with policy makers on implementing systemic reform to forced labor practices.

Promoting Public Discussion

Democratic Ideas and Values


To promote discussion of political and social topics in Uzbekistan. Art exhibitions exploring relevant social topics will be conducted. Discussions, lectures, an open library, and a digital archive will be facilitated.

Strengthening And Uniting Nascent Business Organizations (Sunbo) II

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To improve the organizational capacity of nascent business associations, and to strengthen an emerging business coalition as a critical voice for democratic reform. The center will prepare recently formed, independent business organizations to represent members and advocate reforms by making organizational improvements. Concurrently, the center will facilitate coalition building to enable a nascent business coalition to become a leading voice for democratic reforms.

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