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Argentina 2018

Electoral Advertising in Internet and Accountability in Argentina

Asociacion por los Derechos Civiles


To promote greater accountability and transparency on the sources and use of electoral campaign funds on digital and social media in Argentina. The organization will focus on political and electoral advertising practices on the internet and social media in previous elections as well as the 2019 general elections to. It will present its findings, elaborate recommendations, and design and implement an advocacy campaign to foster greater accountability and transparency on campaign finance and social media in Argentina.

Promoting Civic Monitoring and Accountability in Argentina

Fundacion para el Desarrollo de Politicas Sustentables


To promote better standards of accountability in governmental process in Argentina. The organization will participate in subnational and national efforts to promote transparency and more broadly open government (OGP) practices. It will leverage its expertise in monitoring infrastructure development projects to advocate for more citizen engagement in the decision-making process of projects with high social and environmental impact. It will foster transparency in electoral processes and will participate in OGP processes to advocate for subnational level commitments.

Promoting Open Government in Argentina

Fundacion Directorio Legislativo


To strengthen civil society participation in, and the deepening of, open government processes at the national and subnational levels in Argentina. The organization will work with partners outside Buenos Aires to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations in three provinces (Salta, Mendoza, and Santa Fe) to participate in the open government partnership process at the national level and to work with the governments of those provinces to include subnational commitments in the 2019-2020 OGP Action Plan for Argentina to truly federalize open government practices.

Strengthening Judicial Independence in Argentina

Asociacion Civil por la Igualdad y la Justicia


To promote the independence of the judiciary in Argentina. The grantee will focus on monitoring the performance of the Judiciary branch’s Council of Magistrates concerning the selection and sanctioning of judges, will seek to strengthen demands for transparency and accountability in the judiciary, and monitor the performance on corruption cases while promoting criminal law process reforms.

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