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Bolivia 2018

Building Consensus on a Reform Agenda

Fundacion Milenio


To promote pluralistic debate, build consensus, and make recommendations on important public policy issues, including electoral, judicial, constitutional, and economic reforms. Working with universities, chambers of commerce, and civil society, the organization will convene monthly discussions and produce analytical  reports and policy proposals on these topics.

Building Political Party and Civil Society Capacity for a More Participatory, Competitive Electoral Process

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To support political parties and civil society organizations in Bolivia to engage voters to broaden their political participation. The institute will organize trainings and provide technical assistance to solicit citizen concerns, craft citizen-oriented campaign strategies, communicate with potential voters, and hold candidates and electoral authorities accountable for fair and transparent campaign and voting practices.

Democratic Development From A Private Sector Perspective 

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To foster inclusive, private sector-led democratic dialogue around a long-term vision for Bolivia’s economic, political, and social development. The center and its local partner will convene meetings of high-profile representatives from Bolivian civil society to develop, propose, and disseminate a development vision and specific strategic public policy recommendations to address democratic and economic challenges facing the country.

Engaging Youth in Local Governance

Centro de Estudios y Apoyo al Desarrollo Local


To build the capacity of youth in Bolivia to participate in public policymaking and exercise their political rights. The organization will conduct workshops in the cities of El Alto, Sucre, and Tarija and use digital media platforms to train youth in legislative processes and political leadership and increase understanding of their rights.

Improving Political Journalism and Election Coverage

Fundacion para el Periodismo


To promote an informed electorate by improving the capacity of journalists to provide high-quality information to Bolivian citizens about national elections. The grantee will prepare journalists to cover a national electoral campaign through workshops for print, broadcast, and digital journalists in Bolivia’s 10 largest cities and will train journalists in the use of digital tools for reporting.

Monitoring Human Rights and Justice

Fundacion Observatorio de Derechos Humanos y Justicia


To promote legislation and jurisprudence that uphold political and civil rights as defined in the constitution and in international treaties and conventions, and to foster institutional strengthening and engagement among human rights defenders. The organization will track and analyze rulings by Bolivia’s constitutional court and the Inter-American Court for Human Rights (IACHR), as well as other international judicial bodies.

Promoting and Defending Human Rights

Human Rights


To promote and defend human rights in Bolivia through strategic litigation at the national and international level. The organization will offer training workshops on access to international human rights mechanisms and publish reports on emblematic cases litigated before international bodies. It will bring new cases and continue to monitor the progress of cases already before the courts.

Providing Independent Analysis and Information

Instituto de Asistencia Social Economica y Tecnologica


To promote freedom of expression and accountability in Bolivia through independent analysis and in-depth news reports. The organization will produce and publish news articles and reports on political developments currently underreported by traditional media. Over the course of the project, the group will consolidate its editorial team and establish an independent digital magazine. The group will use social and traditional media to disseminate articles while its digital media platform becomes operational.

Providing Independent Political News and Election Information

Agencia de Noticias Fides Compania de Jesus


To provide independent, high-quality news coverage, with an emphasis on human rights, government accountability, and the national election campaign. The organization will ensure that citizens will have access to information about the electoral process, the application of electoral laws, and the campaign promises of both government and opposition candidates.

Strengthening Civil Society for the Defense of Human Rights

Fundacion Construir


To strengthen the capacity of civil society to promote the exercise, enforcement, and legal defense of human rights in Bolivia, and to promote civil society oversight and participation in judicial reform implementation. The organization will conduct research, organize training workshops, facilitate meetings with civil society and government representatives, and carry out monitoring and advocacy initiatives.

Strengthening Democratic Values

Construyendo Redes para el Desarrollo


To strengthen democratic values among political parties in Bolivia. The organization will work to strengthen democratic actors through short courses, workshops, and seminars for mid-level party leaders and party members as well as for civil society groups interested in representative democracy. It will also provide input for legislation on a new political party law and analyze and report the impact of legislative changes on citizen participation and representation.

Strengthening the Political Participation of Indigenous and Rural Communities

Fundacion Microjusticia Bolivia


To promote political participation by indigenous and rural communities through increased understanding of their civil and political rights and to facilitate access to basic legal documents to members of indigenous and rural communities to enable them to participate in political processes. The organization will identify recurring legal and bureaucratic obstacles to obtaining basic identification documents and advocate for legal and procedural improvements.

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