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Fighting Disinformation in Local Elections in Brazil

Instituto Tecnologia e Equidade


To counteract disinformation in local elections in Brazil. The organization will train officials in electoral management bodies and electoral justice, as well as key civil society actors on different approaches to fight disinformation in preparation to the 2020 local elections in Brazil. It will also work with a fact-checking organization to prepare a network of local journalists and volunteers to verify the veracity of information produced and distributed at the local level.

Fostering Democratic Dialogue in Brazil

Fundacao Fernando Henrique Cardoso


To promote democratic culture and the value of political dialogue in Brazil. The organization will carry out a series of discussions with high-level public personalities in Brazil with divergent views. The debates will be recorded and broadcasted in traditional media, and shared through social media. The conversations will shed light on policy solutions to salient issues of public interest and contrast different ideas in a constructive and civil fashion.

Pact for Democracy in Brazil



To promote democratic culture and the value of dialogue, tolerance and citizen engagement to strengthen the capacity of civil society to defend democratic processes and principles in Brazil. The organization will support the Pacto Pela Democracia (Pact for Democracy) initiative, a civil society platform that includes a plural and diverse group of civil society and political actors. The coalition will develop a democratic process monitoring mechanism, organize public dialogues on key topics of democracy with plural panels, and expand its membership across the country.

Unthinkable Dialogues in Brazil

Politize – Institute of Political Education


To promote a culture of tolerance and constructive dialogue in Brazil. The organization will develop a methodology and will implement a campaign called ‘Unthinkable Dialogues’ to foster informative discussions on relevant political issues. The organization will engage social media influencers, civil society networks, as well as its own volunteers to ensure that multiple audiences participate in these activities around the country.

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