Colombia 2018

Building Governing Capacity in Post-Conflict Zones Before and After 2019 Local Elections in Colombia

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To build the governing capacity of local governments and candidates in post-conflict zones. The institute will share best practices with local governments’ during their last year in office, with candidates during the campaign, and with newly elected officials.  Over the backdrop of Colombia’s ongoing peace process, the institute will introduce tools on a national level to enable a stable transition and ensure the broad reach of good governance and participatory practices during a critical period.

Empowering Citizens to Denounce Corruption in Colombia

Corporacion Transparencia por Colombia


To strengthen citizens’ capacity to denounce acts of corruption and to foster collaboration among youth through its anti-corruption network. The group will train youth to document and denounce acts of corruption and incorporate them into an active network. The network will consist of citizen monitors responsible for following up on presented cases and raising awareness of their work. Finally, the grantee will support an anti-corruption center to convert its platform into a portal where citizens can upload complaints, receive legal support, and learn about the status of the case.

Encouraging Private Investment and Rule of Law in Post-Conflict Zones

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To promote responsible private sector investment and to enable commercial dispute-resolution processes in six post-conflict regions. The center will work with a local partner to create an Observatory of Private Investment in the Zones Most Affected by the Conflict (ZOMAC). The center and its local partner will work with civil society leaders and local chambers of commerce to encourage democratic dialogue regarding new investments and strengthening institutions in post-conflict zones.

Preparing for 2019 Municipal Elections in a Post-Accord Environment

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To foster a more inclusive and accountable political system in Colombia in preparation for 2019 elections. The institute will strengthen processes and initiatives that contribute to national reconciliation and foster greater participation of citizens in Colombia’s political and electoral system. The program will help improve civic and voter education in preparation for the elections, provide technical assistance to collective victims reparations processes and support political parties and candidates from marginalized populations to conduct effective and peaceful campaigns, improve internal structures, and better represent constituents.

Promoting Accountability in Political Campaign Financing

Mision de Observacion Electoral


To raise awareness about illegal electoral financing in Colombia. The organization will design a methodology to analyze the relationship between political campaign financing and state contracts by identifying public contract patterns from the 2015 local elections. The group will analyze the degree in which the parties comply with the Anticorruption Statute for contracts awarded between 2016 and 2017. The findings will be publicly disseminated to bring the issue of corruption to the attention of the public and government institutions.

Promoting Factual Information Dissemination during Colombia’s 2019 Local Elections

Consejo de Redaccion


To strengthen citizen and journalists’ capacities to verify information related to the 2019 local electoral campaigns. Through its fact-checking methodology, the organization’s journalists will publish information regarding candidate platforms and statements, as well as their financing and relationships with local corporations. It will carry out a training for journalists and civil society members and provide them with digital tools to increase their knowledge on how to verify information and use the platform. It will publish all of its findings and data on it its online platform, Colombiacheck.

Promoting Transitional Justice Mechanisms to Strengthen Colombia’s Rule of Law

Comision Colombiana de Juristas


To strengthen peace accord implementation, including transitional justice norms and mechanisms, and raise awareness about the Integral System of Truth, Justice, Reparation and No-Repetition Guarantee. The group will continue its advocacy with Congress and the Constitutional Court in support of transitional justice mechanisms that focus on international human rights standards and victims’ rights. It will promote dialogue between state institutions, civil society, and victims’ organizations who will have an important role in overseeing the accord implementation and participating in the Truth Commission.

Promoting Truth and Reconciliation

Fundacion Ideas para la Paz


To strengthen the documentation of the accord implementation at the national and local levels, and contribute to the discussion on historic memory as part of a future Truth Commission. Through its web portal, the group will provide coverage on key issues related to the peace accord and enhance its digital archive containing declassified government documents regarding the armed conflict. The reports and analysis on the archives will assist in constructing the historical memory of the events and contribute to the Truth Commission.

Strengthening Afro-Colombian Communities to Advocate for their Rights and to Promote Peace

Corporacion Centro de Pastoral Afrocolombia


To strengthen Afro-Colombian communities and its leaders to advocate for their rights and to promote peace. The organization will carry out strategic meetings and trainings for its members to discuss key issues related to the community’s rights and peace implementation. Together, the regional groups will develop an advocacy strategy and identify opportunities to present their joint proposals to local officials. Lastly, the grantee will provide a training to youth to enhance their leadership skills and knowledge on human rights and civic participation.

Strengthening Analysis on the Future of Peace in an Electoral Context

Blogosfera Producciones S.A.S.


To strengthen analysis on the future of the peace accords in a pre- and post-electoral context. The group will report on the peace accord implementation and its future following the Congressional and Presidential elections in Colombia. Through its main web portal, the organization will provide critical information regarding the agendas of newly elected Congressmen and woman. In addition, it will carry out investigative reports analyzing the first months of the new administration and how their policies address societal needs.

Strengthening Citizen Participation Mechanisms in Colombia

Corporacion Viva la Ciudadania


To strengthen democratic institutions and mechanisms that increase citizen political participation. The organization will train citizens and civil society organizations to monitor and report on the government’s compliance with the peace accord. The group will also work with civil society organizations to develop agendas to further bolster citizen participation at the local level. Lastly, the organization will develop recommendations and present its policy proposals for improving existing democratic mechanisms of citizen participation to civil society, government institutions and policymakers.

Strengthening Women as Political Actors in Colombia

Corporacion Casa de la Mujer


To strengthen women’s participation in politics and to empower them to become interlocutors between citizens and local public officials. The organization will train female leaders to develop policy proposals and a strategy to share their ideas with prospective candidates. The group will work with the women and help them create action plans and track if elected officials address their issues of concern. The women will meet with local institutions, prospective candidates, and civil society members to present the proposals and to discuss key issues the municipalities face