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Colombia 2019

Combating Disinformation in Colombia’s Media Landscape in 2020

Consejo de Redaccion


To strengthen journalists’ knowledge about information verification and promote greater collaboration between journalists and citizens on fact checking. Through its fact-checking methodology, the organization will work with journalists to expand its database and document elected officials’ statements, as well as monitor projects and the use of public funds. It will also develop a national network of fact-checkers, including journalists and citizens, who will contribute to an informed public debate. The group will publish its findings and data on it its online platform, ColombiaCheck.

Democracy Observatory to Promote Accountability in Local Politics

Fundacion Paz y Reconciliacion


To promote greater transparency of elected officials’ ties to illegal activities and criminal networks and raise awareness about cases of corruption with citizens and public authorities. The organization will train citizens to document, report and denounce acts of corruption in the Antioquia region. The group will map out and monitor resource spending, illegal activities and connections associated with elected officials. The group will publish articles on its findings and disseminate its research to the public, as well as to   public authorities.

Empowering Citizens to Denounce Corruption in Colombia

Corporacion Transparencia por Colombia


To strengthen citizens’ capacity to denounce acts of corruption and consolidate an anti-corruption network. The group will train youth to document and denounce acts of corruption and develop an awareness raising strategy. The network will consist of citizen monitors responsible for following up on presented cases and updating the online platform. Lastly, the grantee will support the network to produce a report highlighting the opportunities and challenges with its anti-corruption work. The network will present its findings at a public event.

Promoting Accountability in Campaign Financing and Public Contracting

Mision de Observacion Electoral


To raise awareness about potential electoral risk associated with illegal campaign financing and corruption in public contracting in Colombia’s 2019 local elections. The organization will continue its research and data collection on candidate compliance with election financing laws. It will also develop an electoral corruption risk indicator to measure irregularities in state awarded contracts and to identify how contracts influence political campaigns. The group will make recommendations to authorities and inform citizens about corruption in politics.

Promoting Accountability of the Colombian Senate

El Escarbabajo SAS


To promote greater access to information by making government data readily available to the public and publishing its analysis online. The organization will survey citizens to select the 50 senators whose information it will research and report on. The group will consult with open government databases to cross-reference the information and publish pieces on illegal networks in Congress. Lastly, the group will train individuals on tools to access public information and mechanisms to denounce abuses of power.

Promoting Transitional Justice Mechanisms to Strengthen Colombia’s Rule of Law

Comision Colombiana de Juristas


To support peace accord implementation to include transitional justice norms and strengthen the knowledge of Congressional legislative working groups on human rights law and the Colombian Constitution. The organization will advocate with Congress and the Constitutional Court in support of transitional justice mechanisms that focus on international human rights standards and victims’ rights. In addition, the group will train Congressional representatives on systems of protection focused on human rights, as well as legal channels to protect human rights defenders.

Strengthening Mechanisms to Protect Social Leaders in Colombia

Corporacion Centro de Estudios de Derecho, Justicia y Sociedad


To strengthen community journalists to exercise their right to a free press and alert citizens about potential threats to their lives. The organization will carry out a training for journalists from seven at-risk municipalities on access to public information, sustainability, and security mechanisms. It will also help them launch local radio programs to increase access to information in the territories. Lastly, the group will hold an event with media outlets, civil society, and government officials to raise awareness the ongoing challenges journalists and citizens face.

Strengthening Women as Political Actors in Colombia

Corporacion Casa de la Mujer


To strengthen Colombian women’s participation in politics and empower them to become leaders and advocates in their communities. The organization will train women in four departments on how to develop and position proposals in the local dialogues about development plans. The group will also support women to become more active in their communities and to partake in regional discussions. It will host meetings between female leaders and elected officials to discuss their ideas and identify ways these civic leaders can contribute to local agendas.

Supporting Inclusive Political Parties and Peaceful Coexistence

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To foster a more inclusive and accountable political system in Colombia. The institute will strengthen processes and initiatives that contribute to national political reconciliation and build democratic resilience by fostering greater participation of citizens in Colombia’s political and electoral system. The program will help improve local government capacity to engage in open government and transparent practices; improve civic and government actors’ ability to peacefully resolve conflicts; and support political parties to improve internal structures, strategies and practices, develop participatory policy platforms and better represent constituents.

Supporting Integrated Policy and Planning on Migration and Peace Implementation In Colombia

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To strengthen Colombia’s congress and municipal governments in their ability to respond to peace implementation and Venezuelan migration. The institute will provide technical support to congressional committees working on these issues, as well as communities impacted near the Pacific post-conflict zones and migration routes. Further, the institute will provide tools and trainings to newly elected municipalities and support the sharing of best practices to address governance and migration challenges and peace implementation.

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