Latin America and Caribbean

Ecuador 2018

Building Capacity for Transparency, Accountability, and Anti-Corruption Initiatives II

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To support elected officials in key metropolitan municipalities to strengthen transparency, accountability, and anti-corruption measures. The institute will provide follow-up on municipal action plans, coordinate a best practices conference, consult with new administrations, and provide targeted training to municipal personnel. To support citizens and civil society organizations to advocate for anti-corruption measures at the municipal level, the Institute will provide capacity and coalition-building trainings to civil society organizations.

Combating Impunity in Violence Against Women and Improving the Administration of Justice

Asociacion Mujeres por la Equidad de Genero y la Autonomia


To reduce impunity in cases of violence against women and improve the administration of justice. Training workshops and focus groups will be conducted to propose draft legislation for implementation of special measures for judgment and punishment in cases of domestic violence, sexual violence, and hate crimes.

Defending Women’s Rights in Ecuador

Centro Ecuatoriano de Desarrollo y Estudios Alternativos


To raise women’s awareness of laws and mechanisms designed to prevent violence against them and to help victims of violence seek legal assistance and reparations. Workshops will be conducted to explain the measures enacted under the national Law for the Prevention and Eradication of Violence Against Women to members of women’s organizations and train them in protective measures. The organization will also work with the large population of Venezuelan women who have arrived in Ecuador as a result of the political and economic crisis in their home country.

Democracy Training for the Future

Fundacion para la Integracion y el Desarrollo de America Latina


To strengthen the leadership skills and democratic commitment of Ecuadorian youth to become agents of change in their communities. A training program targeting young leaders from across the country will be conducted in collaboration with universities and other civil society organizations. On-site and online training workshops will focus on leadership, participation, gender equality, and democratic values. To complete the training program, youth will design democracy projects for their communities.

Ecuador Empresario: An Inclusive Entrepreneurship Program for Ecuadorian Youth II

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To strengthen the entrepreneurship and leadership capabilities of rural Ecuadorian students and to promote awareness of the benefits of democracy, rule of law, a free-market economy, and the role of private enterprise among university students from the Ecuadorian countryside. The Center will educate 80 university students from outside the capital on democracy, free markets, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Students will complete 100 hours of educational sessions, produce democracy videos, develop business plans, and implement leadership and entrepreneurship workshops for other members of their communities.

Institutional Reform During a Democratic Transition

Plataforma por la Defensa de la Democracia y los Derechos Humanos de Ecuador


To encourage the development and inclusion of Ecuador’s civil society agenda in institutional reform as part of a democratic transition.  Working meetings around the country will address problems in three areas: the justice system and its lack of independence, corruption, and the complex and confusing electoral system.

Monitoring Freedom of Expression and the Press in Ecuador

Fundacion Andina para la Observacion Social y el Estudio de Medios – Fundamedios


To defend freedom of expression and the press and to raise awareness nationally and internationally of violations of freedom of expression. Repression of journalists and media groups will be monitored and documented through an alert network, and the information will be disseminated through international organizations and domestic news channels.

Promoting and Defending the Rights of Indigenous Populations

Terra Mater


To strengthen the capacity of indigenous leaders to understand and utilize international human rights mechanisms; and to raise domestic and international awareness on restrictions to freedom of association and assembly and violations of environmental rights.

Promoting Citizen Oversight of the Justice System in Ecuador

Movimiento Mi Cometa


To promote citizen advocacy for judicial independence, due process, and transparency. The organization will continually monitor the process of installing new judges and prosecutors and press for transparency and the appointment of independent, qualified members of the judicial system. It will also provide training for civil society leaders on the use of digital tools for monitoring the administration of justice and independence of the courts.

Promoting Citizen Participation and an Informed Electorate

Corporacion Participacion Ciudadana Ecuador


To promote citizen participation and foster a new generation of leaders during a period of political transition in Ecuador and to promote an informed vote in elections scheduled for 2019. The organization will build the capacity of citizens to monitor the activities of the all-important Council on Citizen Participation and Social Oversight and to enable those interested to run for election to the council. It will identify candidates to serve as monitors and conduct workshops to train them.

Promoting Government Transparency and Accountability

Fundacion Mil Hojas


To promote transparency and accountability by collecting, systematizing, and analyzing information on government corruption. Areas of focus will include drug trafficking, extractive industries, and human rights violations, and the information will be made available for civil society organizations to produce legal briefs. Investigative journalism and alternative ways of exercising freedom of expression and freedom of the press will be fostered,

Promoting Investigative Journalism

Revista digital Plan V


To promote freedom of expression and accountability in Ecuador through high-quality independent investigative reports. An innovation laboratory to research and experiment with new story-telling techniques will be consolidated. It will collaborate with Ecuadorian NGOs in disseminating information on human rights and will strengthen its network of contributors and its linkages to other independent media outlets.

Promoting Judicial Independence, Human Rights, and Government Accountability

Observatorio de Derechos y Justicia


To monitor and report on the performance and independence of the judiciary and raise national and international awareness about violations of human rights and due process and to hold public officials accountable in the areas of corruption, human rights, and the administration of justice. The organization will produce reports assessing the state of due process and judicial independence and will address violations of due process and of human rights. It will analyze any executive decrees to assess interference in the judiciary and any violations of freedom of the press and association.

Strengthening Democratic Principles Among Youth

Instituto Politico para la Libertad Peru


To strengthen leadership skills and knowledge of democratic principles among Ecuadorian and Latin American youth and to raise regional awareness on the political situation in Ecuador through increased solidarity, better youth networks, and a social media campaign. In partnership with a local group, the grantee will organize an international youth seminar in Ecuador. Following the seminar, Ecuadorian participants will organize replication workshops in the provinces, and regional and Ecuadorian youth will collaborate in an international awareness campaign.

Transparency and Open Government in Ecuador

Fundacion Ciudadania y Desarrollo


To promote increased transparency, accountability, and citizen oversight of the National Assembly and an informed vote in municipal elections. The organization will present detailed information on each Assembly member, political parties, and movements represented in the Assembly, as well as analysis of draft legislation and new laws. It will monitor the floor of the Assembly during the legislative period and attend key committee hearings, alerting citizens to any possible infringement of their rights and encouraging citizen advocacy in the legislative process.


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