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Guatemala 2018

Media Coverage of Guatemala’s 2019 Elections

Aramendia, Pedro, Solorzano, Sociedad Civil No-Ficcion


To ensure that high quality information and creative, multimedia reporting on elections is available in Guatemala. The grantee will expand its capacity to cover the pre-electoral and electoral period. The outlet will produce creative narrative pieces, along with in-depth investigative reporting, data analysis pieces, and short video clips or podcasts on the country’s evolving and shifting political party dynamics, illegal campaign finance, candidate platforms and policy ideas, and the new electoral law that will regulate these elections.

National Network of Businesses Committed to the Prevention of Corruption

Accion Ciudadana


To establish a network of businesses committed to anti-corruption efforts. The grantee will act as a facilitator for this network, focusing on generating sustainable processes of change with strategies based on international standards to promote transparency and integrity. It will consist of large national companies identified and chosen by the grantee.

Promoting Citizen Participation in Electoral Integrity

Guatemala Visible


To promote citizen participation in electing their representatives and to prevent candidates engaged in corruption from achieving office. The grantee will create a list of representatives with pre-trial cases open against them, develop candidate criteria based on legal precedent and Guatemala’s constitution, and advocate at the Supreme Electoral Tribunal for unsuitable candidates to be prevented from running from office. The grantee will also train a network of youth leaders throughout the country to carry out an awareness campaign surrounding these individuals’ profiles.

Promoting Youth Participation in Crime Prevention Policies

Por Una Vida Digna


To promote and strengthen youth-centered violence prevention in Guatemala. The group will promote citizen oversight and increase transparency of the implementation of public policies related to citizen security through the continuation of its Youth Observatory. It will also strengthen youth leadership and its ability to coordinate among civil society and state institutions on citizen security policies.

Strengthening Democratic Institutions through Citizen Engagement and Entrepreneurship

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To strengthen Guatemala’s democratic institutions to effectively channel citizen demands for transparency and accountability, and to stimulate a democratic culture based on citizen engagement and entrepreneurship. On the local level, the center will educate young entrepreneurs from rural Guatemala on democracy, citizenship, and entrepreneurship, with a particular focus on the creative industries. On the national level, the center will monitor the performance of Congress and legislators, assess proposed justice sector reforms, and provide recommendations for much needed policies that promote democratic and economic development.

Strengthening Rule of Law in Northern and Eastern Guatemala

Asociacion Civil Foro de Justicia Ambiental de Peten


To strengthen the rule of law in the Maya Biosphere Reserve in Petén, as well as in new bio-diverse regions. The association will work in collaboration with justice operators to continue litigating strategic cases related to illegal natural resource extraction and to reinforce a joint protection strategy for the Mayan Biosphere Reserve. The organization will use its experience in environmental rule of law to assist local organizations in establishing similar joint protection strategies and trainings for justice operators in three additional departments.

Supporting Effective Implementation of Electoral Reforms

Asociacion de Investigacion y Estudios Sociales


To support effective reforms to the law on elections and political parties, now in a critical implementation phase in the lead-up to the 2019 elections. The grantee will work with the electoral tribunal in the final stages of strengthening its capacity and training electoral actors to carry out elections under the new law, with a special focus on assisting and monitoring on new units regulating campaign media and campaign finance. The grantee will also carry out a technical assessment of the elections to provide input for future reforms.

Youth Engagement in Judicial Selection Processes

Jovenes por Guatemala


To contribute to Guatemala’s ongoing fight against corruption. The organization will engage youth from the academic sector to strengthen their voice in the upcoming selection process of the country’s Attorney General. The grantee will support university youth to raise awareness about the importance of the selection process and the role the universities play, advocate for independent university contributions, and establish criteria for oversight of the work of the next Attorney General in matters of corruption.

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