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Guatemala 2019

Strengthening Democratic Institutions through Accountability and Effective Government

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To bolster civic initiatives that drive greater government accountability and effectiveness. The center and its partner will monitor the performance of Congress and legislators, assess proposed justice sector reforms, and provide policy reform recommendations for an incoming administration that promote democratic and economic development.

Engaging University Youth in Guatemala’s 2019 Elections

Jovenes por Guatemala


To engage university youth throughout the electoral process in Guatemala. The grantee will work with an established network of youth across several main universities to enhance their participation in pre-elections debates around youth priorities, organize forums for youth with political party youth secretaries, and assist university youth in assessing the youth participation and dynamics the day of the elections.

Fostering Local Government Engagement and Citizen-Driven Initiatives to Improve Community Resilience

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To support local governments in Guatemala’s Western highlands to better address community challenges. The institute will strengthen local government officials’ technical capacity to identify and leverage resources that support and incorporate citizen-driven initiatives in their governance plans while empowering at-risk populations to be more proactive in local governance by helping them develop skills to create and implement community improvement projects.

Informed Citizen Security Policy Debate

Asociacion Civil Dialogos


To position democratic dialogue on citizen security policies in the electoral process in Guatemala. The grantee will produce evidence based policy assessments and train high profile activists and thought leaders based on the materials that they, in turn, will disseminate widely to citizens. The grantee will also promote the information guide among candidates and parties to use in developing platforms that are more effective and policies.

National Network of Businesses Committed to the Prevention of Corruption

Accion Ciudadana

Supplement: $50,000

To consolidate the young network and continue to attract new private sector members and to offer services, such as training on how to assess and identify the risks of corruption in public procurement. In addition, the grantee will support the network members with a detailed report on corruption vulnerabilities in at least one key public institution and will identify and pursue opportunities to collaborate with public sector institutions and either reinforce, reform, or create new transparency mechanisms or compliance programs aimed at reducing corruption.

Party-Led Reform and Legislative Strengthening

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To strengthen the capacities of Guatemalan political parties and Congress to develop issue-based policy platforms and legislation to address citizen concerns, including election and political reform, anti-corruption measures, and security and judicial reforms. The institute will work with parties to identify legislative priorities and draft reform bills; provide new members of congress with information on the legislative process and target policy areas; and organize policy roundtables with parties, members of congress, civil society, and government agencies to develop potential reforms.

Promoting Accountability of Guatemala’s 2019 Local Elections

Laboratorio de Medios


To strengthen analysis about the municipal electoral process and outcome in 2019 and to raise awareness about how mayors use public funds. The organization will cover the municipal electoral process with support from its network of journalists in the departments. It will also closely track and audit the use of municipal funds and make the information available on its online platform. The group will publish its findings in municipal and national media to highlight local level corruption.

Promoting Citizen Oversight of a New Electoral Council

Guatemala Visible


To promote citizen participation in overseeing the selection of Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) magistrates and to push for reforms to improve their functions in office. The grantee will take advantage of the 2020 selection process as an opportunity to strengthen the TSE. It will create a youth-led observatory to monitor and oversee the selection process and advocate for lawful practices throughout and carry out follow-up activities with the magistrates once they take office. It will also develop and propose reforms to electoral law and the institution’s practices.

Promoting Democratic Dialogue during Guatemala’s Electoral Processes



To promote democratic dialogue and an informed vote through its publications and fact checking methodology. The organization will publish articles and profiles on candidates and political parties and use interactive online tools to engage and inform voters on different issue areas. In addition, the group will fact-check candidate and party statements to counter disinformation campaigns during the electoral period and develop voter-friendly guides that respond to citizens’ questions surrounding the elections.

Promoting Greater Public Awareness about Illegal Networks in Guatemala’s Congress

Myrna Mack Foundation


To raise awareness on potential links between illegal networks and Guatemala’s congress and promote dialogue about its impact on the quality of democracy. The organization will develop an online platform to disseminate information about the network links and illustrate how the ties to Congress members are shifting following the 2019 elections. The group will bring together civil society members, think tanks, and academia to discuss the findings and to raise awareness about how this corrodes Guatemala’s democracy.

Promoting Open Data and Transparency in Key Institutions in Guatemala

Asociacion Civil Red Ciudadana


To provide support and tools to strengthen open data and active transparency principles and practices in two key democratic institutions in Guatemala. The grantee will work with the country’s Electoral Tribunal and the Constitutional Court to strengthen their efforts to increase transparency, public accountability and access to information. In addition, the grantee will adapt an innovative regional tool for citizen input on public policy issues and candidate proposals to Guatemala 2019 electoral context and coordinate civil society efforts to promote its use.

Strengthening Analysis and Media Coverage about the Guatemalan Judicial System

Aramendia, Pedro, Solorzano, Sociedad Civil No-Ficcion


To strengthen analysis about Guatemala’s judicial system and raise awareness about threats to the rule of law. The grantee will produce investigative reports on attempts to remake the judicial system to protect impunity. The group will report on upcoming selection processes for magistrates of the Supreme Court and the Appellate Court and will produce materials for a public audience on the workings of the justice system, the role Congress plays, and conflicts of interest. It will produce investigative pieces, interactive videos, infographics, and podcasts.

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