Latin America and Caribbean

Haiti 2018

Building Democratic Solidarity with Haitian Youth

Instituto Politico para la Libertad Peru


To strengthen the leadership capacity of young Haitian democracy activists and to promote interaction between Haitian youth and youth from Latin America. The grantee will support Haitian youth attendance at regional and international forums, organize internships and exchanges for Haitian youth in Peru and for Latin American youth in Haiti, and expand a new platform to facilitate the dissemination of news from Haiti to youth in the region. The grantee will also conduct activities to foster gender equality and participation of young Haitian women.

Citizen Eyes on Parliament

Observatoire Citoyen de l’Action des Pouvoirs Publics et ONG


To foster transparency and accountability through increased involvement of citizens in the parliamentary process. The grantee will create a section of its website devoted to monitoring parliamentary activity to increase public awareness and understanding of Parliament. It will also carry out television shows and social media activities to start a popular dialogue between representatives from historically marginalized groups and parliamentarians about policy issues that affect the citizens.

Improving Human Rights In Haiti’s Prison System

Reseau National de Defense des Droits Humains


To promote rule of law and justice in Haiti through the monitoring of prisoners’ rights and prison and police station conditions. The organization will visit prisons and police stations in the West Department on a regular basis. The grantee will observe, document, and denounce human rights violations, producing monthly reports, an annual report on conditions, and thematic reports on pretrial detention and the functioning of penitentiary system. The grantee will meet with judicial and prison officials monthly to advocate for improved conditions and will increase visibility within the Inter-American system.

Media Alliances for Transparency

Fondation Heritage pour Haiti


The grantee will strengthen its push for an access to information law in Haiti by joining forces with associations of media professionals interested in the topic. The grantee with work with multiple associations to create a formal alliance, highlight the importance of access to information, and advocate for more transparency of information. In addition, the grantee will work with journalists to increase their investigative reporting skills and security protocols related to covering issues of corruption in Haiti.

Multi-Sector Dialogue for Conflict Resolution

Lakou Lape


To prevent and reduce violence in conflict-ridden zones in Port-au-Prince. The group will conduct training and dialogue sessions with civil society, the private sector, community groups, police officers, and locally elected authorities to teach dialogue skills and conflict resolution techniques. The organization will also facilitate regular dialogue sessions; connect vulnerable youth to established community leaders as mentors; and promote a culture of peace and development by strengthening its Cultural and Dialogue Center.

Promoting Human Rights and Justice

Bureau des Droits Humains en Haiti


To promote greater respect for human rights and demand for improved access to justice in Haiti. The grantee will bring together law professionals and students, journalists, artists and victims of human rights abuses to create public art presentations and videos that explore rule of law and human rights issues. With this diverse group of actors, the grantee will raise public awareness of rights and justice issues and identify opportunities to take joint advocacy steps.

Strengthening Democratic Governance and Collaboration between Sub-National Officials in the Grand Nord Area

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To help strengthen democratic governance best practices and skills. The institute will work with up to eight partner municipalities to develop and implement citizen-informed best practice initiatives in their respective communities. In addition, the institute will provide capacity building workshops and a learning exchange for three departmental associations, and sponsor a regional symposium between all its sub-national partners to enhance collaboration between sub-national officials in the Grand Nord area of Haiti, which includes the North, North-East and North-West departments.

Strengthening Garment Sector Unions in Haiti

Solidarity Center (SC)


To address poor working conditions and the routine violation of labor rights in Haiti’s garment industry, the Center will strengthen the capacity of unions to organize and represent workers, as well as effectively advocate for their interests in the workplace and policy arena. The Center will direct technical support and resources for member recruitment to two leading unions, while maintaining broader assistance in the form of training, educational outreach and advocacy tools to a larger grouping of union partners and non-unionized workers within the sector.

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