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Haiti 2019

Advocating for a More Transparent, Open and Responsible Haitian Parliament

Initiative de la Societe Civile


To lay the groundwork necessary to increase transparency, openness and responsibility in the next Haitian Parliament. Drawing on lessons learned in its past three years of legislative oversight work, the grantee will solicit input from key civil society and political actors regarding guiding principles and advocacy strategies to ensure improvements to the next Parliament. The grantee will produce an advocacy kit and distribute it via its civil society networks, traditional and social media, and among political parties to build momentum for transparency and more informed public demands in advance of the elections.

Building the Capacity of Garment Sector Unions

Solidarity Center (SC)


To address the challenges that Haitian garment workers face at the workplace and, more broadly, as citizens in a fragile democracy. The center will build the capacity of Haitian unions in the sector to channel their demands for improved labor conditions, stronger institutions, and transparent governance. Specifically, the center will train, mentor, and provide resources to unions to effectively organize and represent workers, and coordinate union-led advocacy to give workers a voice at the workplace, in their communities, and in the future of the country.

Citizen Eyes on Parliament

Observatoire Citoyen de l’Action des Pouvoirs Publics et ONG


To increase transparency and accountability of the Haitian Parliament and to involve citizens in oversight of the Parliament and foster dialogue between historically marginalized groups and members of Parliament on policy issues. The organization will foster collaboration between different civil society actors in order to draft and propose public policy measures to Parliament. These coalition-building efforts are critical to build consensus and exit the ongoing crisis in Haiti, which started because of a massive corruption scheme tied to Petrocaribe money flowing to Haiti.

Consolidating Leadership for Citizen Engagement in Haiti

Equitas- Centre International d’Education aux Droits Humains


To support inclusive democracy in Haiti by enhancing the capacity of local and national authorities and civil society to collaborate to improve participation of marginalized groups. Through its trainings and a successful national policy dialogue, Equitas has fine-tuned human rights oriented strategies for citizen and authority engagement and supported four communities in implemented joint action follow up plans. The project will be implemented jointly by Equitas and its Haitian partner organizations and will aim at supporting the implementation of these plans and commitments.

Explaining Petro Caribe through Innovative Digital Media



To provide high quality, fact based information and explanations of the Petro Caribe corruption cases to the Haitian public. The grantee will produce several short videos, a mini documentary series and a longer documentary, along with infographics and articles on various facets of the funding mechanism, oversight of the funds, those implicated in the cases from various sectors, and local efforts to push back against corruption and demand change.

Fostering Democratic Transitions and Citizen Engagement At The Local Level In Haiti

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To help foster a democratic transition and citizen engagement at the local level in Haiti. The institute will work with local experts to develop a democratic transition toolkit for Haitian municipal councils and civil society, which will be disseminated across the country and piloted in up to six municipalities. In addition, the institute will strengthen citizen engagement and increase collaboration between civil society leaders and municipal councils at the local level.

Improving Human Rights in Haiti’s Prison System

Reseau National de Defense des Droits Humains


To improve prison conditions and respect for the rights of prisoners in Haiti’s penitentiary system; and to contribute to a reduction in the number of cases of prolonged pretrial detention in Haiti. The organization will build on previous years’ efforts, publish its annual report on prison conditions, and advocate for improved living conditions in prisons with public authorities.

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