Latin America and Caribbean

Honduras 2019

Addressing Democratic Challenges in Honduras

Centro de Documentacion de Honduras


To contribute to informed debate among civil society, youth, and social and political actors regarding corruption, insecurity and impunity. The organization will analyze the democratic challenges that these three major issues pose in Honduras, assess relevant campaign promises and produce reports on actual government actions on these issues.

Advancing the Human Rights of Marginalized Communities in Honduras

Centro para el Desarrollo y la Cooperacion LGTBI


To strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations to develop and advocate for public policies that advance a rights-based agenda for marginalized communities. The grantee will convene meetings with a select grouping of organizations to strengthen their ability to draft proposals for public officials. In addition, the grantee will develop an advocacy plan and carry out a series of meetings with public officials. Finally, the grantee will conduct a communications campaign to increase awareness on the need to protect the rights of marginalized communities in Honduras.

Advocating for a National Youth Legislative Agenda

Centro de Investigacion y Promocion de los Derechos Humanos


To empower advocates pushing for the implementation of a national youth legislative agenda. As one of the leading human rights organizations, the group will host a series of roundtable discussions and trainings with youth from the different regions of the country. The organization will also train young political leaders serving in Congress to become better advocates and policy makers on priority youth issues. The organization will also launch a national advocacy campaign with targeted media messages, videos, info-graphics, and a series of public exchanges and debates with current legislators.

Fostering Investigative Journalism in Honduras

Investigacion, Diseno y Comunicaciones, Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada


To expand investigative journalism in Honduras by reporting on key democracy and freedom of expression issues, including human rights violations, attempts to limit freedom of expression in Honduras, and violence against Honduras journalists. The grantee will produce multiple investigative pieces, distribute them widely, and hold press conferences and other public events to promote the watchdog role of the media. The grantee will foster a culture of investigative journalism by providing support and training to the members of its newly established network of investigative journalists.

Improving Public Policy on Integrity and Electoral Reform through Citizen Engagement, Multi-Party Dialogue and Public Institutions

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To support Honduran initiatives to move beyond the disputed November 2017 elections by enacting electoral reforms. The institute will continue its work with political parties, the National Congress, and civil society to strengthen democratic institutions and increase transparency and accountability. The project will support efforts by multi-party congressional caucuses to advance initiatives to foster improved government responsiveness on these issues.

Strengthening Democracy in Honduras through Independent Media

Producciones Red Comunica, Investiga y Conecta Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada de Capital Variable


To strengthen the landscape of independent digital media in Honduras and report on key sociopolitical and human rights issues in the country. The grantee will produce weekly articles on a range of issues including minority rights, violence against youth, forced displacement, and environmental concerns. Further, the grantee will produce longer investigative pieces on power structures and public spending, as well as a mini-documentary, video shorts, photo galleries, and podcasts on youth political participation and current political and social events in Honduras.

The Economic Side of Strengthening Democratic Institutions in Honduras

Foro Social de Deuda Externa y Desarrollo de Honduras


To analyze the economic, transparency, and budgetary implications of pending electoral reforms in Honduras. The grantee will produce two analytical documents with assessments of the electoral reform costs, the electoral system, its institutions and finances, and oversight mechanisms. The grantee will host public events to presents its findings, conclusions and recommendations for the financial components of the electoral reforms and will hold meetings with key political actors to advocate for effective reforms that strengthen institutions and combat corruption.

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