Latin America and Caribbean

Mexico 2017

Fostering the Political Participation of Youth

Ollin, Jovenes en Movimiento AC


To develop greater interaction between youth-led civil society organizations and political parties. The organization will monitor youth candidates and their proposals in the run up to Mexico’s regional elections. The group will create candidate profiles, which will contain information on young candidates running for office. The organization will continue to encourage increased political participation of youth throughout Mexico.


Promoting Access to Justice for Indigenous Populations in Campeche

Dialogo y Movimiento AC


To promote access to justice and active participation of indigenous groups in the reform of the criminal justice system in Campeche state. The organization will work with indigenous populations denied due process under Mexico’s new penal justice system and provide legal services and strategic litigation for emblematic cases. It will also engage state and federal officials to offer recommendations on ways to improve access to justice for indigenous populations in Mexico.


Promoting Access to Justice for Indigenous Populations in Oaxaca

Centro Profesional Indigena de Asesoria, Defensa y Traduccion Asociacion Civil


To promote access to the reformed justice system for indigenous groups in Oaxaca. The organization will analyze and facilitate coordination mechanisms between conventional and indigenous justice systems. It will also foster dialogue and discussions between members of the Mexican judicial system and indigenous communities.


Promoting Access to Justice for Victims of Gender Violence

Justicia para Nuestras Hijas A.C


To strengthen the capacity of female victims of gender-based violence and their relatives to demand their rights to due process and access to justice. The organization will offer judicial literacy trainings for 80 families in Chihuahua, Mexico.


Promoting Access to Justice for Victims of Human Rights Violations

IDHEAS Litigio Estrategico en Derechos Humanos A.C.


To promote access to justice for victims of human rights violations and forced disappearance in Mexico. The organization will convene workshops on domestic and international human rights mechanisms for the families and victims of forced disappearance and other violations. It will also develop a monitoring mechanism for the national victims system, and conduct strategic litigation on emblematic cases.


Promoting Citizen Oversight of the Legislative Branch

Borde Politico


To foster citizen oversight of legislative bodies using a digital platform.  The organization will promote its citizen platform currently monitoring the National Congress in three Mexican states. It will complement this accountability program by implementing a national justice survey that will gauge citizen perceptions of the Mexican judiciary. The grantee will also leverage online digital platforms, social media, and open data to present relevant information in a visual format that is accessible to citizens.


Strengthening Criminal Justice Reform in the Mexican Penitentiary System

Documenta, Analisis y Accion para la Justicia Social, A.C.


To improve the implementation of criminal justice reform in the penitentiary system. The group will study the rehabilitation and re-insertion phenomenon throughout Mexico’s prison system. It will also conduct domestic advocacy and strategic litigation to develop jurisprudence that will strengthen the rule of law and protects human rights of incarcerated individuals.


Strengthening Violence Prevention Initiatives in Preparation for 2018 Elections

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To address increased violence and prepare for 2018 elections in Mexico. The institute will strengthen the capacities of government officials and civil society to design, implement, and monitor crime and violence prevention policies. The program will also bolster national violence prevention efforts that address electoral violence, especially violence against politically active women.


Workers Advancing Transparency, Accountability and Democratic Space In Mexico

Solidarity Center (SC)


To promote freedom of association and accountable, transparent governance in Mexico. The center will support civil society and trade unions to strategically position the independent labor movement to claim space in important policy debates, test mechanisms, and build worker demand for new labor reforms through concrete efforts to represent workers and defend basic labor rights. The center will also continue to support civil society efforts to promote government transparency and accountability for violations of human and labor rights.    

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