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Mexico 2018

Advocating for Institutional Reform in México

Mexico Evalua Centro de Analisis de Politicas Publicas A C


To advocate for institutional reforms on the main issues of concern for citizens participating in the 2018 elections The organization will leverage its issue-area expertise to produce ten policy briefs making specific institutional reforms recommendations. The group will then conduct advocacy and monitor which candidates and elected leaders adopt or implement their recommendations.

Fostering the Political Participation of Youth

Ollin, Jovenes en Movimiento AC


To fostering increased political participation of youth throughout Mexico. The organization will monitor and profile youth candidates and their proposals in the run up to Mexico’s elections. The group will also partner with two other civil society organizations to conduct civic education workshops and develop an awareness campaign that encourages youth to vote and participate in political processes.

Investigative Journalists Combating Corruption and Impunity

Mexicanos Contra la Corrupcion y la Impunidad


To combat systemic corruption and support investigative journalism throughout Mexico. The organization will partner, train, and mentor local journalists as they publish stories investigating corruption cases in water concessions contracting in five states. The group will create a publicly searchable database and coordinate story publication with prominent domestic and international media outlets, as well as its network of civil society partners.

Legislative Strengthening and Party Reform

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To strengthen the capacities of national legislators and legislative staff to consider and legislate policy options addressing issues of concern to Mexican citizens, including citizen security and transparency; and strengthen the capacities of political parties to develop and implement political and internal party reforms. The institute will conduct policy round tables; technical assistance sessions for legislators, legislative staff and political party representatives; and regional conferences and exchanges.

Promoting Access to Justice for Indigenous Populations in Campeche

Dialogo y Movimiento AC


To promote access to justice and active participation of indigenous groups in the reform of the criminal justice system in Campeche state. The organization will work with indigenous populations being denied due process under Mexico’s new penal justice system. The groups will provide legal services and strategic litigation for emblematic cases affecting indigenous populations. The organization will also engage public officials, both state and federal, to provide recommendations on ways to improve access to justice for indigenous women and men in Mexico.

Promoting Access to Justice for Victims of Gender Violence

Justicia para Nuestras Hijas A.C


To strengthen the capacity of female victims of gender-based violence and their relatives to demand their rights to due process and access to justice. The organization will conduct workshops and offer judicial literacy trainings for 80 families in Chihuahua, Mexico. The group will advise and mentor victims interacting with the national human rights system.

Promoting Access to Justice for Victims of Human Rights Violations

IDHEAS Litigio Estrategico en Derechos Humanos A.C.


To promote access to justice for victims of human rights violations and forced disappearance in Mexico. The organization will convene workshops on domestic and international human rights mechanisms for the families and victims of forced disappearance and other violations.  The organization will also develop a monitoring mechanism for the national victims system.

Promoting Citizen Oversight of the Legislative Branch

Borde Politico


To foster citizen oversight of legislative bodies using a digital platform.  The grantee will promote its citizen platform, which currently monitors the National Congress in three Mexican states. It will complement this accountability program by allowing civil society groups and organized citizens to propose legislation to policy makers. The grantee will also leverage online digital platforms, social media, and open data to present relevant information in a visual format that is accessible to citizens.

Sustainable Solutions to Corruption and Insecurity

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To improve transparency and accountability in the operations of state-owned enterprises; and to enhance private sector and civil society solutions to challenges posed by citizen insecurity. The project will focus on state-owned enterprises as major conduits of corruption to improve transparency and accountability for how they are run, managed, and monitored. The project will also work with the private sector and civil society organizations at the state level in North Baja California and at the national level to find solutions to challenges posed by citizen insecurity.

Workers Advancing Transparency, Accountability and Democratic Space

Solidarity Center (SC)


To advance the rule of law and support authentic freedom of association in Mexico. The center will assist partners in effectively positioning worker-centered proposals for labor law reform, supporting enforcement and documenting labor rights compliance, and consolidating community-led processes for accountability and government transparency.

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