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Mexico 2019

Advancing the Rule of Law and Democratic Worker Representation

Solidarity Center (SC)


To promote freedom of association and the rule of law. The center will support workers and local labor movement partners in leveraging the new opportunities afforded by the recent labor law reform in Mexico, which is intended to overhaul the adjudication of labor justice, thus facilitating the formation of independent labor unions, and making it more difficult to form non-democratic worker organizations without workers’ express consent.

Advocating for Institutional Reform in México

Mexico Evalua Centro de Analisis de Politicas Publicas A C


To monitor and advocate for the establishment of an independent national prosecutor’s office and its respective sub-national counter parts. As one of the most influential think tanks in Mexico, the organization will assess the state of the existing attorney general’s office, publish three policy briefs and a final report making specific recommendations on how to transition to an independent prosecutors office. The think tank will also coordinate a strategic communications campaign that raises awareness about the findings of the study.

Investigative Journalists Combating Corruption and Impunity

Mexicanos vs Corrupción e Impunidad


To combat systemic corruption and support investigative journalism throughout Mexico. The organization will host a national investigative journalism conference to develop its national network of connections with journalists, editors, and media outlets. The group will then train, mentor, and provide seed funding for local journalists as they publish stories investigating corruption cases around the country.

Open Parliament and Party Reform

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To contribute to internal reform processes that generate more open and inclusive legislatures and political parties in Mexico. The institute will strengthen the capacities of legislators at the national and state level as well as civil society to implement open parliament initiatives. They will also strengthen the capacities of political parties to implement internal reforms addressing internal democracy, transparency, and inclusion.

Promoting Access to Justice for Indigenous Populations in Campeche

Dialogo y Movimiento AC


To promote access to justice and active participation of indigenous groups in the reform of the criminal justice system in Campeche state. The organization will work with indigenous populations being denied due process under Mexico’s new penal justice system. The groups will provide legal services and strategic litigation for emblematic cases affecting indigenous populations. The organization will also engage public officials, both state and federal, to provide recommendations on ways to improve access to justice for indigenous women and men in Mexico.

Promoting Access to Justice for Victims of Human Rights Violations

Justicia para Nuestras Hijas A.C


To strengthen the capacity of human rights victims and their families to demand their right to access to justice, a proper investigation, and due process of law. The organization will offer judicial literacy trainings for families in Chihuahua, Mexico. The group will also train organizations outside of the state on its methodologies.

Promoting Citizen Oversight of the Legislative Branch

Borde Politico


To leverage new technology and increase the transparency, accountability, and citizen oversight of Mexico’s national legislature. The organization will further develop a digital platform that supports civil society coalitions advocating on issues that are critical to the public. As part of these efforts, the group will host training workshops for civil society coalitions seeking to improve their respective advocacy strategies in Congress. The organization will also conduct eight complementary trainings focused on engaging new legislators with civil society experts and constituents during the policy making process.

Promoting the Rights of Vulnerable Communities

Festival Internacional de Cine Documental de la Ciudad de Mexico


To create engaging public narratives that advocate for the rights of vulnerable communities throughout Mexico. The organization will work with civil society organization and young filmmakers to produce a series of documentaries that tell the stories of vulnerable groups, building targeted issue-advocacy campaigns across Mexico. The group will conduct a series of workshops on storytelling, planning effective advocacy campaigns and using alternative civil society networks to distribute the documentary films. At the end of the project, the group will screen the films and host a series of roundtables where the protagonists, documentary makers, civil society leaders, journalists, and policy makers will discuss solutions to the problems presented in the films.

Providing Gender-Balanced News Programs

Comunicacion e Informacion de la Mujer, Asociacion Civil


To provide gender balanced news coverage combatting stereotypes about women and promoting a human rights perspective. The organization will leverage its network of 140 correspondents in 32 states to produce a daily news program empowering women’s voices throughout Mexico. The program will cover politics, culture, economics, sports, and other relevant topics affecting women’s lives across Mexico. At the end of the project, the organization will conduct a thorough evaluation of the content and audience of its news program, making adjustments to ensure long-term sustainability.

Providing Oversight of the Implementation of Citizen Security Policies

Causa en Comun


To monitor, document, and report on the establishment of the National Guard and the implementation of citizen security policies across the country. The organization will regularly fact check and report on government public statements related to security. The group will also establish a civil society observatory that will provide oversight of the National Guard. The organization will publish two reports on transparency and the governments positioning on security policies, as well as the roll out of the National Guard, focusing on respecting human rights.

Strengthening the Role Of Civil Society In The Management Of Energy SOEs

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To strengthen the oversight role of civil society in the management of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in the energy sector. The center will work with the local partner to map how energy SOEs are managed and produce a report highlighting key findings and recommendations. The center will then work with the partner, an expert civil society organization, to disseminate the report and develop the watchdog capabilities of civil society organizations to oversee SOEs.

Strengthening the Rule of Law in Mexico

Laboratorio de Litigio Estructural


To strengthen the rule of law by applying new litigation techniques that address systemic public policy problems across Mexico. The organization will work with its Latin American counter parts to gather information on legal suits that addressed structural and system problems in Argentina and Colombia. The group will then publish case studies, a final report addressing how these techniques apply to Mexico’s recently reformed judicial system and partner with prominent Mexican law schools to disseminate  information on these new litigation techniques.

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