Latin America and Caribbean

Nicaragua 2017

Democracy and Citizen Security in Nicaragua

Instituto de Estudios Estrategicos y Politicas Publicas


To raise awareness of citizen security in Nicaragua by encouraging debate and generating information on security and violence. Data will be collected and analysis produced on issues related to crime and violence in Nicaragua, with a focus on social conflicts and politically motivated violence in rural communities. Local activists will be trained to monitor conflicts and promote a culture of peace. 


Fostering a New Generation of Democratic Youth Leaders

Civic Education


To promote democratic values and participation among youth in Nicaragua. Forums in schools and universities will educate students about democratic values and human rights. A network of youth leaders will foster a more active role of youth in defending democracy. Additionally, a magazine and social media will facilitate discussion on youth issues and democratic activism.


Promoting Access to Justice and Human Rights in Nicaragua

Comision Permanente de Derechos Humanos de Nicaragua


To promote and protect human rights in Nicaragua. The project will provide legal assistance to citizens facing challenges in accessing the justice system. Human rights conditions in prisons and detention facilities will be monitored and and proposals for their improvement will be presented to relevant authorities.  International mechanisms will be used to monitor and report human rights violations and raise awareness about the country’s international obligations to protect human rights.


Promoting Free and Fair Municipal Elections

Comision Permanente de Derechos Humanos de Nicaragua

Supplement: $39,000

To promote free and fair elections in Nicaragua. In partnership with other organizations, local activists and volunteers will receive training to monitor and document any voting irregularities during the November 2017 municipal elections. A call center will receive reports of human rights violations during election day and inform the public about its findings.


Promoting Democratic Values and Organization among Civil Society Activists

Fundacion Iberoamericana de las Culturas


To promote democratic values and democratic governance at the local level in Nicaragua. Local chapters and members will be trained to advocate for democratic reforms in the country. Democracy forums and workshops on civic education will be carried out and 48 radio programs addressing issues related to democracy in Nicaragua will be produced and broadcast.


Promoting Freedom of Expression in Nicaragua

Freedom of Information


To strengthen independent media and citizen journalism in Nicaragua. A local media campaign will promote democratic values and support the networking activities and collaboration efforts of independent radio broadcasters. 


Promoting Legislative Oversight and Free and Fair Elections

Asociacion Hagamos Democracia


To promote transparency and accountability of the Nicaraguan National Assembly. The organization will monitor sessions of the National Assembly and the use of a discretionary fund assigned to legislators. The grantee will publish its findings in a quarterly bulletin and raise awareness about the need for greater transparency in the legislative process.


Raising Awareness about Youth Preferences in Civic Participation

Fundacion Nicaraguense para el Desarrollo Economico y Social


To promote greater understanding about youth preferences in civic participation in Nicaragua. The organization will gather information on how young Nicaraguans communicate amongst themselves and with others to engage in social and political issues. The organization will produce and disseminate a report containing the findings of the study and best practices for civil society organizations and political actors to promote youth civic participation.


Raising Awareness of Corruption’s Effects on Citizens

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To strengthen anticorruption oversight efforts. The institute will provide civic actors with tools, techniques, and resources to conduct new and strengthen ongoing investigative analyses on the negative effects of corruption on citizens. Activities will increase awareness and enhance civic literacy to provide oversight and demand accountability from government, the institute will also help civic actors disseminate their findings through a grassroots awareness campaign.


Raising the Voice of Women Entrepreneurs

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To enhance women entrepreneurs’ ability to advocate for economic and social reform, and to amplify public and private sector support for policies that improve women’s economic empowerment. The center and its partner network will advance an advocacy agenda to reduce gender disparities in the economic sphere by organizing a series of workshops to enhance women’s advocacy capacity and leading specific advocacy efforts through social and traditional media, working groups, and meetings with public and private sector representatives.


Strengthening Online Independent Media



To promote freedom of expression and independent media in Nicaragua. The organization will work to consolidate and expand the reach of an independent digital news platform. The grantee will produce a series of investigative reports on the most salient issues affecting Nicaraguans.


Strengthening the Role of Women in Defense of Nicaraguan Democracy

Rule of Law


To promote democratic values and human rights among women in Nicaragua. The capacity of women will be strengthened to defend their rights and Nicaraguan democracy. Reports on the human rights situation of women in Nicaragua will raise international and domestic awareness.


Strengthening the Strategic Capacity of Civil Society to Defend Democracy

Democratic Ideas and Values


To strengthen the capacity of Nicaraguan pro-democracy activists to forge a common civil society strategy to defend democracy. Periodic publications will cover the state of democracy and the situation of human rights in Nicaragua. A group of civil society organizations and social movements will convene a series of forums to discuss their content and identify advocacy opportunities.

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