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Nicaragua 2018

Advocating for a More Democratic National Assembly

Asociacion Hagamos Democracia


To promote citizen participation in local pro-democracy efforts in Nicaragua. The group will organize regional discussion forums to identify challenges to democracy and advocate for their solution by key decision makers. The grantee will organize a campaign to promote democratic reforms to the Electoral Law, and advocate for a more independent and democratic legislative body.

Contributing to Peaceful Transition to Democracy

Instituto de Estudios Estrategicos y Politicas Publicas


The organization will strengthen the strategic capacity of pro-democracy actors in the country. Dialogue and alliance building among the pro-democracy actors will be facilitated. Working groups will be organized to develop policy reform proposals that will contribute to a democratic agenda. A communications campaign will counter disinformation and disseminate clear messages with the positions and actions of the pro-democracy movement. Finally, humanitarian assistance to victims of repression will be provided.

Democracy and Citizen Security in Nicaragua

Instituto de Estudios Estrategicos y Politicas Publicas


To raise awareness of citizen security in Nicaragua by encouraging debate and generating information on security and violence. Data will be collected and analysis produced on issues related to crime and violence in Nicaragua, with a focus on social conflicts and politically motivated violence in rural communities. Local activists will be trained to monitor conflicts and promote a culture of peace.

Informing the Nicaraguan People as They Struggle for Democratic Rights

Freedom of Information


To promote freedom of information by providing independent news coverage of the struggle for a democratic process in Nicaragua. Using different multimedia formats, reporting will be produced on human rights violations and other forms of repression against peaceful demonstrators, and the actions of the democratic players towards a peaceful solution in the country. Additionally, in-depth reporting and analysis will be conducted on the actions and proposals of the democratic players to advance a democratic process.

Promoting Access to Justice and Human Rights in Nicaragua

Comision Permanente de Derechos Humanos de Nicaragua


To promote greater respect for human rights in Nicaragua. Legal assistance will be offered to citizens facing challenges in accessing the justice system. Human rights conditions in prisons and detention facilities will be monitored and proposals for their improvement will be presented to relevant authorities.  Inter-American mechanisms will be used to monitor and report human rights violations and raise awareness about the country’s international obligations to protect human rights.

Promoting Analysis about Nicaragua’s Prospects for a Democratic Transition

Democratic Ideas and Values


To promote strategic thinking and analysis about Nicaragua’s prospects for a democratic transition among pro-democracy actors. Periodic publications assessing the current efforts to democratize Nicaragua, including the actors and dynamics that may impact a successful transition to democracy, will be produced and circulated among democratic players. Digital security training will be provided to ensure secure communications.

Promoting Great Cohesion Among Nicaraguan Social Movements

Centro de Informacion y Servicio de Asesoria en Salud


To promote greater cohesion among civil society movements. The organization will work with youth, women, and LGBTI movements to identify areas of common interest and organize activities that will strengthen the relationships between these movements. Using social media, the organization will raise awareness about these issues and democratic values in general.

Promoting Independent Journalism and Freedom of Expression in Nicaragua



To promote freedom of information in Nicaragua. The grantee will produce investigative reporting to promote transparency and accountability and provide credible, independent news coverage on Nicaraguan political, economic, and social issues. The materials will feature an online news platform and will be used to produce two independent television programs. The group will organize forums to promote public debate and obtain audience feedback on its news coverage.

Promoting Youth Civic Participation in Nicaragua

Fundacion Nicaraguense para el Desarrollo Economico y Social


To promote greater participation of Nicaraguan youth in civic and political issues. The grantee will develop an online platform that will facilitate greater interaction between civil society and young Nicaraguans, and promote youth interests and initiatives. A public campaign will inform and attract youth to use portal. The group will also organize workshops to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations to communicate with a youth audience more effectively.

Promoting Youth Participation to Strengthen the Democratic Culture in Nicaragua

Civic Education


To promote democratic values and strengthen the capacity of vulnerable youth to participate in pro-democracy initiatives. The grantee will train young Nicaraguans on leadership skills, democratic values, civic participation mechanisms, and awareness raising. Participants will develop local campaigns to promote vulnerable youth civic participation. The group will produce and disseminate a manual to advocate for a more inclusive and diverse youth involvement in civil society efforts.

Providing Technical and Legal Assistance to Nicaraguan Human Rights Defenders

Comision Permanente de Derechos Humanos de Nicaragua


To promote greater access to justice for victims of recent human rights violations in Nicaragua and to strengthen monitoring and documentation of these violations. The organization will add four new members to its legal team to provide technical and legal assistance to requests from human rights defenders, and the victims and their families.

Providing Technical Assistance to Democratic Actors

Fundacion Nicaraguense para el Desarrollo Economico y Social


To improve the technical capacity, coordination, and collaboration among democratic actors throughout Nicaragua. The grantee will monitor media outlets documenting social, economic, and political developments throughout the country and communicate with a network of contacts to study the impact of these events on different sectors of society.

Strengthening Democratic Leadership among Women and Youth

Rule of Law


To foster coordination and common advocacy efforts between local women and youth leaders in Nicaragua. Forums will be organized for these actors to assess the current context, identify common threats and needs in their pro-democracy efforts, and develop actions to advocate for their solution. Legal and psychological assistance will be provided to women and youth who have been victims of government repression. Reports will be produced to highlight the human rights conditions of these groups.

Raising the Voice of Women Entrepreneurs V

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To amplify public and private sector support for policies that improve conditions for women entrepreneurship in Nicaragua, and to strengthen the local partner as a leading business association for women entrepreneurs in the country. Project activities will promote the National Businesswomen’s Agenda (NBWA) through working groups, bi-lateral meetings, and dynamic communications strategies. The center will also support efforts to design and implement new lines of business for long-term financial sustainability of its local partner. This project continues the center’s efforts to promote inclusive dialogue and public policy debates.

Strengthening Independent Media at the Community Level

Fundacion Nicaraguense de Apoyo a Programas Sociales


To strengthen independent media and citizen journalism in Nicaragua. The organization will produce radio programs and spots to highlight democratic values, which it will broadcast on various radio stations throughout the country. The grantee will continue strengthening the Nicaraguan Chamber of Radiobroadcasters, a conglomerate of community radio stations, to foster the exchange of ideas and best practices to defend freedom of information among its members.

Strengthening Leadership and Democratic Values among Nicaraguan Youth

Fundacion Iberoamericana de las Culturas


To strengthen democratic values and leadership skills among youth activists and promote their civic participation in Nicaragua. A youth training camp will be organized to provide activists with leadership and organizing skills and to strengthen their values and commitment to live in a democratic society. A social media campaign will be carried out to encourage youth civic participation and raise awareness about their role in defending democratic values. Greater youth affiliation and leadership roles will be promoted in the organization’s local chapters.

Strengthening the Leadership and Advocacy Skills of Grassroots Activists

Fundacion para la Cooperacion del Migrante FUCOM


To strengthen the leadership and advocacy capacities of grassroots civil society activists and human rights defenders. The grantee will carry out a training program focused on leadership skills, democratic values, Nicaraguan legislation, universal human rights and protection mechanisms, and grassroots organizing and advocacy strategies. The group will provide ongoing assistance to participants.

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