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Nicaragua 2019

Fostering Dialogue and Consensus Among Democratic Players

Civic Education


To promote greater dialogue and consensus among democratic players to advance an agenda towards a democratic transition in Nicaragua. The project will convene discussions on current events and policy reforms with members of different pro-democracy organizations and strategize towards a common agenda to promote a democratic transition, identifying areas of common interest and promote consensus among the groups. Finally, it will promote greater public awareness about the benefits of a peaceful and democratic solution to the political crisis.

Fostering Innovation and Empowering Youth in Nicaragua

Civic Education


To foster innovation and citizen-driven solutions among youth in Nicaragua. An initial training session to explore challenges with youth leaders will be carried out. Following this, civic laboratories will be offered throughout the country and solutions to problems will be proposed. A final national-level meeting between participants to assess progress will occur.

Intellectuals Contributing to a Peaceful Democratic Transition in Nicaragua

Fundación para la Paz y la Democracia (FUNPADEM)


To promote greater strategic thinking among pro-democracy players and the international community about the prospects for a democratic transition in Nicaragua. The organization will produce a publication analyzing the current democracy crisis in the country and discussing scenarios and reforms towards a democratic transition. The grantee will organize forums with key pro-democracy actors in Nicaragua to promote discussion around the publication’s content. A domestic and international awareness campaign will follow to disseminate the main findings of the work amongst the Nicaraguan and international community.

Promoting Access to Justice and Human Rights in Nicaragua

Comision Permanente de Derechos Humanos de Nicaragua


To promote greater respect for human rights in Nicaragua. Legal assistance will be offered to citizens facing challenges in accessing the justice system. Human rights conditions in prisons and detention facilities will be monitored and proposals for their improvement will be presented to relevant authorities.  Inter-American mechanisms will be used to monitor and report human rights violations and raise awareness about the country’s international obligations to protect human rights.

Promoting Analysis about Nicaragua’s Prospects for a Democratic Transition

Democratic Ideas and Values


To promote strategic thinking and analysis about Nicaragua’s prospects for a democratic transition. The project will produce and circulate publications assessing the current efforts to democratize Nicaragua, including the actors involved and dynamics that may affect a successful transition to democracy. A digital security training to independent journalists and pro-democracy activists to strengthen their ability to communicate more securely will also be conducted.

Promoting Civic Engagement and Democratic Values among Nicaraguan Youth

Civic Education


To strengthen the leadership skills and organizational capacity of young Nicaraguans. The project will carry out a training program for emerging youth leaders aimed at strengthening their leadership and community organizing skills. Training will also focus on strengthening the institutional capacity of participating groups in order to advocate more effectively for a peaceful democratic transition in Nicaragua.

Promoting Freedom of Expression in Nicaragua

Freedom of Information


To promote freedom of information in Nicaragua. The grantee will produce media programs containing independent news and analysis about current developments in the country, as well as spots highlighting civic values and democratization efforts. The materials will be disseminated online and via traditional media outlets.  The grantee will carry out a campaign to raise awareness about the situation of Nicaraguan political prisoners and advocate for their release.

Promoting Independent Journalism and Freedom of Expression in Nicaragua

Freedom of Information


To promote greater freedom of information in Nicaragua through the practice of independent, investigative journalism. The project will carry out investigative journalism and provide credible, independent news coverage on Nicaraguan political, economic, and social issues. Using social media and other methods, it will disseminate the content to the Nicaraguan people free of government censorship.

Promoting Youth Civic Engagement and Democratic Values in Nicaragua

Civic Education


To promote democratic values and civic engagement among youth in Nicaragua. The grantee will carry out forums in schools and universities to educate students about democratic values and human rights. The group will work with a network of youth leaders to foster a more active role of youth in defending democracy. Additionally, it will produce a magazine and use social media to discuss youth issues and democratic activism.

Providing Nicaraguans with Access to Independent Information

Freedom of Information


To promote freedom of information by providing independent news coverage of the struggle for a democratic process in Nicaragua. Using different multimedia formats, reporting will be produced on human rights violations and other forms of repression against peaceful demonstrators and the actions of the democratic players towards a peaceful solution in the country. Additionally, in-depth reporting and analysis will be conducted on the actions and proposals of the democratic players to advance a democratic process.

Raising Awareness on the Situation of Political Prisoners in Nicaragua

Human Rights


To raise domestic and international awareness about the situation of political prisoners in Nicaragua. An awareness campaign focused on elevating the profile of political prisoners will be developed and carried out. To raise international attention, a dossier of emblematic cases will be developed and an advocacy trip to relevant rights bodies will be organized.

Strengthening Access to Information in Nicaragua

Freedom of Information


To provide access to objective information in Nicaragua. To maintain the public informed, weekly informational pieces on recent citizen protests will be produced. In addition, a compilation of these pieces will be published in a book and distributed to a relevant audience. Finally, citizens will be asked to author pieces to voice their opinions and share their concerns on the state of democracy in Nicaragua.

Strengthening Democratic Values and Building the Capacity of Nicaraguan Youth

Democratic Ideas and Values


To strengthen democratic values and build a culture of dialogue and conflict resolution among Nicaraguan youth. The project will organize informational and awareness raising sessions for youth and carry out capacity-building sessions on negotiation strategies, transitional justice, and democratic institutions. A communications campaign on the importance of civic participation and democratic values will be organized.

Strengthening Pro-Democracy Players to Advocate for a Democratic Transition

Democratic Ideas and Values


To strengthen the capacity of pro-democracy players to advocate more effectively for a democratic transition. The project will carry out forums to greater promote inclusion and representation of grassroots activists and meetings to strengthen coordination and dialogue amongst different pro-democracy groups. A campaign to inform the international community of the political situation in Nicaragua will take place.

Strengthening the Leadership and Political Capacity of Nicaraguan Youth

Fundacion Arias para la Paz y el Progreso Humano


To strengthen the leadership and political capacity of Nicaraguan youth. The Costa Rica-based organization will offer a workshop to Nicaraguan youth to help them develop strategic plans for their respective youth organizations. The organization will also offer a series of training courses to strengthen youth knowledge of political dynamics and to build their political capacity.

Supporting Human Rights Defenders in Nicaragua

Clovek v tisni, o.p.s. (People in Need)


To strengthen the documentation, advocacy and coordination capacity of Nicaraguan human rights organizations; and to provide humanitarian assistance to victims of political repression. The organization will build the human rights monitoring and documentation capacity of a human rights group. The grantee will provide institutional support to Nicaraguan groups in exile to strengthen their pro-democracy efforts.

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