Latin America and Caribbean

Paraguay 2018

Fostering an Informed Citizenry and Fact-Checking in Paraguay



To promote citizen’s right to access truthful and responsible information and to strengthen the capacity of citizens to participate in public discussions on politics. The organization will strengthen La Precisa, a journalist initiative to monitor and fact-check public discourse and the information that circulates over the internet. It will also develop tools to help citizens discern truthful sources of information and conduct fact-checking workshops and collective sessions. It will also support the consolidation of a political analysis platform with a new generation of Paraguayan political scientists.

Observatory of Public Policies for Vulnerable Communities

Fundacion Saraki


To foster the implementation of policies that promote and safeguard the rights of vulnerable populations in Paraguay and to strengthen and articulate spaces for organizations that promote the rights of people with disabilities. The organization will create a public policy observatory to monitor the fulfillment of commitments made by candidates during their campaigns that would protect vulnerable populations. The grantee will also strengthen organization spaces for groups that represent these populations and bolster their ability to carry out follow-up on decisions made and policies implemented by public officials.

ParaguaYOite: Youth and Accountability in Paraguay

ReAccion Paraguay


To promote youth engagement and participation in accountability efforts. The organization will carry out a series of workshops and roundtables with youth groups and students to promote the use of access to public information platforms. The training program will raise awareness and understanding of available accountability mechanisms with an emphasis on education-related issues. The organization will encourage youth participation in public hearings with local authorities to engage youth in the policy process. It will also publish articles on the importance of monitoring the use of public funds.

Promoting Open Discussions on Constitutional Reform in Paraguay

Centro de Estudios Judiciales


To promote civic participation in discussions on constitutional reform in Paraguay. The group will carry out a public awareness campaign, including seminars and workshops, to encourage greater understanding of issues that could be included in a constitutional reform. It will conduct public discussions with the participation of a broad spectrum of civil society organizations and will document the concerns and priorities identified in those meetings. The organization will produce a report and present it to political actors and seek to build consensus on what key issues should be included in the reforms.

Strengthening Political Participation of Women in Paraguay

Fondo de Mujeres del Sur


To strengthen the capacity of grassroots women’s organizations in Paraguay and to promote leadership and political opportunities for women from rural, indigenous, and urban low-income communities. The organization will carry out a training program for women leaders in their communities and organizations, as well as trainings for journalists to report on inclusivity issues. It will also foster the leaders’ participation in a regional meeting of women’s organizations from Paraguay, Argentina, and Bolivia.

Youth Involvement in Public Policy in Paraguay

Centro de Informacion y Recursos para el Desarrollo


To promote youth participation in policy-making processes at the local level in Paraguay. The organization will train youth leaders on public policy design, monitoring and advocacy to help them get involved in existing local citizen participation spaces known as the Municipal Development Councils. The organization will foster exchanges of lessons learned among participants from several municipalities.

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