Latin America and Caribbean

Paraguay 2019

Fostering an Informed Citizenry and Fact-Checking in Paraguay



To promote citizen’s right to access objective information and to strengthen the capacity of citizens to participate in public discussions on politics. The organization will expand the work of La Precisa to verify public discourse and the information distributed over the internet. It will develop tools to help citizens discern truthful sources of information, conduct fact-checking workshops, and collective sessions. It will also pursue a strategy to expand its audience and interaction with key social and political actors.

ParaguaYOite: Youth and Accountability in Paraguay

ReAccion Paraguay

Supplement: $9,500

To promote youth engagement and participation in accountability efforts. The organization will carry out a series of workshops and roundtables with youth groups and students to promote the use of access to public information platforms. The trainings will raise awareness and understanding of available accountability mechanisms focused on education related issues. The organization will encourage youth participation in public hearings with local authorities to engage youth in the policy process. It will also publish articles on the importance of monitoring the use of public funds.

Promoting Open Discussions on Constitutional Reform in Paraguay

Centro de Estudios Judiciales


To foster effective access to justice in Paraguay. The organization will support the modernization process of the Ministry of Justice to justice, in part by carrying out legal analysis and  closed door discussion sessions with high-level officials with the Ministry of Justice. Additionally, the organization will advocate for the institutionalization and incorporation of alternative justice delivery mechanisms into the legal system.

Promoting Rigorous Political Analysis in Paraguay

Centro Interdisciplinario de Investigación Social – CIIS


To promote rigorous political analysis in Paraguay and to strengthen the institutional capacity of the organization. The organization will expand the production of political analysis pieces and diversify the contributor base of its online publication Terere Complice that disseminates articles and opinion pieces based on sound academic research but written for the public by a new generation of social scientists from Paraguay. It will also build new partnerships to reach larger audiences and develop internal policies for the organization.

Strengthening Local and Effective Democracy in Paraguay

Instituto Desarrollo


To strengthen civil society’s participation in local public policy making in Paraguay. The organization will map grassroots organizations in several municipalities in the Asuncion metropolitan area and will train their leadership to participate in the municipal development councils of the local governments. It will prepare local authorities to facilitate the contributions of civil society in those institutional spaces, which were established to that end. The trainings and follow-up that the organization will carry out will enable a participatory policy process to support local democratic governance.

Strengthening Political Participation of Women in Paraguay

Fondo de Mujeres del Sur

Supplement: $60,000

To strengthen the capacity of grassroots women’s organizations in Paraguay and to promote leadership and political opportunities for women from rural, indigenous, and urban low-income communities. The organization will carry out a training program for women leaders in their communities and organizations that generate exchanges among participants and will provide support for their institutional development. It will also foster the leaders’ participation in a regional meeting of women’s organizations from Paraguay, Argentina, and Bolivia.

Supporting Effective Implementation of Access to Information in Paraguay

Instituto de Derecho y Economia Ambiental


To promote an effective implementation of Paraguay’s new access to information law. The organization will work with journalists and civil society organizations to identify cases for strategic litigation to clarify the legal scope, and promote the use, of the Access to Public Information Law. The organization will continue working on the institutionalization of a legal clinic within the School of Law to train law students on access to Public Information Law.

Supporting Women’s Political Empowerment Through Technology in Paraguay

Asociacion Tecnologia, Educacion, Desarrollo, Investigacion y Comunicacion


To promote women’s empowerment and political participation in Paraguay using technology and digital tools, and to advocate for more inclusive public policies to close the digital gender gap. The grantee will expand its comprehensive training program for women leaders in civil society, academia, and media to empower them with the skills necessary to make effective use of communication and information technologies. It will also produce a report on the digital gender gap in Paraguay and issue policy recommendations to promote women’s access to technology and digital tools.

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