Latin America and Caribbean

Peru 2018

Coordinating Efforts to Reduce Corruption and Impunity in Peru

Proetica – Consejo Nacional para la Etica Publica


To tackle impunity and foster transparency by coordinating civil society anti-corruption initiatives and providing support to public investigation and prosecution efforts related to the Lava Jato cases, and to foster the development and adoption of anti-corruption and integrity practices in the corporate sector. Public officials and investigative media will be engaged by civil society.

Countering Corruption through Investigative Journalism

Asociacion de Periodismo de Investigacion Ojo Publico


To bolster government accountability and transparency investigating potentially corrupt linkages between the public and private sectors; and to reinforce media coverage on corruption by disseminating fact-checking and investigative journalism methodologies. Through its online platforms, Power Chamber and Bionic Eye, the organization will produce high level investigative and fact checking articles on corruption and how these undermine citizens’ rights. The organization will shed lights on high level corruption mechanism involving public officials and private sector leaders. The organization will also continue to disseminate its fact-checking and investigative methodologies to journalists and civil society organizations in Lima and in region.

Improving the Capacity of Journalists and Students to Support Corruption Investigations

Instituto de Democracia y Derechos Humanos de la Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru


To increase civil society and media attention on corruption cases through capacity-building of journalists and students in law and journalism and to build a regional coalition to study the links between gender violence and corruption. Through workshops and public interest legal clinics, the organization will share legal tools for the investigation of corruption and money laundering. Journalistic and legal reports will be produced and disseminated. Separately, the organization will facilitate a working group to produce an analysis on the links between gender and corruption.

Increasing Citizen Awareness of Mass Corruption

Asociacion Convoca

Supplement: $31,846

To disseminate reliable information on specific corruption cases to generate pressure on authorities to end impunity; and to promote accountability and transparency during the 2018 local elections by shedding light on impunity and corruption cases. The organization will create an interactive database that aggregates reliable public information on corruption scandals and cases, in turn facilitating the distribution of this information via news articles and advocacy campaigns. This information will be disseminated through investigative journalism during the 2018 local elections in Peru.

Raising Awareness of Social Conflict and Human Rights Violations through Independent Media

Servicios Educativos Rurales


To provide high quality information on social conflicts in the Peruvian Andes through a network of local correspondents and civil society organizations and to foster alternative perspectives on the nature of social conflicts and promote dialogue. The organization will strengthen the capacity of a network of community and civil society leaders to produce citizen reports on local conflicts. This network will publish hundreds of investigative articles and op-eds on high profile conflicts, local politics, corruption and the environment.

Strengthening Indigenous Participation in Democratic Processes

Confederacion Nacional Agraria


To bolster he institutional capacity of indigenous organizations and to promote and strengthen the right to political participation for indigenous citizens in Peru. The organization will promote the right to political participation by indigenous citizens and will reinforce the organizational capacity of member-based indigenous organizations. It will also advocate for new legal norms or rules to increase the exercise of indigenous rights.

Strengthening the Political Representation of Traditionally Marginalized Groups

Ashanti Peru – Red Peruana de Jovenes Afrodescendientes


To coordinate and bolster the advocacy capacity of civil society organizations working with vulnerable populations; and to advocate for the inclusion of traditionally marginalized groups and dedicated public policies in the campaign platforms of national political parties for the 2018 local elections. The grantee will seek to train civil society leaders representing vulnerable populations in promoting their political participation and agendas that reflect their respective communities’ priorities. The grantee will focus its advocacy efforts on the political parties participating in the 2018 local elections.

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