Latin America and Caribbean

Regional: Central America 2019

Building and Strengthening Modern Democratic Unions in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua

Solidarity Center (SC)


To strengthen the capacity of Central American trade unions to represent workers’ interests in the agriculture and transportation sectors. The center will provide training and technical assistance to trade unions in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua to utilize worker rights instruments to defend freedom of association; establish participatory, democratic unions; negotiate collective bargaining agreements and resolve labor disputes. It will also build union leadership representing a broader base of workers, including underrepresented workers such as women, youth, migrant, indigenous, seasonal and subcontracted workers.

Building Commitment on Transparency and Anti-Corruption through Dialogue

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To obtain commitment in a polarized environment among a broad spectrum of stakeholders to fight corruption and promote transparency. The institute will support key sectors of society (government, CSO, media, academia, and private sector) in identifying causes and initiatives to reduce corruption. Through a series of guided dialogues, the institute will provide a safe-space to share opposing views, moving from small agreements to larger ones, overcoming differences and identifying common approaches to result in consensus solutions to fight corruption.

Fostering a New Generation of Democratic Leaders in Central America

Civic Education


To strengthen the leadership skills and democratic values of emerging young leaders in Central America. The project will carry out an intensive course on strategy formulation and implementation, communications and social marketing, ethics and values, teamwork, conflict resolution skills, and coalition building. Participants will present a final work plan to apply their skills to a new or existing project or organization. Participants will receive mentoring as they implement their projects.

Fostering Online Investigative Journalism in Central America

Factum Media


To foster investigative online journalism in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. The digital media outlet will publish transnational investigative pieces on citizen security, organized crime, violence, corruption, and political developments in the sub-region. The group will also collaborate with and mentor more incipient digital media outlets in Central America.

Leveraging Human Rights Mechanisms for Central America

Centre for Civil and Political Rights


To strengthen the capacity of Central American civil society to strategically use the UN human rights system. The grantee will enhance the knowledge of HRDs in the region on reporting and monitoring. The organization will also advocate for governments to improve coordination with the UN, facilitate platforms for dialogue between government and civil society, and explore ways in which civil society can exploit the connections between the UN system and Latin America’s own robust Inter-American standards and norms for the benefit of human rights.

Promoting Fiscal Transparency Dialogue and Policies in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador

Instituto Centroamericano de Estudios Fiscales


To advocate for the inclusion of fiscal transparency agendas with political parties, candidates and elected officials in the Northern Triangle. The group will strengthen alliances with civil society actors in to support fiscal transparency reforms and effective governance. In El Salvador and Guatemala, it will assist in strengthening a fiscal transparency agenda of elected officials and political candidates. In Honduras, it will help build alliances between civil society groups and media outlets. The think tank will help civil society develop agendas on fiscal transparency and present them to national authorities.

Strengthening Coalitions for Greater Accountability in the Northern Triangle

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To strengthen democratic governance and public institutions in the Northern Triangle countries. The institute will  work with civil society organizations, political parties, oversight and electoral institutions, and legislatures in each country to develop, implement and monitor more effective public integrity mechanisms to prevent corruption and promote transparency. The institute will also help partners to design and implement a regional strategy to promote accountability and legislative openness utilizing lessons learned and best practices from sub regional exchanges.

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