Middle East and Northern Africa

Algeria 2019

Advocating Transitional Justice and Rule of Law

Human Rights


To promote rule of law, human rights, and transitional justice practices. The organization will convene debates and a conference on rule of law and independence of judiciary, organize a seminar on collective memory and transitional justice, continue support to its research center on the preservation of memory and human rights, and enhance its weekly radio program on topics related to human rights and transitional justice in Algeria.

Laying the Groundwork for Political Engagement

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To support Algerian democrats in their active participation in the current political transition. The institute will engage various governmental and non-governmental stakeholders through consultations and dialogue on their initial priorities and needs. The institute will build relations with stakeholders and lay the groundwork for future engagement aimed at re-building trust among key political and civil society players through dialogue on fundamental political, social and economic issues.

Promoting Human Rights

Human Rights


To build the capacity of human rights defenders in Algeria. The organization will conduct training workshops on advanced communication, advocacy strategies, and UN and regional human rights mechanisms. It will also convene consultations on human rights defenders’ safety and security, and produce a documentation manual to record and monitor cases against human rights defenders.

Promoting Youth Engagement

Civic Education


To promote civic activism among marginalized youth in Algeria. The organization will conduct a series of capacity-building workshops for youth and civic actors on leadership skills, citizen rights, youth political participation, democratic values, and Algeria’s economic and political system; organize field visits to local businesses and community-based organizations; and lead social action community projects.

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