Middle East and Northern Africa

Regional: Gulf 2018

Activating Union Internal Structures

Solidarity Center (SC)


To revitalize the internal structures of the Gulf trade union federations and create functioning structures that encourage the active participation of new union activists, including women and youth, around labor inspection, women’s empowerment and youth education.

Freedom of the Press and Expression

Bahrain Press Association


To support press freedom and strengthen access to independent information. The program will monitor and document violations against journalists and media groups in Gulf States, produce monthly Arabic and English reports on adherence to international standards on media freedom, and publish an annual report on the status of media freedoms in Gulf States.

Human Rights

The Omani Center for Human Rights


To promote and defend human rights in Gulf States. The grantee will work with a network of  human rights activists to monitor and document cases of human rights violations and to publish and distribute an annual report, provide guidance and support to the victims regarding their rights and connect them with local and international human rights organizations, and coordinate with other international human rights organizations to introduce its report through public platforms in the region.

Human Rights in the Gulf

Human Rights


To defend human rights and monitor violations in the Gulf countries. The grantee will continue working with its network of local human rights activists to compile cases on human rights violations, publish and distribute reports on human rights conditions in the Gulf countries, and carry out international and regional advocacy to raise awareness among allies.

Human Rights Monitoring

Human Rights


To defend human rights and monitor violations.  The grantee will continue its work on documenting human rights violations, publishing and distributing reports on human rights conditions in the country, and carry out international and regional advocacy to raise awareness of violations.

Online Civic Platform

Freedom of Information


To develop a platform for civic activists to raise awareness about freedom of expression and to promote constitutional reform in the Gulf countries. The grantee will reproduce its online magazine, and facilitate an online platform for publishing articles and reports, including audio and video clips, on freedom of expression and constitutional reforms in Gulf countries. Through its magazine, the grantee will reach out to and engage journalists, experts, activists, academics, and reformers from the Gulf region to address these issues reflecting local concerns and perspectives.

Policy Forum on Reform

Gulf House for Studies and Publications


To promote reform in Gulf countries through an online policy forum. The grantee will continue to facilitate an online policy forum on broad reforms in Gulf countries, including governance, political, and economic reforms. The organization will reach out to experts, prominent activists, journalists, academics, and reformers from across the Gulf region to contribute to the ongoing discussion.

Supporting Human Rights Activists

International Center for Supporting Rights and Freedoms


To support human rights defenders and activists in Gulf states. The grantee will support and train a network of activists in the region, monitor and publicize human rights violations in Gulf countries, provide assistance and guidance to human rights activists on utilizing UN and international support systems, and conduct advocacy campaigns.

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