Middle East and Northern Africa

Iran 2017

Empowering Civil Organizations

Accountability and Governance


To support local civic groups to advocate transparency and accountability of elected officials. The project will provide technical assistance to networks of civic actors to advocate constituents’ concerns to candidates and elected officials in upcoming elections and to monitor their performances on their pledges.


Engaging Civil Society in Environmental Accountability

Accountability and Governance


To facilitate the ability of Iranian citizenry to hold national and local authorities accountable for water management. The project will raise awareness of civil society and the public regarding the role state mismanagement of water resources played in producing Iran’s current drought conditions, with a goal of elevating the issue for debate in upcoming parliamentary elections and beyond.


Enhancing Legal Debates

Rule of Law


To raise awareness through debates among Iranian lawyers and civil society actors on the rule of law and fundamental rights and to strengthen a network of democratically minded jurists and human rights defenders in Iran. The project will publish and distribute electronically a Farsi-language law journal to serve Iranian lawyers, law students, and clerics.


Good Governance

Accountability and Governance


To promote issue-based economic and socioeconomic discourse and to enhance accountability, transparency, and participation as core values in the Iranian public. Fact-checking efforts will verify the accuracy and consistency of economic and socioeconomic statements of officials and economically relevant governmental or semi-governmental institutions.


Human Rights

Human Rights


To raise awareness about and monitor human rights violations and strengthen the capacity of human rights defenders to advocate their rights. The project will monitor, document, and report on violations and work closely with a network to build reporting capacity while being more alert to security measures for themselves.


Iran Human Rights Memorial Project

Abdorrahman Boroumand Foundation for the Promotion of Human Rights and Democracy in Iran


To promote the education and discussion of human rights and democracy in Iran. The organization will enlarge its database and expand its online projects: the Human Rights and Democracy Library and Omid. The group will monitor and document the ongoing human rights violations and disseminate its findings to the public in Iran, and advocate for accountability to its international treaty obligations and for the people they are to protect.


Strengthening Independent Journalism

Freedom of Information


To provide Farsi-speaking journalists with resources and online tools to establish and maintain journalism associations, and to enhance reporting skills of Farsi-speaking journalists to press for greater transparency and accountability. The program will develop online tools and resources, help Farsi-speaking journalists utilize digital public data on establishing and maintaining journalism associations, and enhance their skills through an online network.


Strengthening Iranian Journalism

Freedom of Information


To strengthen independent professional journalism and support a platform for freedom of expression. Project activities will include maintaining a website providing news and information of relevance to media professionals, and expanding a website to provide in-depth information about organizing and legal rights of journalists. 

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