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Iran 2019

Anti-Kleptocracy Media Project

Accountability and Governance


To more broadly inform Iran’s population, especially its young civically active demographic about the need for anti-corruption reforms. The project will assess the types of corruption most concerning to citizens of Iran through an opinion poll. The poll will help support ongoing and newly initiated awareness campaigns conducted by Iranian civic activists.

Deepening Political Process Monitoring Skills for Increased Public Accountability

Accountability and Governance


To improve local cultures of accountability and civic engagement in Iran. The project will build the capacity of Iranian citizens to conduct community-level political process monitoring through a focused training program, including conducting workshops on monitoring and training skills, delivering Farsi-language materials and developing new resources, and mentoring participants.

Fact-Checking Public Information

Accountability and Governance


To promote issue-based socioeconomic discourse and to enhance accountability, transparency, and participation as core values within Iranian society. The grantee will fact-check data released by the Iranian government and publish a series of briefs analyzing the accuracy of public statements and publications. The grantee will also produce thematic reports summarizing its fact-checking analyses on timely topics related to good governance.

Human Rights Monitoring and Documentation

Human Rights


To raise awareness about human rights and strengthen the capacity of human rights defenders. The organization will monitor, document and report on human rights violations. The grantee will work closely with human rights defenders to build their reporting and advocacy skills, and will share its monitoring findings with the United Nations and international human rights organizations.

Iran Human Rights Memorial Project

Abdorrahman Boroumand Center for Human Rights in Iran


To promote human rights and democracy education and discourse. The organization will monitor and document human rights violations, publically disseminate its findings, and advocate for Iran’s accountability to its international treaty obligations as well as for victims of human rights violations. The grantee will also expand its human rights database and online documentation initiatives.

Monitoring Human Rights Violations

Human Rights


To raise awareness about, monitor and document human rights violations and to enhance communication and information access for human rights activists. The organization will publish and distribute reports on human rights violations and compile related data. It will also provide technical assistance in the fields of communication and online security.

Promoting Government Accountability and Responsiveness

Accountability and Governance


To promote government accountability and responsiveness. The grantee will support its network of local civic groups in monitoring and documenting elected officials’ fulfillment of campaign promises. In addition, the network will identify constituent priorities through surveys and interviews, and lead advocacy efforts through outreach to public officials and media. The grantee will also monitor, fact-check and counter disinformation.

Promoting Legal Debate

Rule of Law


To raise awareness through debates among Iranian lawyers and civil society actors about the rule of law and fundamental rights and to strengthen a network of democratic jurists and human rights defenders in Iran. The project will produce Farsi-language content to serve as a resource for Iranian lawyers, law students, and clerics.

Strengthening Environmental Accountability

Accountability and Governance


To promote environmental accountability and transparency. The organization will raise awareness of environmental challenges in Iran and offer policy and scientific solutions to address them. The project will strengthen civil society’s ability to understand the root causes of Iran’s environmental issues, and will advocate for greater environmental accountability and transparency.

Strengthening Independent Journalism

Freedom of Information


To strengthen independent professional journalism and promote networking among media professionals. The organization will maintain and further develop an online resource center for journalists and media professionals in Iran. Through a Farsi-language website, the grantee will also publish news and updates relevant to local journalists, and will monitor and document violations against journalists.

The Women’s Rights Wave Project

Human Rights


To network nascent and established elements of the Iranian women’s rights community to advocate mutually held policy reforms during the lead up to parliamentary elections. Project activities will include providing support to civil society actors working on women’s rights to assemble a report regarding promising advocacy tactics and networking mechanisms.

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