Middle East and Northern Africa

Jordan 2018

Enhancing Government Accountability

Community Media Network


To strengthen government responsiveness to citizen demands and priorities, particularly at the newly decentralized level. The grantee will lead a nationwide effort to identify the needs of local communities, determine whether these needs are prioritized by local authorities, and verify implementation of government promises. The organization will conduct town hall meetings that convene citizens with their elected officials to discuss priority issues, live stream the meetings, and publish short reports on the findings.

Media Monitor

Freedom of Information


To enhance the understanding and practice of media freedoms. The organization will monitor violations against media freedoms and report on them in monthly reports. It will complement this monitoring with in-depth investigative reports on media freedoms and enhance the awareness and skills of local journalists in navigating and reporting on the space for independent media.

Promoting Transparency on the Labor Market

Phenix Center for Economic and Informatics Studies


To enhance transparency of job market conditions in Jordan. The grantee will collect data on three new job sectors to add to its occupational database, and share its findings in a series of public events and meetings with local stakeholders including national decision-makers and the general public. The database will provide current statistics as well as a five-year outlook for each occupational sector.

Strengthening the Capacity of Business Associations for Democratic Participation

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To build the capacity of independent business associations to serve their private sector constituencies through the pursuit of shared reform priorities. The center will strengthen governance, management, and advocacy capabilities of voluntary membership business associations representing micro and small enterprises and businesswomen. The center will support collective efforts by business associations to engage in public-private dialogue on priority policy issues and open new channels of participation in the democratic process.

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