Middle East and Northern Africa

Lebanon 2018

Building Business Association Capacity And Enhancing Public-Private Dialogue II

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To build the capacity of industrial sector business associations as representative membership organizations; and to encourage participatory public policymaking affecting the industrial sector. The center will work with a local partner to enhance the capacity of a leading civil society organization representing the industrial sector. This will advance a private sector-led process for policymaking that enhances the business-enabling environment.

Challenging Censorship



To raise awareness of the censorship law’s implementation and advocate for revised legislation that supports freedom of expression. The grantee will train 12 freedom of expression defenders, produce a legal report to advocate for policy changes, lead six one-day workshops on freedom of expression for youth members of political parties, and strengthen its online presence for its anti-censorship campaign.

Civil Society and Voter Education for Parliamentary Elections

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To address citizen concerns, promote citizen engagement and raise awareness in advance of elections scheduled for May 2018. The institute will use public opinion polling to implement a voter education and get-out-the-vote campaign in the critical pre-election period. These efforts will strengthen civil society’s role in the lead-up to parliamentary elections in engaging citizens, candidates, and elected officials.

Empowering Youth for Increased Transparency

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To strengthen youth engagement in the promotion of transparency of government institutions. The institute will provide technical and financial assistance to a youth-led civil society organization that works to improve transparency of Lebanese institutions during and beyond the election cycle. Simultaneously, the institute will work with party youth wings to monitor the legislative agendas of their newly elected members of parliament based on their campaign promises.

Energizing Civic Debate

Sho’oun Janoubia


To strengthen an independent forum for dialogue and to energize civic debate among all citizens of southern Lebanon. The organization will support a broad platform for civic dialogue, publish four magazine issues, maintain its daily news and analysis website, and facilitate four seminars on political, educational, and societal matters in the region.

Local Municipalities Monitor

Beirut Center for Middle East Studies


To promote citizen oversight of local municipalities. The organization will monitor and report on the activities of local municipalities. The findings will be updated to its web-based platform and the grantee will lead workshops with activists in these municipalities to enhance their coverage and knowledge of these local councils’ work.

National Campaign for the Disappeared

Act for the Disappeared


To promote a national reconciliation process that clarifies the fate of the disappeared in Lebanon and restores dignity to the victims. The grantee will continue raising awareness and advocating for the adoption of the draft law in the Lebanese Parliament to establish an investigative commission. The grantee will monitor at-risk gravesites and initiate legal actions to protect them, launch an advocacy and awareness campaign, and produce a report with recommendations on protecting at-risk gravesites.

Post-Election Political Party and Civil Society Development

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To support partners from political parties, civil society, and independent political organizations in the post-parliamentary election environment. The institute will produce a post-election public opinion poll and use it to debrief partners and consult on crafting policy, good governance practices, connecting with constituents and developing a strategic plan based on the election results. Additionally, the institute will work with CSOs and other partners to facilitate roundtable discussions on key issues in Lebanese politics, develop policy recommendations, and lobby elected officials to foster more citizen-responsive governance.

Pre-Election Assessment Mission

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To improve electoral processes to ensure more transparent, participatory, and fair elections. The institute will conduct a pre-election assessment mission (PEAM) and deploy a long-term analyst who will assess responsiveness of electoral stakeholders to PEAM findings and implementation of key reforms.

Promoting Accountability and Integrity of Parliamentary Elections

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To improve electoral processes to ensure more transparent, participatory, and fair elections. The institute will issue a progress report during the campaign period on the recommendations made by its pre-election assessment mission; deploy an election-day international observer delegation; and conduct an analysis of the post-election environment with specific attention to election dispute resolution.

Protecting Public Space for All

NAHNOO Association


To hold government officials accountable through engaging youth in advocacy campaigns for open access and the protection of public spaces. The grantee will work with its community action teams to create policy guidelines for a new masterplan for improved public access to Ramlet al Bayda beach through three workshops. It will also organize a public event to raise awareness on Horsh Beirut park’s threatened status due to illegal development projects, lead a workshop to produce guidelines for the rehabilitation of Tyre garden, and continue to hold regular meetings with key stakeholders and decision-makers.

Youth Leaders for Tomorrow

Nokta Fasle


To strengthen youth leadership capabilities among their local communities in southern Lebanon. The organization will build a cadre of youth activists and strengthen the depth of youth engagement at its six clubs in southern Lebanon. Activities will include a training-of-trainers course for youth, workshops on leadership and civic engagement, and mentorship of six youth clubs in forming a centralized union and leading local advocacy campaigns and community initiatives.

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