Middle East and Northern Africa

Lebanon 2019

Building Business Association Capacity and Enhancing Public-Private Dialogue

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To build the capacity of industrial sector business associations as representative membership organizations and to encourage participatory public policymaking affecting the industrial sector. The center will work with a local partner to optimize its membership model and component relationships and will strengthen the voice of business through a well-rounded policy agenda.

Challenging Censorship



To raise awareness of the censorship law’s implementation and advocate for revised legislation that supports freedom of expression. The grantee will expand and train its network of freedom of expression defenders and support them to lead civic initiatives, continue to advocate for the transfer of the Lebanese Bureau of Censorship to civilian jurisdiction, and strengthen its online anti-censorship campaign.

Energizing Civic Debate

Sho’oun Janoubia


To strengthen an independent forum for dialogue and to energize civic debate among all citizens of southern Lebanon. The organization will support a broad platform for civic dialogue, publish four magazine issues, maintain its daily news and analysis website, and facilitate seminars on political, educational, and societal matters in the region.

Engaging Local Communities to Promote Better Access to Information

Lebanese Transparency Association – No Corruption


To monitor and support implementation of the access to information law. The organization will conduct workshops to train community activists on the law and its provisions to request and obtain information specific to municipal budgeting and development projects. Trainees then will directly monitor implementation in 72 municipalities and the organization will use these findings to produce infographics, lead a seminar, and publish a report.

Promoting Issue-Based Politics

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To promote issue-based political discourse in Lebanon. The institute will amplify alternative voices in civil society, using public opinion polling and data-driven trainings to help them develop effective strategies to advocate to political leaders and to educate and mobilize citizens on top policy priorities. It will then support these partners as they conduct their advocacy campaigns.

Protecting Public Space for All

NAHNOO Association


To hold government officials accountable through engaging youth in advocacy campaigns for open access and the protection of public spaces. The grantee will work with its community action team members to organize public events to raise awareness on the threatened status of Ramlet al Bayda Beach, Horsh Beirut Park, and Tyre Garden; train youth activists to lead civic initiatives; and hold regular meetings with key stakeholders and decision-makers.

Youth Leaders for Tomorrow

Nokta Fasle


To strengthen youth leadership capabilities among their local communities in southern Lebanon. The organization will continue to work with a cadre of youth activists and strengthen the depth of youth engagement at its six clubs in southern Lebanon. The grantee and its youth club union will reach out to its youth community and broadly announce workshops at its clubs who will then help lead an advocacy campaign on education curriculum reform in addition to launching small initiatives targeting local community needs.

Youth-Led Policy Engagement and Accountability

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To increase the participation of Lebanese youth in policy discourse. The institute will conduct policy debate trainings and facilitate debate competitions in various regions. To increase youth engagement with elected officials, the institute will create youth parliamentary delegations in three electoral districts to give university students the opportunity to work with members of parliament and monitor their progress on priority issues.

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